Teraflex or Teraflex Advance, which is more effective

With severe pain symptoms in the joints and spine it is preferable to take “Teraflex Advance”, especially if the damage is associated with injuries. For fractures at a young age, the natural regeneration of cartilage and articular tissue does not require high doses of chondroitin and glucosamine, but it is important to relieve inflammation and pain. Therefore, the use of Teraflex Advance is sufficient.

With age-related changes, it is important to connect higher dosages of substances that the body no longer produces in the right amount. This is especially true of changes in the body of women during menopause. In this period, bone tissue is especially vulnerable and fractures are dangerous for a long recovery. Because “Teraflex” is ideal in the treatment of osteoarthrosis and osteochondrosis. For these diseases, in combination, anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs are always prescribed, therefore, to prevent an overdose of them, it is enough to take the usual “Teraflex”. Both drugs are sold over the counter in a pharmacy .. After lengthy clinical studies, we can confidently say that these are the drugs of choice. In consultation with a doctor or pharmacist in a pharmacy, having provided a diagnosis, it is possible to optimally choose which of the two drugs is more preferable.

Diseases of the joints and spine, one of the most common diseases in people over 40 years old. The most common diseases include osteoarthrosis and osteochondrosis. Osteoarthrosis is a degenerative joint disease in which cartilage tissue is affected. Osteochondrosis is the accelerated wear of the osteoarticular apparatus and the destruction of the intervertebral disc, accompanied by a neurological syndrome. Bayer JSC has developed the combined preparations Teraflex and Teraflex Advance. These drugs are produced in the United States. Let us consider in detail the compositions of these drugs, their effect and for which diseases of the bone tissue it is better to take this or that drug.


Teraflex contains a substance produced by bone tissue of joints, glucosamine hydrochloride in a dosage of 500 mg and chondroitin sodium sulfate in a dosage of 400 mg. This drug helps to restore cartilage. The active chemical constituents included in its composition take part in the formation of connective tissue and prevent the breakdown of cartilage tissue. Glucosamine enhances the production of intercellular cartilage matrix.


Chondroitin is the common material basis for the formation of healthy cartilage. It also contributes to the production of hyaluronate and collagen, supports the normal physiological state of the synovial fluid. It inhibits the activity of substances that destroy cartilage tissue. With the combined treatment of osteoarthritis, it significantly reduces the consumption of non-steroidal drugs that interfere with the inflammation, prescribed in combination for the treatment of this disease.

Prescribe the drug with:

  • Physiological and degenerative changes in the tissues of the joints.
  • Osteoarthrosis 1-3 stages.
  • Osteochondrosis.
Teraflex Advance

This drug in its constituent components is enhanced by ibuprofen. This is a common NSAID drug that effectively relieves inflammation and pain. It is a secondary derivative of propionic acid and, due to the indiscriminate blockade of cyclooxygenase 1 and 2, has all the effects of NSAIDs. 100 mg of ibuprofen is contained in one tablet. When taking “Teraflex Advance” two tablets 3 times a day, an ibuprofen concentration of 600 mg is achieved . This concentration is able to remove the symptom of moderate pain for a day. The chondroitin and glucosamine contained in the preparation potentiate the analgesic effect of ibuprofen. Significantly less active substances. Glucose contains 250 mg, chondroitin 200 mg.

Teraflex Advance

In old age, caution is required on the use of the drug. It is necessary to undergo examination when taking the drug for the presence of cirrhosis of the liver, arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus, cerebrovascular diseases, the presence of infections, tuberculosis, and intolerance to seafood.

General characteristics of Teraflex and Teraflex Advance

Common are the indications for the use of drugs. They are described above. There are also general contraindications:

  1. Hypersensitivity to drugs.
  2. Chronic renal failure.
  3. Pregnancy.

The bioavailability of drugs is the same. That is, both drugs achieve maximum activity at the same time. The use of these drugs can many times ease any disease associated with a violation of bone and cartilage. They work effectively with fractures over the age of 15 years, and with age-related changes in bone tissue.

The accompanying substances used in the formation of tablets are permitted in the industrial production of medicines and do not contain sugar, which, when consulting with a doctor, is quite safe when using patients with diabetes mellitus.

Are there any differences between these drugs?

There are quite large differences in contraindications, since ibuprofen is present in Teraflex Advance. To the general contraindications to the use of “Teraflex Advance”, you can add:

  • It can not be used for histamine (allergic) reactions to acetylsalicylic acid and other NSAIDs.
  • For diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the drug should not be used, or with caution, after consulting a doctor.
  • There are contraindications for bronchial asthma.
  • Polyposis of the nose.
  • Hemophilia.
  • Hyperkalemia
  • The period after coronary artery bypass grafting.
  • Age to 18 years.

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