The median protrusion of the intervertebral disc

The median protrusion of the intervertebral disc is a change in the structure of the spine, where the intervertebral disc beyond its borders to the side of the spinal canal. But the integrity of the fibrous ring of the disc is not damaged. Protrusion is predgradie condition, but it arises from other diseases, since it never acts as an independent pathology.

Median protrusion is always dangerous to humans, as this is a lesion of the spinal cord and it can be fraught with dangerous consequences – paralysis, etc.


A healthy intervertebral disc is flexible and elastic fabric, which is why it can buffer and the spine can withstand large load. The median protrusion of the intervertebral disc begins to develop when the cartilage is dehydrated, becomes thinner, loses its elasticity. Due to the pressure on the spine, the disc pushes the nucleus into the annulus. Further there is a protrusion.

Protrusion quite common today. The causes of this disease can be an intense physical activity, which negatively affects the spine. Also injuries often lead to protrusion. This can occur when injury to the spine and nearby muscles and organs. Chronic trauma often occurs in athletes and people whose professional activity consists in the Commission of repetitive motions.

Also cause symptoms of protrusion of the median type is the weakening of bone and cartilaginous tissues of the spine and muscular system. This occurs due to various diseases.

The main reason for the occurrence of protrusion of the intervertebral disc osteochondrosis is protracted. Especially if it’s age-related changes, and bone and cartilage are already depleted.

Yet it should be noted these reasons:

  • spinal curvature of various degrees;
  • obesity;
  • genetic predisposition.

Note a few basic types of median protrusion:

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Median – the protrusion is directed to the center of the spinal cord or in a ponytail.

The rear-Central – it is called dorso-median. Such a protrusion characterized by a protrusion that is localized in the back of the spine.

The most frequent localization in the lumbar segments – median disc protrusion l5 s1 and l4 l5. If the affected cervical spine, most often protrusion occurs at the site of localization of the C2-C3, C5-C6 or C6-C7.

Dorsal medial protrusion is a serious condition, which even with a small protrusion leads to intense pain and occurs mostly in the lumbar region.

Parmigiana protrusion is a condition in which protrusion may occur at the center and sides. In the latter case happening right-hand and left pathology. Accordingly, in this case Parmigiana protrusion will be pain on the side where there was a protrusion.


In the early stages no specific symptoms are not manifested. If signs are, then they have no one pays attention, as it can be only frequent fatigue, especially when the person long time does not change the position of the body.

The main symptoms are manifested when there is already a displacement of the nucleus pulposus, thus infringed the nerve endings. And that this may manifest mild symptoms. This files most often diagnosed median protrusion of the intervertebral disc at the stage when the annulus is very stretched and the blade is too deformed.


  • If the affected thoracic spine, you may experience pain in the region of the heart on the breath and tachycardia.pain in different areas of the spine, can be even the so-called lumbago;
  • even pain can spread to organs and muscles, which are located next to it.
  • numbness of hands and feet, a feeling of tingling;
  • weakness of muscles or spasms, sometimes these States alternate;
  • dizziness.

Median disc protrusion l5, s1 in men can provoke even impotence.

The most pronounced medial protrusion symptoms are paralysis of certain parts of the body, or partial loss of sensation, weakness. A dorsal median protrusion can cause incontinence of urine and feces.


Today the most common and innovative method is MRI. That is, magnetic resonance imaging. Using this method, you can identify the exact changes in the intervertebral disc, its thickness, and which organic changes have taken place. And you can even diagnose the protrusion at the initial stage, namely the excessive depletion of cartilage.

Another protrusion diagnosis is physical examination. The doctor will examine the patient, conduct palpation and check of the patient on joint mobility. Can assign more x-rays.


Treatment of protrusion of intervertebral discs should be comprehensive.

Therapy should be aimed at:

  • the improvement of blood supply to the spine;
  • pain relief;
  • neutralization of the inflammatory process;
  • therapy, due to which the muscles are getting stronger.

Another important aspect is measures to prevent the development of pathology – rehabilitation.

Drug therapy

Medical therapy includes a combination of drugs. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs – a drug that relieves inflammation, relieves pain. These include Indomethacin, Ibuprofen, Diclofenac. Sometimes assigned even steroid drugs is Dexametason, Diprospan. They need the strong pain.

Another group of drugs that are necessarily needed when the protrusions are chondroprotectors. These drugs contribute to start stop the process of destruction and the weakening of cartilage and restore cartilage. This Hondrolon, Chondroitin.

Vitamin complexes restorative effect on metabolic processes in the body, regulate the nervous processes. For people with protrusion of the important b vitamins and C.

Can still appoint antispasmodics, muscle relaxants, analgesics, adjuvants.

The first few days the drug is administered by injection and then prescribe medicines in the form of tablets, ointments and gels.


People with the protrusion should also be carried out physiotherapy. If a person has constant intense pain, it would appoint electrophoresis or laser therapy, which is used together with medicinal application. These can be painkillers or chondroprotectors.

Reflexology is the procedure of acupuncture, with pressure on bioactive points. The result is improve metabolic processes and circulation. It also helps to strengthen the muscle corset.

Even physiotherapy is effective in protrusion are phonophoresis, magnetic therapy and electrical stimulation of muscles.

Physiotherapy is very important, as this strengthens the back muscles, relieves the load from the spine, also as a result of physical exercise improves blood circulation. All this allows the spine and cartilage to recover and better absorption of medicinal substances. Physical therapy is only applied after a conservative treatment, as you need to avoid inflammation of the tissues. Gymnastics is a method of rehabilitation.

Massage is also effective for protrusion. With it removed the pain and spasms.

Also need a chiropractic. The doctor restores the normal anatomical position of intervertebral discs. Only this method is used once the inflammation is cleared.

Surgical treatment

Surgery prescribed to patients only in those cases where the protrusion is progressing and conservative treatment has not produced any results. But quite often after surgery, relapse occurs.

Surgical treatment is indicated if the pressure on the nerve endings is very strong and as a result, significantly deteriorating quality of life.

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