Foam in the urine

The composition of the urine plays an important role in identifying various diseases of the body. But her features, in the majority of cases affect the renal system.

For example, the appearance of sediment or some of the inclusions do not serve a positive quality of bodies of urination.

However, most often, people are faced with the fact that there is foam in the urine. This feature testifies to the development of the pathology and is not a danger to the body. Anyway, it is advisable to play it safe and ask for help.

Causes of foam in urine

The factors that trigger the formation of foamy urine differ differ by gender.

Why there is foam in the urine in men?

The reason for the appearance of foam in urine in men lies, as a rule, in the presence of an infection in the urinary tracks. If in the study of urine in it was discovered bacteria or fungi, the patient is prescribed a course of antibiotics and abundant drinking regime.

Among other factors that provoke changes in the nature of urine when urinating can also be identified:

  • malfunction of the sphincter (valve device governing the transfer of content from one organ to another), which leads to the ingress of semen into the bladder;
  • various kidney disease;
  • sperm remains in the urethra after sexual intercourse;
  • lengthy sexual tension;
  • quick process of urination.

As you can see, foaming urine in severe enough reasons. Therefore, it is important to seek the assistance of a specialist to identify the cause and to take an effective treatment.

Why urine foams?

Quite often, foam in urine in women begins to form due to infection of genitals. It is often vaginal discharge can get into the urine, especially during urination in the morning. In addition, as in the case of men, we should not exclude various kinds of pathology of organs of the renal system.

Special attention should be paid to the urine during pregnancy.

The urine foams in the waiting period of the child because:

  • getting air bubbles in the urine with a rapid urine;
  • exceeding the threshold allowable amount of protein in the composition;
  • the toilet after the overflow of the bladder;
  • deficiency of body fluids due to insufficient supply of water.

During pregnancy to detect the development of a particular disease is much easier, because a woman before each visit to a specialist passes a common analysis of urine. More doctors in this period, monitor the performance of protein, excess of which is the occasion for a more thorough examination.

In the second trimester after 20 weeks of pregnancy is very important not to miss the development of preeclampsia is a complication of the current period of waiting for a baby. Pathological development is accompanied by headaches swelling of limbs, hypertension. Therefore, the appearance of foam in urine at such a late time, first of all, is a threat to the health of the baby.

What other serious pathologies can testify foamy urine composition?

In addition to violations of the organs of the renal system, promote hit of protein from the blood into the urine following pathology:

  • circulatory disorders of the brain;
  • diabetes in late stage development;
  • disorders in the Central nervous system;
  • a concussion;
  • chronic hypertension;
  • cardiovascular failure;
  • violation of certain metabolic processes;
  • lesions of brain structures.

Urine may foam because of serious diseases

All of the above diseases, as a rule, has a concomitant clinical picture. Much worse, if in addition to the formation of the foam composition, there are no symptoms. In this case, there is a high probability of development of amyloidosis – violation of protein metabolism, leading to deposition in tissues of amyloid.

Please note! Should immediately seek help to the doctor if along with urine is allocated a drop of blood, flakes or other kind of selection. Also the reason for the visit to the specialist should be a change in smell of urine.

What to do if urine is very foamy?

Don’t immediately start to panic, if the urine you found the foam. Perhaps this phenomenon was the result of insufficient fluid intake. Try to increase your daily water intake to 2.5 litres and observe the character of the urine.

Further, to promote the formation of foam can all sorts of refreshing means that we often set on the toilet. Or the product should be washed carefully with a disinfectant.

In the case when the foamy urine is observed for five days in a row and do not influence the above factors, seek help from a specialist. Even if General analyses did not reveal deviations from the norms, it will be useful to conduct ultrasonic examination of the organs of the urinary system, especially if observed in urine white flakes.

Depending on the data obtained in the survey, the specialist will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Treatment depending on the causes

After determining the cause of the appearance of foam in urine may appoint experts following therapy.

Antibacterial therapy is prescribed in case of presence of protein in the urine because of infection of the kidneys. However, the increase of this substance in the urine can also be due to its presence in the diet in too big quantity. For example, if a woman sits on the protein diet. In this case, it is recommended to just review your daily menu.

Surgical intervention is performed upon detection of mochekislah fistula, which can also serve as a source of foaming. Fistulas, which are formed between the large intestine and the bladder, leading to swelling last on and cause the presence of traces of feces in urine and its odor. Sometimes, all these symptoms may indicate the development of Crohn’s disease.

Antimicrobial treatment is important when urinary tract infection fungal in origin. As a rule, the clinical picture is complemented by a burning sensation and pain while visiting the toilet. With antibiotics experts recommend to reinforce and drinking regime to speed up withdrawal pathogenic bacteria from the body.

A comprehensive approach to retrograde ejaculation (the phenomena when a large number of sperm is returned to the bladder). For the appearance of foam in the urine in this case is the system causes. Itself retrograde ejaculation has a lot of sources, for disease can spend as diabetes and problems with the functionality of the prostate. Therefore, the method of treatment depends on the source. In General, therapy can be conservative and operative.

Diuretics, antibiotics, and surgery may be prescribed for people with pathologies of kidneys. Unfortunately, today there is a huge amount. Therefore, when suspected violations of kidney function, specialist assigns a thorough examination, and the results and treatment.


Much less with changes in the characteristics of urine experienced by people who adhere to the following simple rules:

  • do not overextend the body physical activities that can trigger the development of proteinuria;
  • controlling your portions. For bowel and kidneys it is better that you eat every 2 hours, but the minimum serving than overeat in one sitting;
  • stick to the balance diet. This means that you need to monitor the amount of daily consumption of proteins, carbohydrates and fats that must be in equal shares;
  • not experiencing your body strength. When the urge to urinate should immediately go to the toilet.

If you are faced with the appearance in the urine a lot of foam is not an indication that you have developed a serious pathology. But we should not panic when you confirm your fears in the survey. Modern medicine to cope with almost any problem.

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