White precipitate in the urine

In a healthy person urine is light yellow or yellow color, transparent and without presence of residue or any impurities. Blurred urine can be a serious cause for concerns for his health. Why do I get sediment in the urine, and that his presence means?

This can happen for a number of reasons. For example, in the absence of clinical symptoms, the appearance of turbidity may be the result of a lack of fluid in the body. If this happens after you Wake up, sediment in the urine may indicate the presence of salts.

There are such situations when the causes of sludge is not associated with the presence of some pathological process and the person is not in need of medical assistance, to the same situations may include the following:

  • intensive physical load;
  • the hot climate;
  • visiting baths or saunas.

Diagnosis should put the specialist and not the man himself, on the basis of the conducted diagnostic tests. The survey will help to exclude or confirm the presence of diseases of the urinary system.

The factors that lead to the appearance of the precipitate

The unorganized appearance of the urine sediment may contribute to the following factors:

  • the imbalance of salt and fluid. This reason is one of the most common. Due to the fact that the body enters the liquid in a sufficient amount, increases the percentage of salts. The resulting hard deposits simply impede the full flow of urine. In result develop congestion, cloudy urine and may provoke inflammation.
  • the presence of mucus, bacteria, flakes can affect the transparency of urine. If turbidity appeared, but the color has not changed, it may indicate the development of cystitis (bladder inflammation), urethritis or pyelonephritis. The appearance of sediment in the form of a cloud to speak about lung disease;
  • the movement of solid deposits of salts may cause injury of the mucous membrane of the urinary tract. In addition to the appearance of the precipitate, and will change the shade of urine, up to red.
White sediment in urine

White precipitate in the urine may appear even without the presence of pain. But even in this case, such a pattern may indicate a problem in the genitourinary system. If the appearance of a white precipitate accompanied by the detection of protein in the urine, a clear sign of the developing inflammatory process. Immediately want to note that deliver urine for research you need as early as possible. The fact is that if the sample of biological material some time, put in a container with a tight-fitting lid, the appearance of turbidity in the decomposition of salts is a natural process and as normal.

General urine test will give the exact answer about the causes of fallen sediment

It is worth noting the fact that in some cases, the incorrect collection of the sample for the study can cause the appearance of the precipitate.

In order to avoid this, you should follow simple tips, namely:

  • before the study should not eat foods that could cause staining of urine, it is beet, rhubarb carrots, etc.;
  • do not take preparations containing iron, often a vitamin-mineral complexes;
  • before collecting the urine must be washed away, but it is not necessary to use a thick and poorly washed off the cosmetics, gels, foams. If not to undertake hygienic procedure, in the urine of women may appear from the vagina.

In addition, the true cause of what in urine precipitate, are insufficiently clean containers. Even if the jar is thoroughly washed, there may be substances which will react with the urine and will lead to the appearance of the precipitate. For this reason, it is better to use sterile bottles, which are sold in the pharmacy.

Some patients make the mistake and collect the urine in the evening, put in the fridge, and went back to the lab. During this time, urine can develop bacterial microorganisms. Also due to the fact that the biological material stood in the cold, you may see a precipitate.

The appearance of a white precipitate may be due to the increased level of white blood cells, red blood cells or salts in the urine. Microscopic analysis will help to give a precise answer about the number of organized elements. At first, the technician unscrews a tube with urine in the centrifuge, urine, and merges into the slide causes a precipitate. Under the microscope it will be clearly seen the number of different elements. For example, turbidity can also cause inorganic residue, it can be crystals of uric acid, elevated levels of which may lead to the development of such diseases as gout.

Urine, which is stored in the evening is not suitable for research

Non-pathological causes

Before you panic and to ascribe the presence of serious diseases, the first thing you need to do is to exclude natural causes of turbidity. Just need to think about the amount of water consumed and the diet. This situation can occur in vegetarians and also people who rapidly changed their diet and, for example, moved on to protein foods.

Changes in the composition of urine depending on age and gender

If we talk about women, they have a change in the composition of urine may provoke the following reasons:

  • the disruption of the natural vaginal flora;
  • vaginal discharge;
  • lower membrane tube during pregnancy.

If the mother has vaginal candidiasis, which is accompanied by the appearance of abundant cheesy discharge, they can easily get into the urine and fall in the form of a white precipitate.

In men, the change in the composition of urine may indicate the presence of developing urethritis or balanoposthitis. Urethritis may result from exposure to cold or a viral infection. In addition to the appearance of the precipitate, patients may complain of pain in the groin and lower abdomen, the discomfort may increase during urination or ejaculation.

If we talk about balanopostite, most often it does not occur as a primary disease, and on the background of infectious processes, which are sexually transmitted. The pathological process is accompanied by the following symptoms: inflammation of the foreskin, irritation of the penis and increased allocation of smegma.

Both diseases can also cause severe pain and burning during urination, purulent discharge and cloudy urine, and sedimentation. Also the turbidity can be a result of prostatitis or sexually transmitted diseases.

Separately want to say about children. The appearance of a white precipitate in the urine of infants should not be cause for concern parents. This is due to the physiological characteristics of the newborn and the adaptation to new living conditions.
Formation of orange precipitate may indicate the presence of amorphous urates

Causes of orange urine

The reasons that urine purchased the orange color, may be the following:

  • elevated or urochrome pigments in the urine;
  • disorders from the urinary system;
  • dehydration, especially in hot weather with heavy use and a small amount of liquid;
  • taking certain medicines: laxatives, anti-tuberculosis. anticancer;
  • paint urine can foods such as raspberries, blackberries, pumpkins, carrots, etc.;
  • orange color urine in the morning can be caused by hormones. Antidiuretic hormone may color the urine;
  • the presence of food dyes in food products (soft drinks, juices, candy).

So, in urine sediment may appear as natural and pathological reasons. Do not immediately worry but the first thing you need to remember what products you have taken before, which take the drug. If the sediment is of short duration and not accompanied by the appearance of other symptoms, then most likely, there is no reason to worry. If you have lower abdominal pain, painful urination, burning or other symptoms, it is best to consult a specialist because it can be a sign of a serious inflammation in the urinary system. Early diagnosis and skilled approach will help to quickly eliminate the problem!

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