Ripped back – what to do and how to treat at home

Many people in the modern world the damage of the lumbar muscles, doing some household works. This disease severely limits the functionality of the person and makes the experience of acute pain.

In most cases, this damage happens when lifting weights, if the muscles of the lower back weak and can’t handle the power load. What to do if you broke your back? Article will describe in detail the problem and treatment.

Painful sensations are the result of torn muscles or ligaments, which are located near the spine. The process looks as follows.

The human spine elastic by nature, and when lifting heavy items it bends along with the body. The vertebrae are stretched backward or forward, and after the cessation of efforts going back to standard place. If damaged, they can not return to the standard position, as damaged muscular system, which ensures a constant position.

Cause for pain

When an unusual strain on back muscles, excessive contraction or stretch of the fabric will increase the potential of the body. The training process involves the gaps for subsequent healing. The broken back is usually accompanied by lower back pain. This syndrome is called myalgia. This means that the vertebrae return to its place immediately.

The most disastrous consequence has a pinched nerve, which often happens in trauma victims. A disk of cartilage, which is under the vertebra, changes position and clamps the Central nerve, passing in the holes of the spine. So starts the inflammation, which can result in serious problems. Pathology is accompanied by sharp pain.

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To rip back, you need a number of conditions. Here are the most common problems that lead to this:

  • problems with the muscles. Irritation of the nerve tissue;
  • curvature of the spine. Inflammation of the spinal cord;
  • the protrusion or compression of the intervertebral discs;
  • neurogenic diseases, which disrupt the communication of nerves and muscles.

What symptoms appear when ripped back? Often, the presence of people do not take seriously and for a long time trying to endure the pain.

The patient, hitting the back needs to go to the doctor if the following symptoms:

  • Pain of a different nature, hinder its movement.
  • It is impossible to straighten your back completely.
  • Begin to hurt your feet, you feel the tingling.
  • Disorders of the genitourinary system, the occurrence of constipation.
  • The transmission of pain in the feet.

These were the main signs of a broken back. If there is no pronounced these symptoms, it is not a very serious injury.

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To facilitate the treating physician must provide a detailed description of the tested sensations. To ensure effective treatment of stripped back it is necessary to have a large amount of information about the symptoms of the patient. Usually, after ascertaining the circumstances in which he hurt his back and the accompanying sensations, are appointed by ultrasound and computed tomography, which will accurately show the damage.

Treatment medical ways

The clinic should provide information about what to treat and to what doctor to address to remedy the situation. Not every medical worker is able to put people on their feet. The situation requires the advice of a podiatrist, neurologist, and neurosurgeon.

All of these features combine spine. He will be able to answer the question of how to treat torn back. First we need to reduce the physical load and activity in General. Used after prescribed treatment. The pain stoped using analgesics. Inflammation prevents non-steroidal drugs.

To remedy this situation allowed to use the injections or ointments. The formulations are applied carefully, the main rule is not to cause suffering to the patient. To avoid the development of complications should not be warming up procedures and to apply warm compression bandage in the first two days after injury. Improvement in patient’s condition – is evidence of the action of drugs.

To completely cure a person, in the final stage of the massage. There could also be a weak complex exercise, but these should be used only after the retreat of pain.

Folk remedies

How to treat at home a broken back will tell the next section. Without recourse to a specialist can treat minor injuries. To get the maximum effect you must do the following. You should place the patient in a position that will provide proper back position. It is prohibited to warm up the back on the day of injury.

What to do if ripped back back and there is no possibility to visit a doctor. We add a cloth of wool, pre-soak it in brine for increased strength. After an hour of steeping to be dried in the dryer or the sun. Put on the part where it hurts, fixing the fabric in a fixed position.

Applicator Kuznetsova will help in the final stages of recovery. But it is also possible to make an analogue, securing iron cover sharp side up. This provides additional stimulation to the muscular system.

Additional recommendations

In order not to wonder, “What if you threw out your back?”, you should follow proper technique when lifting weights. As the angle of elevation plays a huge role. It is equally important to train muscles and increase the speed of. It is not recommended to tear off the goods, standing on even feet and rounding the back. Need a little bend to them that will reduce stress on the lower back. You should not move the load by turning only the trunk. Retain only those provisions which will ensure the natural functioning of muscles.

Before exercise should get your blood flowing. For this there is a warm-up. This will allow you to gain the necessary plasticity. It is unacceptable to ignore the warm-up in freezing temperatures.

Many women do not know what to do if ripped back. Follow the same procedure. And in order to avoid such injuries in the future should strengthen the muscles of the waist and sports.

At first glance, it seems that the back injury is not a significant problem and the pain you can tolerate. However, not all understand what can cause such injury. The spine is the backbone of the whole organism. Pinched nerves and vertebral disks affect the entire body.

There are many clinics that will provide excellent treatment. Also there are lots of sites for recovery. Here is one of them detensor.ru. But if it is not possible to use external sources, should immediately begin self-treatment.

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