Ointment in the treatment of sciatica

Sciatica is a common disease that affects the nerve roots of the spinal cord. The disease is usually the result of osteochondrosis of the spine.

During the development of sciatica are observed degenerative changes in the elastic tissue of the disc, the vertebral body grows at the edges, there is inflammation of the ligaments and joints between the vertebrae.

As a result of these pathological processes is lost, the shock-absorbing function of the cartilage disks.

Types and symptoms

For sciatica is characterized by severe pain when lifting weights, the sudden movements, stress, colds, and also in infectious lesions as the result of injury in the spine.

There are several forms of sciatica:

  1. Neck. For this form characterized by pain in the upper spine – neck, nape, shoulders. Neck muscles tense, head turns are performed with difficulty and painfully, forced position of the head. Irradiiruet pain in the arm, chest, shoulder blade. Chest pain it is important to differentiate from myocardial infarction. For cervical radiculitis is characterized worsening night pain with violation of sensitivity of skin.
  2. Breast. Characterized encircling pain in the chest, which are aggravated by motion.
  3. Lumbar. This is the most common form of sciatica, in which localized pain in the lumbosacral spine, irradiiruet in the lower limbs. They are accompanied by weakness of the flexor-extensor function of the big toe and the whole foot. Localization of the painful symptoms can be at the front of the thighs or in the knee joint. For severe stages of diseases characterized by the occurrence of paralysis of the legs and feet, dysfunction of the pelvic organs.


Very often people do not pay attention to manifestations of sciatica and prefer to treat it yourself “grandma” recipes. Perhaps, in some mild cases they can help, but it is important not to allow the disease to be serious and time to see a doctor. Adequate and effective treatment is performed solely specialist. To provide first aid to the patient, it is necessary to put it on a hard surface, to insulate the site of inflammation woolen scarf. You can not rush to use heating pads and warming up before the diagnosis, or when some internal organ diseases can cause the body irreparable harm.

After examination, the doctor will prescribe analgesics, relieving pain, capsicum plaster and rubbing. In addition, the recommended embargo, massages, physiotherapy, physiotherapy. As adjuvant treatment, you can use folk remedies, but after the approval of the doctor.

Modern pharmacology there are many means external use for the treatment of sciatica severe pain. It is ointments, gels, creams, liniments from sciatica that prevent the development of inflammation.

Treatment ointments

The ointment rubbed into the skin at the site of lesion of musculoskeletal system. As a result, muscles relax, increasing their elasticity. The metabolism and blood circulation flow more actively. This can be seen as reddened skin in place of rubbing and feel the flowing warmth.

Some medications of sciatica contain bee venom, which greatly reduces the pain and inflammation. Its effectiveness is known for a long time, and the products of bees have always been used by healers in the treatment of many diseases. Another well-known and effective component of many ointments – snake venom. For example, Viper’s poison in combination with fir and camphor oils contain “has experienced an unexpected side effect”.

Another tool that deserves attention – ointment Finalgon. Very effective, but when using it be very careful to apply with a special applicator, avoiding touching the fingers, as the ointment is very hot and washed out for a long time, and accidentally touching the mucosa of the fingers, you can get an unforgettable experience.

Experts advise before applying the ointment, wash the affected area of the body with soap and water, that enhance the operation of external funds. After rubbing it is necessary to insulate the place by wrapping a warm scarf. Start treatment with minimal doses, controlling allergic reactions.

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