Problems with urination after childbirth

The appearance of the baby born brings not only many happy moments, but also some disturbances in the body. Among the most common can highlight problems with urination after childbirth. In caring for the new family member mom often do not notice the first alarm bells.

However, the timely detection of the disease has always been the key to effective treatment.

Common malfunctions in the urinary system after childbirth

After giving birth women may face such problems:

  • the lack of urination;
  • involuntary release of urine;
  • frequent urge to urinate;
  • soreness during emptying of the bladder.

Let us examine these problems in more detail.

The lack of urination

After giving birth, women may experience decrease in the number of urge to visit the toilet, and the bladder can be in-filled condition.

This problem does not require the intervention of a specialist, as over time it will resolve itself. The fact is that the decreased sensitivity of the bladder contributes to the extinction pressure of the uterus resulting from childbirth, and pain medication during labor. All these factors cause the increase of the parameters of the authority and, accordingly, its capacity.

Over time, the tone of the bladder after birth comes back to normal. To accelerate this process, the newly made mother simply must visit the toilet.

Involuntary release of urine

During natural childbirth in women, stretched pelvic floor muscles, which normally exert pressure on the urethra. The lowering of the tone of the tissues leads to the fact that the bladder is completely closed, especially at full filling.

The result during active movements women experience minor leakage of urine. To cope with such a delicate problem due to the specially developed kegels. To full toning of the pelvic floor muscles is recommended the use of sanitary pads.

Special exercises can relieve women from the problems with urination

Frequent urination

Frequent urge to visit the toilet is a normal phenomenon, which can persist for some time after birth. After pregnancy period thus displays all the excess fluid. However, if every visit to the toilet is a small amount of urine, you need to visit a specialist.

Perhaps the frequent urination associated with the early development of cystitis – urinary bladder inflammation.

Frequent urination after childbirth – a reason to visit the doctor

Pain during urination

Sometimes first trips to the toilet after childbirth cause women a lot of discomfort. During urination mothers feel like pinches in the genital area, pain and burning. This clinical picture can occur on the background stitches during childbirth. Getting into the fresh wound, urine flow can cause an unpleasant feeling of discomfort. However, after 2-3 days it goes away. Otherwise, you should turn for help to a therapist or urologist.

Recommendations for restoring the functionality of the bladder

To restore the settings and tone of the urinary bladder using the following rules:

  • try to visit the toilet with the purpose of urination in the first hours after birth. Thus you will help to contract the uterus, and also resist the ingress of various infections in the urinary organs;
  • try to lead an active lifestyle, promoting the right work of organs of small pelvis;
  • drink plenty of fluids and to manipulate the interval between visits to the toilet did not exceed 2 hours;
  • observe the intimate hygiene;
  • strengthen your pelvic floor muscles by performing Kegel exercises;
  • avoid hypothermia;
  • try in the first few months of diet, the main rule of which is the rejection of coffee, salty and smoked products, as well as sharp spices.

Compliance with the above recommendations gives you the opportunity to speed up the process of recovery of functionality of the bladder. If they do not comply, then the recovery period may be delayed and last from several days up to 4 – 6 weeks.

Treatment of urinary disorders should be done under the supervision of a specialist

When should I seek help?

Should have a visit in such cases:

  • if you continue to experience discomfort in the bladder and the canal after healing or relieving generic joints;
  • during urination negligible amount of liquid, the urge to visit the toilet in this case does not pass;
  • urine has a pungent odor and unusual color;
  • there is an increase in body temperature.

If you find at least one of the following symptoms, do not delay going to the doctor, because the baby needs a healthy mom. Described symptoms may indicate the development of cystitis or pyelonephritis.

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