Ointment in the treatment of arthritis and osteoarthritis

Inflammation of the joint and osteoarthritis are diseases that today are most often. Not to pay attention to these diseases, people simply can not – because in these diseases there is a strong pain syndrome. But most importantly, these diseases progress and the human condition is getting worse every month.

However, in the beginning, when arthrosis or inflammatory processes only make themselves know to handle them with the help of ointments. But before you use this or other means, should consult with your doctor.


This medicine is a wonderful ointment from arthritis any joint. Apply the medication should be a thin layer on the skin at the site of inflammation. When this sore spot can be smeared 2 or 3 times a day. It is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agent can be used for no more than 2 weeks. If there are no visible improvements, the use of diclofenac will have to stop.

This tool, which is most often used for osteoarthritis of the knee joint, has its contraindications. However, not so much. An allergic reaction to the components of diclofenac, pregnancy, acute ulcers of the stomach and intestines, asthma, breastfeeding.

When using this tool, you need to ensure that he does not get in the wounds and on mucous membranes. After the sore spot will be treated, wash your hands with soap and water.


When inflammation of the knee joint you can try to use ortofen. Ortofen in the form of a cream or gel perfectly cope with any pain syndromes that occur in diseases such. After applying medication on the affected area its a bit of a grind. This should be done a few times throughout the day. After the application necessary to wash your hands thoroughly.

As part of ortophen includes the active ingredient diclofenac to treat osteoarthritis of the knee this tool is necessary for the same way as when using diclofenac. If within 2 weeks from the start of the application the patient will not feel the relief medication must be changed. But to do it on their own not only after consulting a doctor.

Ortofen works best when the initial stage of the disease when the inflammation is not passed into the chronic form. Besides, in any case can not be treated by this drug of compresses, as some do. That is lubricated, for example, the knee, in no event it is impossible to wrap a shawl or a warm blanket.


Another good tool in the treatment of arthritis is ketorol. This preparation perfectly removes the symptom of pain, but to cure the disease itself, it can not. That is an inflammation in this case is not going anywhere. And this must be remembered.

To accurately determine the dosage of ointment for the treatment is very difficult. To answer this question can only be experienced specialist who will precisely tell, how much and how often to use it.

Ketorol any kind cannot be used during pregnancy or breast-feeding. If a person has an ulcer of the stomach or intestines, it’s best to stop taking this medicine. Contraindications are bronchial asthma and kidney disease.

Nimesulide (Nise)

Another well proved remedy in the treatment of artoroz is the best medicine. It can be used in cases of arthritis and arthrosis of different origin, even if the inflammation of the joints during gout. The main difference Naiza that it does not contain steroids and has a good anti-inflammatory action. But has a big disadvantage in the application of the ointment the effect will be noticeable only after a month of daily use.

The total duration of treatment can be determined only by a physician. It depends on many factors, for example, depending on how the patient responds to the medication, or at what stage is the inflammatory process.

When using Naiza from arthritis of the fingers can occur different side effects. Among them, the most frequent skin peeling, hives, itching, change in color of the skin. But to decide whether to continue treatment or not, can only be experienced specialist.

The same local reactions, i.e. reactions on the skin at the site of application, arise when using the ointment for arthritis or osteoarthritis at other sites. In some cases, during the treatment course, there is a change in blood counts. If this happens, the best medicine to apply any longer. In this case, you will have to use a different drug.

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