Weak urination in men

Slow flow of urine is one of the many signs that in the urogenital system began to develop dangerous processes. But, unfortunately, many men, especially young, are not inclined to attach significance to such minor, in their opinion, a fact, as a weak stream.

Meanwhile, remaining without treatment, some conditions of the urogenital system is able to transform into cancer.

A weak pressure and darkened urine usually indicate kidney disease. But there may be other reasons for these symptoms. To have an idea about the complexity of the body and its fragility, must be familiar with all the reasons of weak pressure of urine in men: inflammation of urethra.

In this disease the swelling of the inflamed urethra is so strong that urine cannot pass in its lumen or passes with great effort. In addition, inflammation of the urethra accompanied by severe pain during urination.

The causes of difficult urination in men

Urethritis male gets infected during unprotected sex with a carrier of the infection. Its pathogen can be of various microorganisms, trapped in the body. In some types of urethritis even possible discharge from the urethra of mucus with an unpleasant odor. While itching in the urethra does not stop throughout the day.

The inflammatory process in the bladder. This disease more often affects women, but men also suffer from them regularly. This disease causing bacteria that ascends into the bladder via the urethra. Which leads to the logical conclusion: inflammation of the bladder is the consequence of not cured urethritis. That is, it is caused by unprotected sex or chronic inflammatory process in the urethra.

In addition, inflammation of the bladder may develop due to severe hypothermia or stress, especially if during this period the body’s immune system is significantly weakened. For inflammation of the bladder pressure, weak urination in men is accompanied by a sharp cutting pain in the bladder. Such pain is present in the female body at the identical disease.

Chronic prostatitis. Inflammation of the prostate gland in the chronic form, – hardly probable not the main cause of a weak urine stream in men.

This is due to the anatomical structure of the genitourinary system men. The fact that the urinary duct passes through the prostate and when it is inflamed and swollen, its parenchyma perelavlivaet it and does not allow urine to pass freely.

Inflammation and swelling of the prostate caused by various infections. In addition, enlargement and swelling of the prostate lead to sexual weakness, poor erection and infertility. In this regard, in any case, you cannot delay the visit to the doctor at occurrence of at least one of these symptoms. In men over 40,often there is a swelling of the prostate that also constricts the urethra passing through its parenchyma, as a consequence, weak pressure while urinating.

If the body is a metabolic disorders in the kidneys or in another part of the urinary system can form stones. It is a pretty solid objects of irregular shape, sometimes with sharp edges. If the stone comes out, for example, from kidneys, and starts moving through the urethra, it easily can become stuck, clinging to the wall with sharp edges.

Urine in this situation is not just to flow with less force, but ceases to pass through the channel that leads to renal colic, that is, severe pain in the lower back. Sometimes stones damage the walls of the urinary channel, and then in the urine is possible to see threads of blood.

Various tumors may form in the urethra, ureter or the bladder, in this case, the pressure and the velocity of the jet decreases so slowly that the man immediately notices that the phenomenon of attention. In addition, the tumor is not accompanied by pain syndrome and complicate its diagnosis.

Innervation (or nervous tone) of the bladder may be damaged by reason of any physical or even psychological factors. For example, major surgery with General anesthesia or disorders of the nervous system in General. Various injuries can affect scarring and thickening in the urinary channels.

Weak urinary flow in men or women can be the effect of incorrect reception of a diuretic. This can happen from incorrect dosages or regimens of this drug. Difficulty in urination often occurs in people who actively abuse alcohol, chronic alcoholics.

How does difficulty urinating?

Sometimes the speed and pressure of the urine stream changes slowly, and the person is not able to tell the difference between normal and pathological. In addition, urination is so common and routine process that people often don’t pay attention to the stream and its power. Unless, of course, there is no prominent pain in the process.

In this regard, it makes sense to not see the obvious symptoms of a weakened urinary flow:

  • Urine is not a continuous jet but individual droplets.
  • The selection process of urine takes more time than usual. To pay attention to it can patient who walks into a public men’s room. There comes the understanding that it is already quite long, and the people around have already finished and gone.
  • During urination, the stream forks, and a drop of fly spray.
  • After the process of urination was completed, the man is still a feeling that the bladder is still full.
Diagnosis and treatment of difficult urination

In order to prescribe treatment, the doctor needs to find out what was the reason for the reduction in force of the urine stream.

This is done by performing a series of diagnostic activities:

  • General and biochemical blood analysis.
  • Urine are studying at the biochemical level.
  • Are taken and examined smears from the urethra.
  • We conducted a study of the internal organs of the pelvis using ultrasound.
  • The same organs are studied on x-ray equipment.

And only after getting a definite diagnosis is assigned adequate treatment. If the disease has an infectious origin, the patient is prescribed a course of antibiotics corresponding to the identified disease.

The drug, the dosage and the scheme of its application are appointed by the doctor individually in each case. Given the characteristics of the organism, the sex of the patient age and other data. Self-medication in this case is unacceptable and dangerous. In the same way appointed by antibacterial agents and painkillers. If in the urogenital system found tumors or large stones, shall be treated with surgery.

The main thing to remember is that the sooner the patient sought medical help, the faster and easier will pass treatment. Therefore, when the first suspicions of a weak urine stream should immediately consult a urologist or nephrologist.

Treatment weak urine stream folk remedies

Of course, the problem is a weak urine stream is not new. In this regard, in folk medicine, there are ways to treat this phenomenon. However, it will be effective only after consultation with a doctor and his approval, and if it is applied in combination with conservative treatment. Otherwise the idea to be treated only infusions and herbs can result in the development of complications leading to infertility, impotence and cancer.

Here are some of the most popular methods of treatment:

  • You can drink a decoction of medicinal plants such as rosehip, brew not only its berries, but chopped into small pieces root. Helps mountain tea, that is the same broth from the leaves and berries of mountain ash. It is also possible to brew chicory, Lily of the valley, and celery. The broth is made the same way as regular tea, that is 3 l of dry plants, pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and let infuse for at least 5 hours.
  • To the lower abdomen can be applied the half raw onion slice on the skin. Not to keep it tied with a bandage or sticking plaster. This is best done before bed to compress lasted until morning.
  • Kidney disease shows the use of the warm belt associated of dog hair.

Whatever treatment or used if it does not help for longer than 2 weeks, you should consult a doctor for re-examination

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