Symptoms of herniation of the lumbar spine

Hernia of an intervertebral region of the lumbar is considered one of the most serious diseases, which is characterized by the violation of the integrity and structure of the intervertebral disc. The causes of this disease can be different factors. This and various injuries, injuries of the back received in a fall or strong shock, the sharp rise in the subjects with overweight or tilt the entire torso.

Often a herniated lumbar formed as a result of a sedentary and passive lifestyle, especially if the person has a large number of extra pounds. And when it starts a disease, it causes a lot of discomfort and has a negative impact on the usual way of all human life. It is necessary not only to put up with pain, but also to adapt to the features occurring with his body, when each movement is given with great difficulty.

And in order to develop proper and comprehensive treatment that guarantees a positive result, it is necessary in the early stages to recognize the moment when the disease manifests itself. And you need to know all manifested symptoms of herniated lumbar spine.

Common signs of the disease

A herniated lumbar with extensive symptoms may initially manifest itself by the following characteristics:

  • noticeable and unpleasant pain occurs in the sacrum;
  • in the extremities of the lower section gradually feel the weight and moments and weak that even to stand on feet for a long time becomes difficult, and sometimes impossible;
  • during the day may result in stiffness, especially in the lumbar;
  • during the long walk can be a pain, radiating to the thigh and pelvic area, each step causes significant discomfort;
  • is pinched nerve causing numbness in some parts of the legs and this is most evident in the evening and night hours;
  • may suffer and the pelvic organs that is felt during a visit to the toilet, when the person notices some changes of this biological process.

The emergence of such symptoms when it comes to the hernia in the lower back, will depend on the severity of the disease. If the disease becomes a running stage, all the symptoms becoming more pronounced. To endure the pain in this case is impossible. Each movement is a hellish effort, and man is saved only painkillers.

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The main symptoms of herniated lumbar intervertebral

Disc herniation of the lumbar spine is characterized by certain symptoms. The main and most noticeable of these is a pain. These unpleasant feelings slowly grow and disturb the person from time to time. But then the pain starts to progress and grow, that to suffer it is impossible.

At first the pain is dull and aching. It is localized in the affected area of the vertebra. Then, if a person is faced with physical loads and stresses, makes sharp movements or lifts too heavy objects, the pain intensifies. When a person is at rest, the discomfort disappears. But next time when particular factors, the pain extends to all the lumbar muscles and then lower extremity. But do pain is shooting and sharp. And already depending on which area is damaged, the discomfort can capture the tibia, the area of the buttocks, the feet and the heel, the pelvic area.

The whole process of the pain usually takes two stages. When it is small and localized in the lumbar spine, inside the body changes of degenerative character with intervertebral discs. In the end, there are formed small cracks, itself decreases the strength of joint tissue. But during the second phase there is a significant compression of the spine. And when caused the hernia directly in contact with him, it provokes a very strong pain that the person is ready to climb the wall because she’s unbearable.

In subsequent hernia of the spine constantly reminds himself of the growing pain in long standing, prolonged walking, at all tilts and the amplitude of the rotations of the body. And that’s not all. Discomfort may appear when you cough, when you exercise on the lower back, when lifting one of the lower limb up, with an uncomfortable seat and if you drive on the road with irregularities.

In the initial stages to reduce the pain resulting from a herniated disc, it is possible if to take a lying position. Sometimes it helps to preload itself under one foot.

Other symptoms

Symptoms of a herniated disc of the lumbar spine are manifested not only by pain. Due to the weakening of the muscles of one or both legs to reduce his mobility, than it was early. It becomes difficult to raise your lower limb and it is impossible to bend the leg at the knee joint. In the lumbar region also there is a clip. Any tilt with straight legs is given in the lumbar spine with pain and spasm, it is difficult to make the usual inclinations. Other symptoms of herniated lumbar damaged spine manifest the following physical disorders:

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Weakness in the legs. It becomes difficult to sit on the surface of a chair or sofa, it is impossible to make jumps and hard to climb up the stairs. And such violations are accompanied by additionally the legs get tired quicker, and just walking is so tiring man, that he after a while you need to sit down and rest, to regain strength in the lower extremities. If it is squeezing the spinal cord hernia in the lumbar absolutely not treated, the resulting weakness in both legs gradually transformed into a paralysis of the lower body.

A violation of the sensitivity. Manifested this symptom in adults in the form of numbness, burning sensation and tingling, and freezing certain areas of the body. This reduces the perception of pain, hot and cold temperatures. Usually violated the sensitivity is localized in the lumbar hernias with a smooth transition on the outer side of the thighs. But if such a phenomenon occurs at the site of the lumbosacral spine, the spasm passes to the perineum, then down to the Shin and to the outside of the thigh.

Changing the state of the skin of the lower extremities. If the hernia of the lumbar spine affects one leg, her skin pales, the muscles begin to atrophy, the hair ceases to grow, to touch the lower limb becomes cold. This may increase or decrease the perspiration, and the pulse begins to palpable and in the area of the thigh and below the knee, even between the toes.

Symptoms of internal character

Symptoms of a hernia of lumbar Department can identify itself, and such internal disorders as the violation of the normal functioning of the intestines manifested as diarrhea and constipation. This breakdown occurs irrespective of human food at this point accept. When it comes to constipation, the situation change can special diet, the bulk of which is a liquid food. Despite the fact that there are such disorders, abdomen hurts and gas does not occur.

In some cases, impaired function of the bladder. Observed urination, which are regular and very frequent. Urine in small amounts. In this case it is pure, without any impurities and blood. During this process, there is no discomfort or pain. The only thing that this violation may be accompanied by temporary incontinence.

Erectile dysfunction in men

Some genitals impair its functionality. And these symptoms in men manifest decreased sex drive. While men occurs erectile dysfunction, begins to develop chronic prostatitis. But in women such disorders are manifested in the form of gynecological diseases.
Signs that are visible to others

Often the symptoms that arise during intervertebral hernia can be visible for others.

To understand what a native or a loved one is suffering from a vertebral hernia Sacro-lumbar, according to the following criteria:

  • the patient begins to stoop and slouch;
  • one leg may seem shorter than the other;
  • changing the position of the posture, which affects the human gait;
  • movements become shaky and unstable.

If you look at the bare back of the patient in the lumbar region, it will be possible to the naked eye to notice the tense condition of the muscles on one side of the spine. Muscles can act, and to the touch they become dense and hard. Smooths the gluteal folds. And if you hold the palpation of parts of the back, where the bones of the spine, then the person may experience severe pain.

The first symptoms, which is recognized onset of the disease

To a hernia of the lumbar spine, manifested by symptoms of an unpleasant nature, was effective in the treatment, you must know what signs precede it, and how it all starts. First, there is the pain dull and aching. It is often these slight cramps are ignored by the person, even if they flow from day to day. Because of this symptomatology progresses.

In the end, to recognize a hernia by the following characteristics:

  • muscular atrophy occurs;
  • severe pain when raising leg;
  • the shot in the back, which gradually pass on lower limbs;
  • temporary numbness;
  • lumbar pain (more common in men, but the hernia of the spine in women, they appear much less frequently);
  • the decrease in the activity of a reflex nature;
  • gradually developing sciatica, with its attendant symptoms;
  • dryness of the skin.

And if at this time not to begin treatment, herniated disc of the lumbar negative impact on overall health and wellbeing. On the lumbar area there is a cross, when any movement is accompanied by an extremely sharp pain. Impossible to walk, sit and even more exercise. And this condition may continue for several weeks.

When the hernia of the lumbosacral is not treated on time, the symptoms are disorders in the area of the affected spine. There is reduced sensitivity, fettered movement and reduced tendon reflexes.

Vertebral signs

Hernia of the lumbar vertebral can manifest signs. They arise due to local changes in the spine or in the sacrum Department. In the place where there was a herniated disc, you may experience stretching of the ligamentous-muscular apparatus and the soft tissues are compressed fallen education.

To understand what we are talking about the presence of a vertebral basis, it is possible to carry out local feeling all areas of the back. And in those places where there is damage, to manifest tangible pain. It is caused by irritation of the main receptors in patients ligaments.

The course of the disease and especially its treatment

With regard to the disease of hernia in the lumbar spine, which leads to unpleasant symptoms, it takes place in several stages:

  1. Sharp. There are pain, produces significant stiffness, impaired sensitivity in the lower extremities.
  2. Subacute. Usually starts on the third or fifth day since the appearance of the hernia. Pain gradually decrease, and they do not have such a pronounced nature. Sensitivity is restored, but not completely.
  3. Recovery. Begins this stage in the treatment (fourth week). The pain passes, but the sensitivity is still a bit broken.

In the acute period recommended complete bed rest mode when physical activity is reduced to a minimum. At the back, where the sacrum, you can put a pillow. Under the back is also recommended to make a cushion that will lift this area. It is important to create the right situation that will depend on what part of the disk has a gap. If we are talking about the neurology of the sciatic nerve, the legs bend at the knees and in the region of the hip joints. During this period, are appointed of drugs, performed manual therapy, exercises are assigned to physical therapy.

When does the subacute period, the regime has already assigned polupostelny. There is need to closely monitor the overall health of the person. Most importantly, with spinal hernia to avoid the movements that trigger pain. And at this point you have connected the physical therapy. But it is held that if there is no high temperature.

During the recovery period, the specialists begin to reduce the medication. Painkillers are not used, but it is recommended to take a course of vitamin complexes. Due to this weakened joints get those minerals and trace elements, deficiency of which they have experienced. Then the instructor held special exercises aimed at strengthening and healing the damaged area. But exercise is not recommended.

And in conclusion

When a person is faced with such unpleasant and painful problem like disc herniation in the lumbar, it has all the unpleasant and uncomfortable symptoms of this disease. His whole life begins to change for the worse. It becomes difficult to perform normal movements, it is no longer able to play sports, and all activity gradually decreases. And if the hernia is ignored and the person starts to treat it, and continues to lead a normal lifestyle, then it is faced with serious complications and disorders of your bone and nervous system.

Each symptom manifesting at a certain stage of the disease, significantly impairs the health and General wellbeing. And in severe situations people can face a complete paralysis of the lower extremities. And this is a serious disorder that you should try to avoid. But for this you should know the symptoms that indicate herniation of the lumbar megazone in time to begin a comprehensive and correct treatment.

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