The degree of development and treatment of spondylosis deformans static

The symptoms will depend on which back was affected. For example, if it is the neck, the main symptoms can be considered a pain in the neck, tinnitus, dizziness, pressure drops. In some cases there is blurred vision. Often the patient complains that the pain appears in his hands.

Static spondylosis deformans is a chronic disease, which is the last stage of osteoarthritis. It is noted not only deformation of the vertebrae, but also the deposition of salts in the region of the vertebral ligaments. A feature of the disease is that it can develop in any region of the spine.

If it is lower back, pain when lifting weights, they can radiate into the legs. Also pain can appear when walking, which often leads to lameness. Among other symptoms, stiffness in the lumbar region, pain in the lower half of the back, especially after sleep. Also pain can affect the pelvis.

Static spondylosis deformans of the thoracic less pronounced. The absence of symptoms is due to the fact that the spine is practically immovable.

The extent of the disease

At the first stage of any obvious signs of illness can be found. On the radiograph you can see the bone growth is small, which, however, does not extend beyond the vertebrae. As for the symptoms, they may either not show or be minimal. When a doctor treats the patient in the most rare cases.

Over time, the first stage goes to the second. Thus continues the growth of osteophytes which begin to communicate with each other. This causes a restriction in the mobility of the spine. The patient may complain of periodic pain, which can significantly increase during exercise or overcooling of the body.

The third stage is a complete fusion of osteophytes between them. Outwardly, this formation resembles a staple. Very often the mobility of the spine becomes severely limited, and in some cases the back is completely still. This is accompanied by a strong muscle tension and further increases of pain are the main symptoms and reason for the visit to the doctor.

At the beginning of the disease seems quite harmless, but over time it can cause disability. This files most often diagnosed pathology of the second stage.


Static spondylosis deformans slow current disease that usually requires no special treatment. But if the second or third stage proceed especially actively, then it can help as conservative therapy and surgery.

Medications – the most popular way to get rid of pain, but the spondylosis at the same cure does not work. Most often it is used in the second stage, the major drugs can be considered as painkillers and anti-inflammatories. It is important that the treatment was administered only after a physician survey, since self-medication can bring a lot of serious complications. If the pain is very strong, then the period of inpatient treatment can be applied drugs.

The medications may be combined with such a popular and effective method as spinal traction, but to spend it in the hospital. This technique also allows you to get rid of pain.

Acupuncture is a very popular method for getting rid of symptoms in the neck and lower back. Acupuncture allows the body to deal with their own pain establishment of a special hormone – endorphin.

In the most severe cases at the site of inflammation the injection is administered pain medication along with a glucocorticosteroid. The effect lasts for up to 3 days, after which the injection should be repeated. Doing this also can only be a specialist in the neurological or neurosurgical Department.

But the most effective method is to consider the use of physiotherapy that can be used in any stage of the disease. At the same time, in the most severe cases, you should stay in bed, but it can cause wasting of the muscles – one of the most frequent complications of static deforming spondylosis.

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