Itching in the urethra

From time to time and every second person faces in their life, with itching in the urethra. Itching is only a superficial manifestation of the problem. The reasons that cause this condition, a large number, and they are not always trivial.

Because the intimate sphere are not always convenient for the discussion here we will try to answer some of the questions that can occur in humans with similar symptoms. Why is there itching in the urethra? What causes this condition? How can we help?


The bacterial flora that reside on the mucous membranes of the urethra, opportunistic. There is a certain set of bacteria that live with the person always and only when the organism enters the environment unfavorable for its existence, living peacefully, these substances manifest themselves as pathogenic flora. Causing in the body the various uncomfortable feelings in the form of itching, burning, and sharp pains.

Nonspecific flora is able to get people to complain about itching in an intimate place under the following circumstances:

  • a decrease in immune reactions;
  • long-term use of antibiotics;
  • microtrauma of the urethra;
  • sexual intercourse without a contraceptive;
  • complication of viral infections;
  • allergic reactions to drugs.

However, there are still conditions in which very often there is itching is diabetes and menopause. In these conditions itching in an intimate place occurs, regardless of the flora residing on mucous membranes. In diabetes this occurs when elevated sugar in the body, and during menopause, because of the dryness of mucous membranes, occurs when hormonal changes.

Peculiarities of a female organism is such that vaginitis can easily go in urethritis

When for contraception, or for therapeutic purposes, long-accepted hormonal preparations in the urethra in women there is a feeling of itching and burning. Most often yeast infection cause the Candida fungi, which are aggravated during the menstrual cycle. First, there is candidal vaginitis (thrush), and then, discharge into the urethra, cause urethritis.

Itching when urinating in women is associated with physiological feature of the female body, the monthly cycles constantly exacerbate existing pathogenic flora. However, all of the symptoms occur in the female body is more worn down than in the male.

Species-specific urethritis

If the itch happened suddenly and appeared and other symptoms in the form of sharp pains, pain, a burning sensation and discharge, it should immediately contact the doctor. Because if there is itching in the urethra in men is most likely a symptom caused by a specific flora that can get in the male body sexually. But if the sexual act was without the proper protection, it can not be doubted.

There is a specific flora that causes urethritis in men and women, respectively, and all the other symptoms, in the form of itching, urination and discharge.

As already mentioned, Candida urethritis cause of the fungi Candida. It manifests a urethritis, frequent urination, itching in the urethra and cheesy discharge, discharge more abundant in women. In men they appear as a whitish plaque. But sometimes, if the infection is not treated, it may cause discharge in men, it is characteristic that they appear after urinating.

Treatment of this condition consists in antifungal agents. Irrigation of the genital organs with a solution of Miramistin and chlorhexidine. Urethral lavage with antiseptic solutions, appointed in chronic forms of candidal urethritis.

Trichomonas urethritis – manifests itself the same symptoms, but the discharge with this infection will have whitish – foam, the more pronounced the symptoms of itching and burning. Typical for Trichomonas infection that itch starts not only in the urethra, but the skin around the genitals. Because of the strong, frothy discharge, redness in the area of the urethra.

Undulating membrane on the body Trichomonas allows you to move very quickly in the body

Peculiarities of this type of urethritis in women are that itch begins not only near the urethra, but the vagina, and labia.

The next type of urethritis is caused by chlamydia. Symptoms are less pronounced than in other types of infection. Patients more concerned about appearing whitish discharge, itching and pain when urinating. If chlamydia is not treated, the symptoms will gradually subside and urethritis go into a chronic course.

The infection is dangerous for the female body that turning on the internal organs, can cause infertility. In men this infection, in the absence of timely treatment enters the prostate. It is very important when taking the urine test for pot planting, to collect the first portion of morning urine, which will contain the maximum number of microorganisms.

Mycoplasma can also cause inflammation in the urethra, which will manifest similar symptoms, however, infection with this bacterium rarely causes acute course of the disease. Clinical manifestations are mild.
Usually in women during the monthly cycle, the itching is not only in the urethra, during this period, the infection becomes aggravated and itching is spreading to nearby areas of the skin. Month cycle is a precipitating factor for the manifestation of the disease. After a cycle ends, all the symptoms gradually subside.

Gonorrheal urethritis – this is a very serious and dangerous sexually transmitted disease caused by gonococci. Its peculiarity is that before the urine appear thick purulent discharge from the urethra. You receive not only the itching of the urethra, but also the burning pain, the constant desire to urinate.

It is characteristic for this disease is the adhesion of folds of the urethra in the morning from the purulent discharge. When viewed in the channel region appears obvious redness, maceration of the skin from irritating discharge. In the area of the urethra in women during the inspection, it follows purulent discharge. Gonorrheal urethritis requires more detailed consideration in the other article devoted to just this topic.

Diagnosis and treatment

For the successful treatment of itch requires proper diagnosis. It is important to determine what type of bacteria caused such symptoms. This requires examination by a doctor who will prescribe a series of tests.

Smear on the purity of one of the main tests for successful treatment of pruritus

Among them:

  • urine;
  • blood test;
  • urine culture for sterility;
  • a swab from the urethral channel;
  • sowing smear for the establishment of flora;
  • sowing smear from the urethra to determine the sensitivity to medications.

For a more accurate diagnosis while taking a smear on flora from the urethra, the patient is not recommended toilet of external genitals with soap or antiseptic. It will be enough to do it with plain warm water. The material, obtained by taking a smear, is applied to a glass slide and examined under a microscope.

For pot planting, discharge from the urethra put on nutrient medium in Petri dishes and placed in an incubator for the formation of colonies of this bacterium. After the nutrient medium is formed grown strains, placed there different types of antibiotics and determine sensitivity to this antibiotic.

Treatment is possible only after the tank planting. However, this will require a certain amount of time, an average of 7 to 10 days. In order not to lose time for the start of treatment are appointed by the antiseptic drugs, which act on bacterial cells statically (stop reproduction), and then appointed antibacterial drugs that destroy microorganisms.

Itching of the urethral channel is a symptom of many diseases, so it is impossible to ignore. You need to look for the cause and begin timely treatment. To get rid of this problem is possible if to consult a qualified physician.

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  1. Smear on the purity of one of the main tests for successful treatment of pruritus

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