Dark urine in pregnant

The formation of urine helps to rid the body of toxic products of metabolism, thereby cleansing it. For this reason, it is important to know the simple and much-needed standards, and to understand what changes occur in the composition of urine.

Urine is one of the main products of human activity. Urine is formed by filtration of the liquid portion of blood – plasma, together with multiple metabolites, and then concentrates and accumulates in the bladder, and subsequently evacuated through urination.

During pregnancy the female body is significantly rebuilt, not only anatomically, by the growth of the fetus, but significant changes are hormonal, metabolic processes, including change of the urine.

Dark urine during pregnancy may indicate some irregularities from the urinary system of women.

As containers for collecting urine to use only sterile disposable container

Normal composition of urine

To understand why the color of urine is changing and why this is happening, you need to know the necessary minimum of the normal composition of urine. In a healthy organism, the urine has a color from white-yellow to straw-yellow, the color depends on the concentration and quantity of ingested liquid.

Despite the fact that urine is 97% water, together with it appears a huge number of metabolites – products of metabolism of other organs and cells, the most important of which are urea, creatinine, ketone bodies, uric acid, amino acids, glucose, and ions of sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium. It is the concentration and composition of these substances depends on the color of urine.

In some cases, with the normal composition of urine is determined by the color change, most often it occurs due to intake of certain foods or drugs, which have a coloring effect. Thus, the use of a large amount of beets can cause redness, which do not be afraid.

Change the color of urine during pregnancy

During pregnancy, regardless of trimester, urine in pregnant women be an ordinary straw or close to it in color, provided that the woman is not taking specific medications and don’t eat vegetables, would stain the urine.

In order not to set yourself up for panic, you must know that in pathological conditions the urine remains dark yellow for a long period of time.

You should not be afraid of a single darkening of urine, especially in the first morning urination. For night time urine becomes very concentrated and this is darker, but this urine is observed only under certain circumstances. As has been said, either in the morning or when there is insufficient intake of water or any other liquid.

To determine the cause of darkening of the urine during pregnancy is not only important in the study of biological material, but a detailed examination women

Pathological change the color

Under certain circumstances, dark urine may indicate pathological conditions occurring in a woman’s body. In the early stages dark urine is often associated with the manifestation of toxicity in the form of repeated vomiting and lack of desire something to drink and eat because of constant nausea. In this case, a woman’s body is severely dehydrated, whereby the quantity of urine secreted is reduced and its concentration increased, therefore, and the color darkens. So in the early stages of pregnancy dark yellow urine is a sign of dehydration.

In late pregnancy, the third trimester, the growing uterus and the baby become very large and occupy almost the entire abdominal cavity, especially in the period of the 28th – 32nd weeks of pregnancy. The result is considerable pressure on the liver and gallbladder with the excretory ducts that may result by displacement of the common bile duct – common bile duct and obstructive jaundice.

The situation is aggravated if a pregnant woman has any of the disease hepatobiliary system. The first sign is dark urine. It is worth noting that, along with darkening of urine due to excretion of bile pigments occurs discoloration of feces, it becomes white – this is important for diagnostic purposes.

And the last typical case is dark urine during pregnancy with endocrine diseases, with increased activity of thyroid hormones there is increased breakdown of hemoglobin, which also causes darkening of urine.

Often the cause darkening of the urine becomes hematuria

What to do when dark urine

If the urine color has changed and persists for several days, and to associate the darkening of the intake of certain foods and drugs does not work, you should not self-medicate. The best solution would be to promptly seek medical care.

Specialist obstetrician-gynecologist will do an exam, differential diagnosis, and consultation with urologists and Hepatology. That will help confirm a clinical diagnosis and to appoint effective treatment. It is important to note that failure to apply for qualified help, especially during pregnancy, can lead to significant progression of the disease and development of serious complications. It is very important to confirm or exclude liver disease, particularly hepatitis, untreated, which can cause serious harm to the body of the mother.


When referring to a specialist about the darkening of urine is compulsory and the patient passes urine analysis, which is highly informative and can confirm the preliminary diagnosis. Often with dark urine in General, the analysis revealed an increased amount of bile pigments, which are compensatory begin to excreted with urine with a significant accumulation of the last in blood.

With a significant amount of pigment in the urine, its color may acquire a brown tint. In some cases, you may need additional ultrasound examination of the urinary system to rule out pathology in the kidneys.

In conclusion, definitely need to mention the importance of careful attitude to own body and body of the baby. Part of this attitude is the constant monitoring of health, sensitive to any changes in the body. Pay close attention to yourself and be healthy!

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