Cramps during urination

Probably everyone at least once faced with such unpleasant symptom as cramps when urinating. According to statistics, cramps during urination in women are much more frequently than representatives of a strong half of mankind. This disparity is due to the peculiarities of the anatomical structure of the urethra from the fair sex. It is shorter and wider than in men.

What reasons can lead to sharp pains?

First and foremost it should be noted that pains in the urethra in women and men can be during a person to urinate (early and late) and after that. This fact is very important in diagnosis.

For men and women causes of dysuria are similar in many ways.

The main ones are:

  • cystitis;
  • pyelonephritis;
  • urethritis;
  • fungal disease;
  • kidney stones;
  • infectious diseases that are transmitted through sexual way (chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital herpes, ureaplasmosis).

For men individual factor discomfort during urination is prostatitis, and for the ladies – vaginitis.

Directly the path of penetration of microorganisms can be divided into:

  • The upward path by which an infectious agent moves from bottom to top (typical for women at the wrong toilet the genital organs).
  • Descending (infection of the “is” from above, usually from the kidney).
  • Contamination through blood.
  • Infection through the lymph.
Pain during urination

Stinging during urination in men and women indicate inflammation in the urethra, namely urethritis. In addition to cutting pain also can join the selection from the urethra, burning, frequent urge to urinate.

Pathogenic agents are attached to the epithelial surface cells of the urethra, or embedded inside of them. Further, they secrete special substances that can damage cells, due to its high acidity. Because under the epithelial layer are the nerve endings in the urethra appear burning sensation.

Specific manifestations of sexually transmitted diseases will:

  • copious pus and mucus in gonorrhea of the urethra, vagina in women;
  • when herpes and trihomoniaza there is intense itching and pasty in the genital area.

Candidiasis (fungal disease) also cause urethritis, it is a manifestation of discharge from the urethra white, in women this disease is accompanied by thrush. Also characteristic is itching in the crotch.

Most often this condition develops on the background of reduced immunity, and antibacterial therapy

A breach in the epithelium of the structure due to the action of the chemical agent, in the role which can be excess glucose (diabetes), oxalate joints (gout), spicy food, alcoholic beverages, toxic substances (mercury, benzidine), drugs.

Urethritis on the background of stagnation of the circulation in the venous line, which is located in the submucosal layer of the urethra. Occurs when extensive inflammation of hemorrhoids, benign prostatic hypertrophy.

Damage of a mechanical nature. The urethra may be injured by a stone that passes through it in the presence of urolithiasis. This will be no sharp pain during its passage, may appear blood in the urine. Injury also is caused by the installation of a catheter, various surgical interventions.

Soreness and cramps after urinating

Cramps in the end of urination and pain after urination testify in favor of inflammation of the bladder, and for women also of perimetritis (inflammation in the space between the uterus and bladder). Also in cystitis, a strong pain and burning sensation, urine output in small portions.

Perhaps the appearance of blood in the urine, sometimes fever. After urination, no satisfaction, a characteristic more frequent trips to the bathroom, many cases people say that there is a sudden, sharp urge to urinate. Sometimes can appear blood in the urine. The General condition suffers, there can be seen a weakness, fatigue, sweating.

In 80% of cases the cause of cystitis is Escherichia coli


This disease stands apart due to the fact that cramps during urination, in women with such pathology may be in the process of the act and after its completion. The urge to urinate in women frequent, taurinate wearing cutting in nature, purulent discharge from vagina, reddening of the vaginal walls, itching. All of these can be signs of vaginitis.
Cramps can accompany both acute and chronic form of this disease

Cramps during pregnancy and in the postpartum period

Women in position also there is often pain when urinating. This is because the fetus presses on the organs of the urinary, hormonal changes, and also increases the load on the kidneys, which often leads to an inflammatory process against the background of infection in his journey of ascent.

May develop cystitis, pyelonephritis, urethritis. All these diseases can be dangerous for the baby and also lead to complications after childbirth. That is why during pregnancy the slightest pain during urination is a reason to visit a doctor.

During pregnancy cystitis usually develops in the second and third trimester, which is associated with the growing fetus


To treat pain in the urethra be complex depending on the cause and symptoms.

If cuts in the urethra due to cystitis, the specific treatment will be antibiotics, which are prescribed after the date of the analysis on the type of pathogen and its sensitivity to antibiotics (nitrofurazone drugs, MONORAL, cephalosporins).

Monural is the gold standard in the treatment of cystitis

Cystitis is recommended to drink plenty of liquids, at the temperature you need to take antipyretics (ibuprofen). You cannot use a heating pad with this ailment, because it contributes to the rapid increase of bacteria.

Urethritis and diseases that are sexually transmitted, treated with broad-spectrum antibiotics (ciprofloxacin, doxycycline, metronidazole). For trichomoniasis drug of choice is trihopol. In the case of herpes, treatment with antiviral drugs (acyclovir, valacyclovir, famvir) as well as use of human interferon. During pregnancy antiviral medications are used with caution when the risk of causing the fetus harm exceeds the probability of adverse reactions in the mother. They are also assigned on the basis of the analyses and also taking into account comorbidities and age of the patient.

When the etiological factor is candidiasis, treatment with fluconazole, clotrimazole, Flucostat.

As a rule, the doctor prescribes candles as ingredients of topical therapy

Well help douching with soda solution.

Urolithiasis the doctor based on the ultrasound determines the method of treatment. When possible, the use of anti-inflammatory medications and drugs that can dissolve and excrete the stones of small sizes and sand. For large stones prescribed surgical treatment. With concomitant inflammatory processes used antibiotics.

What can be complications?

Depending on the underlying disease developing such complications. Cystitis may cause pyelonephritis, infection in this case is an upward path.

Urethritis and sexually transmitted disease, can lead to infertility. Candidiasis improper treatment becomes generalized, affecting various organs.

Urolithiasis as a complication to expect acute renal failure, hydronephrosis, chronic hypertrophic cystitis, Pioneros, pyelonephritis. Cramps when urinating should not be ignored, such symptoms should be the subject of close attention by the physician.

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