Colorless urine (clear as water)

The human body is a complex mechanism. One of its important functions is urination. Through this process, the body gets rid of excess fluid. The color and smell of urine can be suspected some human diseases.

The norm is, if a person released transparent urine?

Noticing these changes, many patients are sounding the alarm, rush to the doctor. Whether the urine discoloration is a reason to sound the alarm or this is a normal condition should be considered in more detail.

When to consult a doctor

In a healthy person’s urine has a straw yellow color without opacity and mechanical impurities. This color depends on bile pigments in urine in greater number. Sometimes the shade is almost colorless. It is influenced by various causes.

Discoloration of urine is observed at frequent urination. However, she does not stay in the bladder, does not have time to get enough of yellow pigments. Sometimes this phenomenon is inherent in the people who consume plenty of fluids, coffee, tea.

What you should pay attention:

  • it is bad when the product highlight the sweet smell and bright color. This likely indicates the presence of diabetes. The patient is recommended over 10-14 days to limit fluid intake, then check the shade of urine. If the urine the same bright, it is important to be examined;
  • light and sweet urine odor can also be a sign of pregnancy;
  • brown color product highlight talks about the lack of fluid, dehydration. This means that you have to reconsider your drinking regime, to increase the amount of fluids you drink;
  • an intense yellow hue, a sign of excess of vitamin b;
  • red or Burgundy urine appears after eating certain foods (beets, mulberry, red juices). If the person is not consumed such food and the selection have a similar color, be sure to take the tests.

When temporary changes in the color of urine it is not necessary to sound the alarm and run to the doctor. If discoloration of the product is ongoing, accompanied by other manifestations (pain, burning sensation, changes in smell), it is important to make an appointment to see a specialist, undergo laboratory tests.

Upon detection of a color change, number of urine or other signs, it is important to seek medical advice

Causes of urine color changes

If the urine changed the hue, without apparent reason, should undergo examination with the aim of preventing serious violations. Such innocuous signs like discoloration, changing color, bad smell, are often indicative of a serious pathology of the organism. Trigger factors of colorless urine in women, men and children can be both shared and different.

Common pathologies causing the changed tone of product selection, include:

  • kidney failure is caused by disorders of renal function;
  • diabetes insipidus and diabetes – these diseases require immediate medical treatment, since they represent a serious risk to the health and life of the patient;
  • urolithiasis is characterized by the formation of kidney stones of various shapes and size;
  • pathology of the urinary tract;
  • hepatitis – liver disease inflammatory nature, mainly of viral origin;
  • dysfunction of the liver.

The above disease is diagnosed through laboratory tests and other diagnostic methods.
Important! For the successful treatment of pathologies it is important to diagnose the disease as early as possible. This will help in the treatment and rule out complications.

The color of the urine in children

Colorless urine in an infant is considered normal, as children receive only breast milk or formula. With age, the urine color becomes yellow, indicating a normal functioning of the urinary system. The doctor should be contacted if the product selection infants from yellow turned colorless, while the water and food of the baby has not been changed. Sometimes transparent urine the child appears on the background of diuretics prescribed by the doctor. This is a temporary phenomenon, passing on their own without medical intervention.

Laboratory tests prescribed by a doctor will help find out why the urine is colorless, does the child have any diseases.

Possible causes in women

In addition to renal failure and other diseases of the body, in women, urine clear as water, can talk about the pregnancy. This is due to the change in the level of hormones in the body. During morning sickness, many moms consume a large amount of liquid, this is also a reason for the change in hue of the product selection.

In the period of carrying a child is not always transparent urine suggests the presence of disease, often a problem linked to nutrition

Another aggravating factor changing color and appearance transparent urine during pregnancy is the exacerbation of chronic diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract.

Women are more prone to such pathologies as diabetes. One of the most frequent reasons for the change the shade of urine is the disease.

Predisposing factors in men

The transparency of urine and its color in men is influenced by many factors. White urine is often evidence of such features as getting into the urethra of sperm. If after a few hours after that, the hue is the same, do not worry. Otherwise, the situation with permanent discoloration of urine. In addition, men’s diseases that trigger the color change of product selection, include diabetes mellitus, renal failure, inflammation in the organs of urination.

Related signs

In addition to the shade of urine, a lot of attention in the laboratory study pay for such characteristic as full or partial transparency of the urine. It helps in diagnosis with a particular disease. The muddy character of the urine indicates the presence of pathogenic bacteria in the urogenital tract. Opaque urine is often a lack of personal hygiene, elevated levels of leukocytes, epithelial cells and other conditions.

Change odor combined with colorless urine is another reason for seeking treatment. Strange, sharp, unpleasant smell of the product in women and men, often talks about the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, infectious diseases of the urinary system. Cramps and pain during going to the toilet indicate cystitis, urethritis and other diseases.

Blood in the urine is a very bad sign, indicating internal bleeding of the kidneys or bladder. When this symptom should immediately go to the hospital.

What to do

To determine the cause of the discoloration is not caused by food and drinking regime, you should get tested and pass a full medical examination. Therapy always depend on the diagnosis.

When kidney disease patients prescribed drug therapy including the following medications:

  • antispasmodics (Drotaverine, Mebeverine, no-Spa);
  • analgesics (Ibuprofen, Indomethacin);
  • antiseptic preparations (Morfotsiklin, metacycline);
  • diuretics – diuretic drugs (Furosemide, Aldactone);
  • drugs, solvents, stones are appointed in the formation of stones in the kidneys (Zistan, Kanefron, Cysteinyl).

Important! Medical therapy is strictly used by the treating physician, independent of the use of drugs is extremely dangerous for health.

Diabetes used medicines containing insulin or agents that encourage its natural development. Patients with diabetes mellitus are shown on a strict diet. The diet excludes fatty, fried, spicy, smoked food. Banned smoked sausage, bacon, hot spices, seasonings, chocolate, cocoa, alcohol. The recommended diet that includes grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, herbal teas, juices.

Proper nutrition is one of the methods of treatment of many diseases

In violation of water-salt balance in the human body may produce excess water. Because of this phenomenon the urine becomes clear and colorless.

Treatment of this condition is as follows:

  • Correction drinking regime.
  • The exclusion of diuretics from food products.
  • Limiting the amount of salt.
  • The saturation of the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals.
  • Therapy of concomitant diseases.

Well established in the treatment of disorders of water-salt balance exercise. Therapeutic exercises to improve metabolism, restores the body’s functions.

Conclusion and prevention

Discoloration of the urine color is not always a signal of serious violations. Sometimes the indicators of urine vary from eating certain foods, drinking regime, in humans and some other factors. To prevent disease causing changes in the characteristics of urine should comply with the rules of intimate hygiene in a timely manner to treat infectious diseases to undergo regular preventive examinations, to observe a proper diet and routine.

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