Blue urine

Blue urine can occur due to certain medications and foods that are composed of the dye. In addition, the change of color shade may occur due to the presence of bacterial agents or parasites, sexually transmitted diseases or other pathological processes.

Such coloration of urine is not constant, and as soon as the elimination of the causes of this inconvenience, the urine again becomes its true color.

Why does urine change its color

If the person is completely healthy, or he has no problems with the genitourinary system that his urine will have a light yellow color, sometimes with small variations in the shades. The consumption of adequate amounts of fluid, preferably plain water, it will have a straw color, but if the color becomes brighter and more saturated, so the body loses fluid.

Change the color of urine can indicate a bacterial infection. In the human body there are many metabolic processes that result in which are actually products of metabolism with a specific color. Most of them are excreted along with the urine.

In addition, there are other causes of staining of urine in blue, namely:

  • the presence in the body of specific parasites;
  • the sexually transmitted disease;
  • the use of prescription drugs;
  • the plant-based feed;
  • bacterial infection.

Coloration of urine is considered to be a side effect of the medicines, but this does not affect the General condition of the patient. Very often, a blue color is observed after the use of Cycloferon and methylene blue.

After the abolition of Cycloferon urine color is normal

If in the human organism there are violations of the internal organs, accordingly, changes in metabolic processes, resulting in the formed decomposition products, which stained urine in an unusual color. One such example is considered a genetic abnormality – “blue diaper syndrome”, when a bladder is the liquid acquires a blue tint.

Syndrome blue diaper

“Blue diaper syndrome” is a genetic disease occurring with a frequency of 1:1,000,000. The same occurs as women and men. A specific name of the syndrome derives from the fact that children with this disease, the urine had a blue tinge after urination and the parents found a blue diaper. This disease is associated with impaired metabolic processes.

The mechanism of formation of “blue diaper” is the following: in the intestines there is a splitting of tryptophan and one of its decay products is indole. When the absorption of indole is formed of a substance indican. The indican in turn, has a specific feature when it is in contact with oxygen, it acquires a blue tint, and as a result, the urine changes its color.

Diseases associated with a change in color of urine

In most cases, change the color of urine does not bring any discomfort. But there are times when there are painful sensations, increased body temperature, develops vomiting and deteriorating General health of the patient. This is a sign that occurs in the body, pathological changes.

The staining of urine in dark blue color can occur in the presence of certain diseases, for example:

  • with high content of calcium in the bloodstream;
  • the wrong metabolism in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • in pathological processes in the urogenital system;
  • in the presence of pus in the urinary system.

Blue when it detects urine in the child, it is possible to judge the presence of rare disease – hypercalcemia (increased calcium levels in the blood plasma). This disease has a cell transfer rate. If staining is observed in the adult, is the evidence of infectious-inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system.

Safe change the color of the indicator

Changing the shade of urine can be completely harmless and not be a symptom of pathological process. This may be due to the fact that a person eats foods that contain in its composition a synthetic or natural dyes.

In most cases food coloring stains the urine, and it is quite safe

Among food products, there are the following positions:

  • green beer;
  • food colorings.

Green beer, despite the fact that it is green, gives urine a blue color as well as dye with a similar color.

If a person detect a change in the color of urine, do not panic, you need to soberly assess the situation and find out why. As mentioned above, usually the colors associated with the use of certain foods or medicines. After eliminating them from the diet or the end of drug therapy normal. If such changes occurred, and why urine changed its color, I can only say specialist. In this case, it is mandatory to ask for help to the doctor.

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