The reasons why the urine is turbid

Urine (urine) – is the end result of General metabolism in the body. It is the result of complex physical and biochemical processes in the kidneys. First comes the process of filtering the liquid portion of blood, and then back the absorption of necessary substances.

96% of urine is water, the remaining 4% consists of dissolved nitrogenous waste products from the destruction of proteins (urea, creatinine, uric acid), salt, pigments, low red blood cells, fat.

Urine analysis necessarily involves the study of its physical properties. Colour and transparency can be suspected diseases of the urinary organs. Turbid urine has its diagnostic value.

What determines the color and turbidity of urine?

Normal urine is yellow in color from light to deep shades. For the analysis of the fit only the morning portion. It must be obtained in compliance with the rules of collection and delivery.

Color pigments provide urine:

  • the urochrome;
  • protein;
  • uroerythrin;
  • the sterkobilina.

Fresh urine should not have any impurities. It is very important to obtain reliable information to bring the specimen to the laboratory within 1.5-2 hours after urination. If urine is collected for analysis, stored longer, the solution initially becomes cloudy.

Color can change under the influence of food and of medication. The intensity of coloration depends more on the proportion and total urine output of the patient the small allocation increases the concentration of solutes and the color becomes more intense.

Opaque turbid urine indicates the presence of:

  • blood cells, exceeding the permissible values;
  • urothelia cells lining the urinary ways;
  • a large number of bacteria;
  • high concentration of salts;
  • fat.
As the reasons of the turbidity in a laboratory?

The color and degree of turbidity laboratory records in the form of analysis of the visual assessment. Sometimes the violation of transparency is not only the terms (“slightly turbid”, “turbid”), but a lot of crosses, from one to four.

Subjectively assessed odor. The combination of haze with the smell of decay indicates the presence of a large number of bacteria and white blood cells.

Explain why urine is cloudy, maybe a detailed study of the precipitate. It is produced by centrifuge, and then examined under a microscope. Counting the number of leukocytes and bacteria is carried out by a special technique in the same field of view.

Urine with white sediment occurs when the big fats.

Salts differ in appearance crystals.

But for full confidence in the carried out simple chemical reaction:

  • the disappearance of muddy sediment by heating a few ml of urine confirms that the turbidity was caused by salt urate (uric acid);
  • if after heating, the turbidity does not change, add 15 drops of acetic acid, the improvement of transparency means that in the urine too much phosphates;
  • the disappearance of turbidity after the addition of hydrochloric acid indicates the presence of oxalates (the salts of oxaloacetic acid);
  • the reaction occurring with a hiss in the surface layers of the liquid, indicates the excess of carbonates;
  • test for the presence of crystals of uric acid is the reaction with concentrated potassium hydroxide.
When turbid urine in healthy people?

The causes of turbid urine not necessary to look at the disease. You must first eliminate physiological factors, a re-analysis.

You first need to pay attention to the time elapsed from collection of urine until delivery to the laboratory. Long stay in a cold or hot environment enhances the formation of sludge due to the crystallization of salts, fermentation of protein components. Therefore, if there is no possibility to ensure the timely delivery of material in a certain period of time, it is, in General, pass is not worth it.

Not long after visiting the steam, overheating in the sun, physical work. These processes are accompanied by dehydration. Urine becomes concentrated, which affects the turbidity, makes the color dark yellow. Each adult need to ask rules of urine collection and accurately to observe them.

Doctors are not in vain asked about the diet. Urine becomes reddish. after eating dishes containing beets, carrots, blueberries.

Some drugs change the color and affect the transparency of the urine (Aspirin, Metronidazole, Furagin, Rifampicin, Furazolidone). Their use should cease for a few days before testing.

When turbid urine indicates pathology?

Turbid urine sediment is a symptom of many diseases. The reasons may be not only in the organs of the urinary tract, but also in diseases of the sexual sphere. The close location of the external genitalia in men and women to the urethra creates an increased risk of contact with urine of their secret after intimacy, as a result of secretions caused by inflammation.

Therefore, in the analysis of urine frequently found causative agents of genital infections:

  • Trichomonas;
  • Mycoplasma;
  • spirochetes;
  • the gonococci.

Inflammatory diseases (urethritis, cystitis, pyelonephritis, nephritis) accompanied with the increase of discharge with the urine of bacteria, leukocytes, renal cell and transitional epithelium. Than vyrajenie the inflammatory process, the more likely unpleasant smell. It is felt by adults when urinating.

Patients complain of:

  • cramps and frequent urination;
  • suprapubic pain, groin, lower back;
  • temperature rise;
  • General malaise.

The combination of turbid urine color change to red may be a sign of hematuria. It appears in explicit form after a bout of kidney stones (renal colic), is a very suspicious symptom of cancer of the kidneys, if diagnosed in an elderly man.

The bleeding is accompanied by disease of blood stasis with heart failure.

White impurities in the sediment occur when the fatty kidney, lymphostasis. Urine becomes too dark due to the increased discharge of sterkobilina, exposure to bilirubin in liver disease, gallstones, pancreatitis.

Male causes

Men’s issues can be:

  • chronic prostatitis;
  • BPH;
  • urethritis after unprotected sexual contact.

Inflammation and swelling of the prostate causes stagnation of urine, promotes inflammation in the bladder

Sexual infections are:

  • prostatitis;
  • balanitis;
  • inflammation of the testicle.

Infectious agents in these cases are:

  • Ureaplasma;
  • gardnella;
  • Trichomonas.
Women’s and children’s causes

Women have any infection in the bladder, the vagina (vaginitis) accompanied by getting into the urinary ways bacteria, white blood cells, causing the urine becomes cloudy, has an unpleasant smell. To determine the cause it is impossible without the participation of a gynecologist, this is another reason to check the cleanliness of the external genitalia.
Failure to observe rules of hygiene during menstruation increases the risk of infection of the vagina and the bladder.

During pregnancy changes in the composition of the urinary sediment is associated with:

  • hormonal in the first trimester;
  • the strengthening of stagnation in the second half of pregnancy;
  • the impact of frequent vomiting in toxicosis (dehydration);
  • the changed status of the thyroid gland;
  • concomitant inflammatory diseases of the urinary organs.

In the postpartum period part of salts from the blood passes into the breast milk. Altered composition of the urine may occur with moderate turbidity.

Because in this period the use of drugs is strictly limited, doctors recommend to drink more fluids, compote of dried fruits

In the case of severe inflammation of the bladder or kidneys expectant mother has to use a medicine, the condition threatens the pregnant woman and the fetus.

Babies grudnichkovye period looks murky urine after a night’s sleep. This is due to the fast response of the composition in the absence of fluid intake when there is a large break in the feeding.

Dehydration, the child develops much faster than that of an adult. Therefore, in addition to the nutrition children need to drink.

In older age at identification in the sediment of the salt crystals the child will be put on a diet. It will help in the future to avoid the occurrence of kidney stones with the stagnation of urine.

Tests pediatricians are advised to check regularly. Detection of inflammatory cells in the urine sediment in a child indicates inflammation. The choice of treatment depends on the level and form of pathology.

What to do in case of detection of turbid urine?

If attentive person notices cloudy urine, you should analyze the diet, increase the amount of water consumed. It is possible to observe no more than a week. If no changes need to consult a doctor.

When mild manifestations dysuric 2-3 days to make their own herbal remedies such as Kanefron, pasta Phytolysin, kidney tea leaves, cranberries, cranberries. Limit spicy food, pickles, coffee, alcohol.

We should not expect positive responses when expressed dysuric symptoms. They point to the beginning of the inflammation. The sooner treatment is started, the greater the chance to avoid the transition to chronic process or a severe form of the disease.

The identification of salts of a particular kind will require dieting. The selection is carried out depending on the identified specific crystal formations.

It is equally important to cure sexual infection. She easily moves to adjacent urinary organs. If the therapist is advised to go to the venereal diseases, it is best to obey.

Chronic sexually transmitted disease leads to failure of reproductive functions threatens other organs and systems

Specific therapy appoints urologist men with prostatitis. In addition to anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants are recommended to relax the muscular tissues, ensuring the outflow of semen and urine.

Should not treat the symptom turbid urine, and identified with the help of the disease. To establish the exact pathology will help a full examination of the patient. This will prevent complications and irreversible disturbances in the body.

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