Frenzy over Playboy Lindsey Pelas’ ‘lopsided’ breasts

The 26-year-old, who is from Louisiana, shared the image of her 30HH breasts on Instagram three days ago with her 7million followers, causing many to question if their shape was healthy and normal.

A near-topless picture posted by Playboy model Lindsey Pelas has sent her fans into a frenzy over why her breasts appear different sizes.

The snap, which has had 184,937 likes, caused one person to ask ‘What’s wrong with one boob??? while another wrote ‘A little lopsided?’. Another fan asked her: ‘What’s going on with your right boob?’ and one remarked ‘Why is the right boob sagging more?’

A second picture posted yesterday also showed Lindsey’s breasts did not look the same and appeared to be different in size. However health experts say having asymmetrical breasts is common for women and nothing to worry about.

This post by the 26-year-old, from Louisiana, caused her fans to question her apparent different breast sizes. A second picture posted yesterday on her Instagram account also showed Lindsey’s breasts appearing to look different shapes.

One supportive fan wrote: ‘It’s so refreshing to see a woman with large breasts comfortable with their shape. Good for you, you gorgeous Goddess!’

Asymmetrical breasts are common

A 2011 study in the European Journal of Plastic Surgery that examined over 300 breast augmentation patients found that 47 per cent of the women had different sized breasts.

And the British Channel 4 program Embarrassing Bodies reported that up to 40 percent of women have a difference of one to two cup sizes in their breasts.

The issue is so common San Francisco underwear brand ThirdLove has even launched a new type of bra specifically catered to those with asymmetrical breasts.

Lindsey has previously revealed she suffered through years of back pain and bullying due to her naturally large breasts


The cause of why women’s breasts are different sizes is not fully understood.

Arpana Naik, assistant professor of Surgery Oregon Health & Science University Portland, writing for Healthy Women, explained that possible reasons include hormonal changes or traumatic injuries.

‘For instance, one report in the medical literature describes two cases of breast asymmetry that developed as the result of injuries the girls received to their ‘breast bud’ area during gymnastics when they were 10 and 11,’ she said.

Occasionally, an underlying medical may be the cause, she explained. This includes juvenile breast hypertrophy of the breast, a very rare problem in the connective tissues which causes one breast to grow significantly larger than the other.

This can cause psychological distress and sometimes physical problems and can be fixed with surgery. Sometimes, fibroids – which are non-cancerous tumors – may be the cause of asymmetry, according to Professor Naik.

She warned that sudden or recent differences in breast size should be checked out by a specialist. Other possible causes include scoliosis, or curvature of the spine, and deformities in the chest wall.

Indeed experts say having perfectly symmetrical breasts is not the norm.

Adrian Richards, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at The Private Clinic of Harley Street has previously told MailOnline: ‘In reality, no female has entirely symmetrical breasts.

‘Every woman has one breast which is slightly larger or a slightly different shape than the other.

‘For some women, that asymmetry is almost impossible to spot. For others, it’s far easier to spot.

‘Asymmetrical breasts are entirely natural. However in some instances there may be an underlying reason why one breast appears different to the other, so if you’re concerned you should visit your GP as a first point of call.’

And you may notice that your breasts change size during your menstrual cycle – and just one may appear bigger.

Arpana Naik, assistant professor of surgery at Oregon Health & Science University Portland wrote for Healthy Women: ‘Your breast tissue changes according to your menstrual cycle.

‘For instance, you may find that your breasts feel fuller and are more sensitive when you’re ovulating; and, in fact, they actually get bigger because of water retention and additional blood flow.

‘This is also when they’re most likely to be the same size, however; one study found that breasts have the least amount of asymmetry on the first day of ovulation. During menstruation, breasts shrink again.’

The glamour mode explained on an episode of The Doctors that natural 30HH cups are not without disadvantages

She previously said: ‘There’s a lot of bullies and a lot of hate for having natural large boobs,’ Lindsey said. But being busty is really a part of who I am now. I feel beautiful this way’

Back pain

The model, from Loranger, Louisiana, has previously revealed that she is bullied over her natural 30HH cups which she says have caused her years of severe back pain.

She discussed her problem during a new episode of The Doctors which aired in September.

Lindsey said: ‘Having big boobs is not all it’s cracked up to be. There’s a lot of bullies and a lot of hate for having natural large boobs. But being busty is really a part of who I am now. I feel beautiful this way.’

The show’s experts recommended appropriate exercise to help relieve her pain, as well as wearing the right bra, and avoiding high heels when she travels. In August, the model took to Instagram to tell her followers she has to ‘smile through the pain’ in her pictures because her breasts cause intense pain in her back.

However, her large chest has long had a negative impact on her life, by causing her pain on a daily basis.

‘Lately I’ve been feeling this nagging pain in the lower left side of my back in particular,’ the model added. ‘Some days it hurts all over. And I’m not sure where it’s coming from.’

Orthopedic surgeon Dr Hooman Melamed explained hat Lindsey’s spine is actually ‘perfect’, as shown in MRI scans and X-rays.

He suggested instead that Lindsey’s frequent travels, as well as her increasing number of modeling jobs, could be the cause of her pain, because ‘the body hates being in one position constantly’.

The show’s experts recommended appropriate exercise to help relieve her pain, as well as wearing the right bra, and avoiding high heels when she travels.

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