Why is it bright yellow urine

The accepted norm is straw-yellow coloration of urine. Sometimes it changes the tone, but he always needs to stay in the yellow color palette. Why urine yellow? This question has several answers.

Let’s start with the fact that the color of the urine depends directly on the pigmenting substances that are in it. They paint this biological fluid in a particular color. Urine turns different shades on the basis of which factors have an impact on the body. In some factors the pale color of urine changes. It can be a lighter or darker shade.

Bright yellow urine is not a reason to panic. However, this is a significant reason to look at the health status and to exclude a debut of a disease. It is worth noting that urine is bright yellow may be due to the use of certain products and drinks.

The dependence of the color of urine from the drink and food

In many situations, the changed colour may be due to the fact that people consume little liquid, in the result, the content of pigment substances increases, and the urine changes color is either bright yellow or in dark. How colored urine, affect the eating habits of the person (citrus, carrots, beets).

Also the color of the urine can be caused by artificial food dyes, which are currently located in almost all foods. Therefore, urine is yellow it’s possible you may receive after drinking a soda or eaten candy.

When man discovers urine of a lemon color, it is necessary to consider all the food that he used.

The color of urine depends on the amount of fluid in the body

Factors that contribute to color change

What are the causes of bright yellow urine? Shade of urine depends on what percentage of the pigmenting compounds is concentrated. The main ones are the urobilin, urochrome, brorsen and other. A major role in the staining of urine the urobilin is playing.

It is a result of the metabolism of bilirubin, which is in the composition of bile enters the small intestine with the aim of digestion of food. Due to the impact many are there bacteria, the bilirubin is converted into urobilin. In parallel with this substance in the color of urinary urobilinogen in a liquid is involved, it functions after the elimination of urine from the urethra. Interacting with oxygen, it gives the urine a dark yellow hue.

If the color of the urine changed, then this suggests either that the organism got a foreign substance, or of any violations. Of course, it is not necessary to forget that in normal urine that one person produces in the morning more saturated color than the day.

The main reasons:

  • dehydration;
  • infections of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • pregnancy;
  • pasty in some chronic diseases;
  • inflammatory diseases of the urinary and reproductive systems;
  • food;
  • taking vitamin complexes;
  • breast-feeding;
  • heredity;
  • changing climatic conditions;
  • abuse of salt.

The first factor that explains the change in the color of urine – lack of fluids in the body. When it comes to sheer volume, we may face a chronic form of dehydration. There is a failure in the normal mechanism of release of the products of metabolism, they are not displayed and thus lead to a gradual poisoning of the body.

Another reason may be the pathological changes in the functioning of some organs. For example, too yellow urine may testify in favour of damage in the renal or hepatic system.

The situation can be explained by infection in the gastrointestinal tract. Because this disease is a tremendous loss of fluid by diarrhea, vomiting, sweating. The result is a concentration of coloring substances in a small quantity of urine, and it is due to this changes the tone.

There are situations in which a change of color, this biological fluid is accompanied by an extensive pasty, it can be interpreted as a sign of any disease (chronic heart failure, liver cirrhosis, pyelonephritis). Often very yellow urine indicates the presence of kidney stones.

Coloration of urine is in direct proportion to the number of years lived, gender, level of health. The newly born babies it has virtually no color, however for the first 7 days begins to acquire a certain color. The baby adapts to life outside the womb, he himself realizes all the functions of responding to the world around you, daily routine, nutrition.

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Because the urine of the baby can acquire a lemon tint or intense dark. In such a situation, it is important not to panic, should monitor the situation. The doctor should contact if this phenomenon was delayed. After changing the color, sometimes it means that there is pathology or failure in the correct drinking regime.

Urine from the beautiful half of humanity is lemon-colored while carrying the baby. This product of vital activity of organism in pregnant women is an important marker of health. However, not every situation, such a change means a pathological process. It happens after receiving vitamins and also the introduction in the menu of some products. Vitamin complexes that turn secreted fluid, contain a group b, C, A.

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It is worth noting that if a pregnant did not use vitamins and not eat products that can stain the urine, you need to consult a doctor. After all, we can talk about toxicity. But this condition is very dangerous to the fetus.

Pregnant women need to be especially attentive to the color of the urine, as its changes can be a sign of toxicity

Reception of laxatives also causes changes in the color of urinary fluid, because they lead to a greater volume of fluid loss.

Even the phenomenon of color change indicates an imbalance of hormones. During lactation the change in color of urine may be due to high consumption of liquid milk products, on this background not exclude the development of dehydration, for this reason, you should strictly observe the drinking regime.

Bright yellow urine in men and in women is in some cases a sign that there is inflammation. It is important that while all other factors were excluded. The presence of intense yellow urine color, and urine with a greenish tinge suggesting inflammation of urinary system. In men, it can be prostatitis, urethritis, cystitis or kidney disease.

The ladies very often there is inflammation of the bladder due to the peculiarities of the structure of the urethra (it is shorter and wider than in men). The clinical picture of these diseases has a characteristic feature of the color change urine with normal straw to bright yellow, dark yellow and even brown. When seen in urine foamy bubbles, as a rule, this testifies in favor of the high content of protein compounds. The strong half of mankind, these signs can also talk about the penetration of the sperm into the urinary fluid.

These fruits and vegetables like carrots, sorrel, parsley, spinach, celery, pumpkin, citrus, black currant, raspberry is able to give bright yellow and orange color of urinary fluid

As for the factor of heredity here we are talking about the fact that some people have the tendency to rapid formation of salts, and they in turn give the urine a bright yellow color. If you do not take action, soon you may develop kidney stones. It is important to know that prolonged excretion of concentrated urine leads to the formation of stones.

Do not forget about medications, antibiotics, some groups (Furatsilin, Parasolid) can affect the change of color of urine. Furthermore, the drugs, the shell of which are dyes in the composition, give the same effect. Urine smells very strongly when an excess of vitamins, this usually happens in children who use a lot of Revit, Undevit.

Changing climatic conditions, namely weather conditions hot countries leads to loss of fluid through sweat, and as a result, changes in urine. Also involves heavy physical loads of character.

Consumption of excessive amounts of salt leads to fluid retention in the body and excretion of small quantities of concentrated urine.

What to do?

It is important not to leave this situation unattended. First and foremost, you need to analyze your lifestyle. To answer the questions: is there enough fluid is consumed, what foods, vitamins, medicines used lately? Further, if possible, exclude all medications.

Vitamins, food products, able for coloring. Also suspended physical work. Try to establish the water, do not drink carbonated drinks with dyes, give preference to clean water, herbal teas. But if the urine for seven days did not acquired a normal hue, with a visit to the doctor should not hesitate.

He will appoint an appropriate examination and give advice. You can apply as a physician and a urologist. It is important to know when you change the color of this biological fluid together with pain in the lumbar region, vomiting, diarrhea, tightening in consultation with a urologist is dangerous. Such symptoms speak about the defeat of the urinary tract.

To find out the cause of a pathology, appoint another urine test, be sure to use ultrasound examination of the kidneys. If necessary, using ultrasound to examine the abdominal cavity.

To prevent this condition should be consumed a sufficient amount of fluid for an adult is not less than one and a half liters a day. Also it will be a preventive measure for the formation of stones. Change the color of the urine should not be ignored. It could be a sign of serious pathology in the body, finding that in a timely manner, can be completely cured.

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