Osteochondrosis of 2 degrees

Osteochondrosis of 2 degrees is a progressive disease, which at this stage makes itself felt more symptoms than at the initial stage of its development. In this period there are already long-lasting pain to be felt much sharper. Osteochondrosis of 2 degrees to cure harder. Sometimes at this stage can not do without surgery.

For pain in the back and waist, restricting movement, doctors often determine the diagnosis of low back pain. Depending on the localization of pain is divided osteochondrosis of the various divisions of the vertebral column: cervical, thoracic and lumbar.

And the severity of symptoms indicates the degree of neglect of the disease. And since people sometimes go to the doctor at the last moment, when you must bear the pain no longer possible, in this case, the diagnosis osteochondrosis of 2 degrees, mostly lumbar. Not so often, but widespread low back pain and cervical. Even to a lesser extent, chest.

Osteochondrosis of 2 degrees any vertebrate Department characterized by pain and stiffness. Along with lower back pain for degenerative disc disease of the lumbar characterized by the following symptoms:

In cervical disease has the following characteristics:

  • headaches;
  • pain in the shoulders;
  • reduced sensitivity of the upper extremities;
  • disturbed sleep;
  • increased fatigue;

If low back pain develops in the thoracic spine:

  • crosses in various organs (often in the region of the heart);
  • sharp stabbing pain in the back.

And for the lumbar characterized by:

  • crosses into the groin area;
  • numbness of the feet;
  • severe pain in lower back when bending.

Osteochondrosis of the second degree is formed for a number of reasons. Damage to the intervertebral joints cause such factors as:

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  • sedentary work and sedentary life;
  • bad posture (often it concerns office workers who spend all time at the computer);
  • the pathogenesis of the spine in adult humans;
  • injuries of the spine;
  • factor heritage;
  • poor nutrition in terms of vitamins, therefore, lacks the necessary elements for the proper functioning of the organs and their blood supply;
  • excess weight pushes on the spine.

Osteochondrosis occurs pathology of the intervertebral discs, when decreases their elasticity and mobility. The intervertebral segment of the spine varies greatly decreases its thickness and increases the size. There is a degradation of synapses and blood vessels. The person feels a very frequent long-lasting pain and sudden strong pain backache.

This means that it has begun the process of developing osteoarthritis. Yet extensive abnormalities in the spine does not occur, but there is a small offset, resulting in deformation of the spine. In place of the damaged disc, the body tries to stop further violations by muscle spasm. As a result, the pain only intensifies as the pressure increases at synapses.

The diagnosis of osteochondrosis of 2 degrees

When symptoms appear, indicating signs of osteochondrosis of 2 degrees, should be examined by a neurologist. When you visit to be advised of the patient’s complaints, examines the course of the disease, the patient undergoes a neurological examination. Definition of herniated discs is very difficult, because in this disease the pain spreads throughout the body, creating false symptoms of disease of the heart, kidneys and other internal organs.

Forecast possible methods of treatment of disease is carried out at repeated examination. As an additional technique used in computed tomography or x-ray with the introduction into the spinal column of contrast. More objective data allows to obtain magnetic resonance imaging. It can help to determine the size of the hernia, the presence of inflammation and related disorders. To establish a disease of innervation of the muscles used neurophysiological studies.

Treatment of degenerative disc disease

Normally set medicines osteochondrosis of 2 degrees depends on the shape of the passage pathology. To reduce pain and remove the inflammation and prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs – analgesics that do not have a narcotic components. The purpose of a specific medication depends on the severity of pain and individual intolerance of the drug.

For the intervertebral joints are used chondroprotectors. Muscle relaxants restore blood flow, leading to mobility decline in muscle and reduce inter disc pressure.

When pronounced pain syndrome prescribe potent analgesics containing narcotic substances. Used medical and pharmacological blockade, which is an injection of local anesthetic.

Also used mineral and vitamin therapy, which allows to efficiently fight the disease, and exercising a tonic effect on the entire body.


Is carried out at the direction of a physician who determines that a specific dosage and treatment duration:

  • anabolic drugs are used for 25-40 days;
  • biogenic stimulants are used daily from one to six weeks;
  • electrophoresis drugs administered in an amount of 10-20 procedures;
  • from folk remedies – used capsicum plasters.

Better treated in inpatient units, where all the conditions for a proper and comprehensive treatment.

With 2 stages of osteoarthritis, one therapy is not enough. Treatment should be present, and methods such as manual therapy and therapeutic exercise.

Therapeutic massage in osteochondrosis of 2 degrees

One of the components of manual therapy, is often used to reduce pain and improve the General condition in diseases osteochondrosis. In this disease we need a cautious approach to the manipulation of the vertebrae, especially the cervical spine. There is a danger of harm to the nerve endings, entangling the spine.

Therapeutic massage in osteochondrosis

All procedures are performed in a horizontal position on a wide elastic surface that allows the patient to take a comfortable position. Only used a warming and relaxing massages, which always begins with lower body, never with damaged areas of the spine.

It is impossible to produce hits on the back, and especially the sharp forced turns heads as it is dangerous, from the anatomical point of view. As a result of these actions can be shifted and even the exit of the intervertebral disc and clamp of the spinal cord. Massage should be performed by competent and qualified specialist.

Physical exercise in the development of osteochondrosis of 2 degrees

In complex therapy of massage applied therapeutic exercise. It is widely used to restore the health of the patient, but also for the prevention of disease. Physical activity during treatment and exercises must meet the functional abilities of the patient.

The elderly being the main group when the disease osteoarthritis, the recovery processes are slowed down. For recovery requires a long period. Active movement effective with proper selection of the load types and sequence of assignments.

Therapeutic gymnastics is divided into 3 groups:

  • therapeutic exercises;
  • sports;
  • all sorts of outdoor games.

Duration of exercise is approximately 45 minutes.

The process of training is divided into 3 stages:

  1. Pre – involves easy preparatory exercises for 8-10 minutes.
  2. Core is exercises aimed at training and therapeutic actions. They should be appropriate to the age and condition of the patient. Duration – half an hour.
  3. The final – lasts 5-7 minutes, at which the load gradually decreases.

Sports jobs and outdoor games are performed on the Wellness stage, in the most part people young and middle age. Important is that the intensity and complexity should be commensurate with the extent of the disease. Very useful swimming and gymnastics are often organised in pools. Exercise in water promotes mobility of the spine and fading of the disease.

Gymnastics in osteochondrosis of 2 degrees should be aimed at development of flexibility and mobility of the spine. Performed exercises using the gymnastic wall. Performed procedures such as vis, pikes, torso twists with vis hands. Squats are performed holding onto the wall.

Without leaving your home, you can do exercises to increase the mobility of the vertebrae. Lying on the floor, on the elastic Mat in the provisions on the side and back, produced the rise and fall of legs at a slow pace, the twists and turns of the pelvis to the side. At home there are many ways of training, as long as they do not cause pain and discomfort.

Operative treatment of osteochondrosis

No matter how well conducted medical therapy, it is sometimes necessary surgery. If during a week-long drug course no positive effect, applied surgical treatment. The operation is performed under intratracheal anesthesia, it should be less traumatic for the patient, and must resolve the critical situation, causing the disease.

The meaning of surgical intervention is to remove the herniated intervertebral disc of the patient and to eliminate its pressure on the spinal cord and blood vessels, the causes of brain compression post.

Operative intervention is possible by several methods:

  1. Classical (open) surgery to remove the intervertebral disc. Incision of the skin, and removes the herniated part of the disk. Allows you to remove a hernia of any size and degree of development. Possible postoperative complications and a long healing process, which lasts up to six months.
  2. Microsurgery has a small incision, less trauma and a period of rehabilitation to 3 months. Endoscopic discectomy is reduced to the use of an endoscope and miniature surgical instruments through a skin incision of only 1 cm. the Risk of complications is virtually none and the period of hospitalization is 2-3 days.
  3. When conducting laser nucleoplasty for the damaged disk is applied a thin laser light beam and is made by thermal evaporation of a hernia. Has no complications, very little tissue damage and little recovery time. The consequences of this intervention completely invisible.
Prevention of osteoarthritis

Not much different from the recommendations of experts regarding the prevention of many other diseases. First of all, we need to abandon destructive to the body of Smoking, alcohol abuse.

From childhood to develop the right posture and to observe the rule: keep the spine always straight, do not slouch. Not loading the spine with weight lifting to take the correct position of the load to be had along the spine, not bending, to do gymnastics.

In the diet also need to know the measure. Don’t overeat if you are overweight, you need to try to get rid of it. To use natural products, vegetables and fruit. Spend more time in motion.

Any competent doctor will tell the reception that it is easier to prevent disease than to treat it for a long time, spending various medications and treatments a lot of money. And therefore when the first symptoms of degenerative disc disease you need to consult a doctor who will prescribe proper therapy, if necessary refer to physical therapy.

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