What are the possible complications of scoliosis?

Many people think that scoliosis is just a curvature of the spine, and do not consider this disease a serious pathology. Yes, indeed, if that first degree, then some special distinctive features people do not find.

But if the disease progresses very quickly and soon its last stage comes, then the complications of scoliosis can be the most serious, and many of them make a person disabled.

Because of the considerable deformation of the chest, the heart and lungs suffer greatly. This is due to the fact that the ribs due to a violation in the structure of the spine are displaced from their place and strongly squeeze the internal organs, which leads to numerous malfunctions in their work.

Thoracic department

These complications do not develop immediately, but gradually, over the years, especially if the correct treatment of scoliosis has not been carried out. The first signs are shortness of breath, which occurs when walking or other physical activity. The second important sign is high blood pressure, which is associated with the already developed pathology of the heart and blood vessels.

The heart rate also increases. But it is impossible to cope with all this with the help of medicines, since the main cause is scoliosis, and it can be cured only through surgical intervention.

Identify these pathologies can be quite simple. For this, an ECG or ultrasound of the heart should be performed, as well as a chest x-ray to see how much the lungs have been squeezed.

Another frequent complication is ischemia of the heart. There are also some neurological abnormalities, for example, a violation of skin sensitivity. In rare and most neglected cases, complete loss of vision may occur.


Scoliosis of the cervical spine is a rather rare phenomenon, but it is also found in the practice of doctors. In the lateral curvature of this department, the most serious complication is hemorrhage in the brain.

In addition, there is a strong compression of the vertebral artery. In this case, this phenomenon leads to the fact that a person literally ceases to think, his level of intellect decreases sharply. These symptoms will only increase, and lead to the fact that there will be a complete disintegration of the personality.

But the lethal outcome is still observed not for these reasons, but because of the development of a heart attack or stroke.

Lumbar section

Most often in this area of ​​the spine with scoliosis, the nerve roots are squeezed. These roots are responsible for the functioning of the bladder, genitals, stomach and intestines.

The main complaints in this case can be frequent urination, weakening of the abdominal muscles, there are constant constipation and flatulence, there is edema of the legs. There are also stagnant phenomena in the pelvic area, which can become one of the causes of infertility in both women and men.

But the most dangerous complication of scoliosis in this area is compression of the spinal cord, that is, squeezing. This leads to complete paralysis of the legs, which in the future, among other things, negatively affects the psychological state of a person.


Disability is given to a person when he has a fourth degree of scoliosis, while the angle of curvature of the spine will be more than 50 degrees. And the fourth degree develops more than half of all people who were diagnosed with this disease even at its first stage of development. In some cases, the patient needs constant care from an outsider, because they can not move independently and perform even a minimum of actions.

Another important complication is due to the fact that with the change of the spine there are various pathologies in the region of the left hemisphere, which arise due to the infringement of several nerve roots. Most often against this background, increased intracranial pressure, and this can already cause death from a stroke.

Especially dangerous is scoliosis in childhood. The child because of this disease will not be good at learning the school program, can not read and write well, such a child has a bad memory and it is difficult for him to learn something new.

Therefore, it is very important to identify the disease at an early stage of its development and try to do everything in order to get rid of this serious pathology, the consequences of which can be the most sad.

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