How can a schoolboy maintain a correct posture?

Correct posture is a pledge not only of a healthy spine. This is one of the most important factors affecting the entire body, preventing the emergence of all kinds of diseases and pathologies.

And care about the health of the spine follows from an early age. However, special attention to the back should be given in the period when the child only goes to school and begins to spend a lot of time sitting at the desk.

If parents and teachers do not keep track of whether the children are sitting properly at the desk during the lessons and how they sit at home while working with their homework, it is usually fraught with all sorts of diseases.

So, for example, the most frequent problems of school age can be considered:

  • Pain in the lower back area.
  • Osteochondrosis.
  • Scoliosis.
  • Impaired breathing.
  • Disturbance of blood circulation.
  • Gibbosity.
  • Back pain, especially in the neck.
  • Headache.
  • Slouch.
  • Chronic fatigue.
  • Bad self-esteem due to appearance.

To avoid all these problems, all parents and teachers need to know exactly how to maintain proper posture in children, especially since there will not be any special actions to be taken.


The first thing you need to pay attention to is a knapsack with which the student goes to school. Ideal is the option in which the portfolio is worn on the back. In this case, the load on the back will be distributed more evenly. But this can not be said about a package or bag, which must be constantly worn only in one hand.

It is important that the backpack has several departments and pockets, so that the accessories can be placed in it evenly. In addition, this design will not allow objects to move from side to side or roll over.

Well, when the backpack has a hard back, which will not allow the student to stoop.


How to maintain the correct posture of the schoolchild at the desk? It is important that both his feet are on the floor on the entire foot, and the angle formed by the shin and thigh must necessarily be straight. Back during sitting at the desk should be kept exactly, hands only on the desk. It is important to ensure that the child does not rely on the breastplate – between the edge of the desk and the sternum should be observed distance in one palm.

It is important that teachers from time to time do not forget to change their students. This allows each time to see the board at different angles. The teacher must transplant the child every 2 to 3 months.

A computer

Modern children spend most of their free time at the computer. Therefore, here you should also observe some rules that will keep your back healthy. It is important that the monitor is located exactly in the center and before your eyes. The chair is best to choose the most common, with a straight back. But from the office chair it is better to refuse – for a baby’s backbone the child is not intended, as the child will spin on it and lean against the armrests, which will adversely affect the health of the spine.


Gymnastic exercises, and physical activity in general – this is the best prevention of incorrect posture in school-age children. For example, a child can be offered a few minutes a day to walk around the house with a book on his head. Well, when this exercise will be performed by the whole family. Gradually, this exercise can also be complicated – walking with a book on your head while keeping your arms outstretched in front of you, crouching with a book on your head or even standing on one leg in turn. Such a simple exercise is considered one of the best for strengthening the dorsal muscles.

As a preventive tool you can use swimming, with a visit to the pool at least 2 to 3 times a week, daily walking, cycling, rollerblading or skating. And, of course, we must not forget about yoga. Today almost every city has special children’s groups, which can be visited from 6 to 7 years old.

During the day, parents must necessarily observe the schoolboy, especially the first-grader. Mom and Dad should know exactly how the child should sit, stand or walk, and, if necessary, correct it. Watch closely how the child watches TV. You can do this not only sitting, but also lying, but you can not lie down reading in any case.

Particular attention should be paid to the child’s bed. It must necessarily be moderately stiff, with an orthopedic mattress and pillow. And the best position for sleeping a child is lying on his side, and not on his back or stomach.

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