Effects of prostatitis in men

Inflammation of the prostate gland, occurring in a chronic form is characterized by a fairly long (more than 3 consecutive months) for successive periods of relapse and remission.

Eventually, in the absence of adequate treatment, begin to manifest the consequences of chronic prostatitis in men, many of which are quite serious and dangerous.

Because prostatitis rarely occurs in isolation, without damaging the surrounding tissue, complications can spread to the the seed tubercle, urethra, bladder and bulbourethral glands – that is, all the organs located in the pelvic area. Many patients ask doctors if prostatitis if it is not time to treat and what are the consequences of the disease in acute and chronic form.

Today we will talk about how dangerous it is to run the pathology, and what can threaten a careless attitude of men towards their health.

Symptoms that cannot be ignored

In order to spot and recognize clinical manifestations of the disease, you need to know about the causes of prostatitis is because of how attentive a man is to your health depends on its continued full sexual life. Affect pathology may not only intimate sphere, but also on the functions of all the pelvic organs located near the prostate gland.

The main factors leading to the development of inflammation of the prostate, I think:

  • a sedentary lifestyle causing congestion in the pelvis with violation of the outflow of blood, lymph and prostate secretion;
  • lowered immunity resulting in frequent colds, hypothermia, concomitant pathologies of various organs and systems, especially of bacterial nature;
  • infection with sexually transmitted infections;
  • intoxication of different Genesis – alcohol, nicotine, drug;
  • cluster of calcification (mineral deposits) in the tissues of the prostate;
  • the formation of stones and sand in the kidneys;
  • anatomically abnormal anatomy of the urinary system, especially the urethral channel (phimosis, stricture).

It used to be that getting prostatitis can only be a man who turned 50 years old, but in recent years, cases of placing this diagnosis even young guys at the age of 30-35 years. The reason is unhealthy lifestyle, bad ecology, promiscuity without the use of barrier contraception and long hours held in front of the computer or TV.

To initiation of treatment was timely, and the consequences are not threatened by danger, you need to know about what are the symptoms of prostatitis

The main intrigue of pathology is that it is often asymptomatic, i.e. does not makes itself felt for a long time. And then the man becomes late patient urologist already developed consequences.

Signs of acute stage of the disease:

  • pain in the groin, perineum, radiating to the scrotum, penis, and lower back;
  • problematic urination when a man is unable to fully empty your bladder and visit the toilet many times during the night;
  • decrease in sexual activity due to the lack of previous attraction to the partner;
  • erection problems – wasted in the morning, and the process of sexual intercourse becomes painful.

The beginning acute stage of the disease, especially at a young age, not always celebrated by men or they write off the symptoms of prostatitis the common cold, stress and other problems. Thus the patient may be periodically jump in temperature, especially when the bacterial form of inflammation, he complains of weakness, irritability and decreased performance.

In the absence of timely diagnosis and proper treatment, there are signs of chronic prostatitis.

Such signs include pain during urination, especially at the beginning and end of the act, a weak urine stream, feeling of a foreign object stuck in the rectum, problems with defecation. Due to chronic inflammation in the pelvis, the patient suffers from regular constipation, decreased libido, there is premature ejaculation, and the feet and the skin of the scrotum appear expressed venous grid.

Why there are complications

Effects of prostatitis in men can be different, including even the most dangerous, such as infertility, impotence, and the formation of BPH (benign tumors). Changes are various pelvic organs, depending on, did the disease go in the final, chronic stage.

Often the inflammatory process is dangerous for the urinary system – it leaves the prostate and spreads to the bladder, ureters and urethra channel. Infection microbial flora contributes to the rapid penetration of pathogenic bacteria in the tissues and organs located near the prostate.

Diseases of the genitourinary system is the most common consequence of prostatitis

The urinary system does not have sufficient barrier that protects it from penetration of infectious flora, so the involvement of other pelvic organs leads to the development of cystitis, urethritis and other complications up to the kidney failure.

In this stage, the patient may note the following clinical manifestations:

  • pathological narrowing of the urinary tract, which occurs due to swelling and increase in size of the prostate;
  • the difficulty withdrawal of urine and the feeling of a constantly full bladder;
  • pain in the lower abdomen in the form of sharp attacks, which intensified in the evening and at night.

These symptoms require immediate treatment to a qualified specialist, since signal an infection not only of the prostate tissue and the neighboring organs of the urinary system.

From the prostate overall effects of the disease can manifest by disturbances of its functions, a deficiency in production of secretory fluid, severe swelling of the tissues and atrophic changes. If a man go to the doctor in a timely manner, noting problems with urination, pain in the pelvic area and reduce erectile function, then it will have a much better chance at getting the consequences of the pathology to a minimum and short-term therapy.

Complications of acute prostatitis

What is dangerous prostatitis for men, occur in the acute form? The main and the most insidious consequence is the transfer of disease in the chronic stage, which in the future may be asymptomatic and not detected. Therefore, a man should pay attention to the minimum symptoms of inflammation of the prostate gland and in time to see a specialist for diagnosis and therapy.

The consequences of acute prostatitis is the formation of an abscess (ulcer, accompanied by melting of tissue of the prostate) and extensive stagnation.

On the formation in the tissues of the prostate gland suppuration is evidenced by the following characteristics:

  • sharp pain in the groin, the anus and back;
  • the increase in temperature to 39-40 on;
  • weakness, the impossibility of physical movement;
  • the allocation of mucous-purulent content of the anal opening;
  • forced posture lying on their side with chin tucked to the feet, to alleviate pain.

Against the background of stagnation in the pelvic area and the formation of an abscess in the tissues of the prostate on the surface of epithelial tissue cancer may remain scars, the legacy will remain with men for life.

Therefore, it is impossible to prevent complications of prostatitis in the form of stagnation prostate secretion, because the situation is often compounded by infection of the exudate and the development of sepsis. Here are the main consequences of the acute form of inflammation of the prostate
The most frequent complications


Inflammation of the bladder wall, which is not so easy to cure, as it seems at first glance. When the infectious form of the disease, the pathogenic flora can be muted by taking a variety of pharmaceutical drugs, but to proceed in the latent form and manifest with every aggravation of prostatitis. Appears cystitis pain during urination, so the patient with prostatitis may not even notice, requires differential diagnosis.


Inflammation of the seminal vesicles, which is often a complication of prostatitis. Affected as one, immediately and two testicles, the symptoms can be noted a deep pain in the pelvis and the sacrum, expressed discomfort during erection and ejaculation, presence of blood discharge in sperm.

In urine may appear elements of pus and semen, urination becomes painful and rapid. If untreated, seminal vesicles fester, which is an indication for surgical intervention. If therapy is delayed for a long time may develop infertility.


Inflammation of the urethra often accompanies acute prostatitis. The disease manifests itself by pain in the urethral canal, which you are at rest and increases during urination. Also from the canal of the urethra regularly produces mucus mixed with pus, and his lips are red and stick together. Patients complain of feeling in urethra stuck a foreign object, they are reported to have urinary retention. This is called the consequence of the penetration of the bacterial flora of the prostate inside a urethral channel.


Disease of the kidneys, occurring due to compression of the urethra are swollen and enlarged prostate. Prostatitis affects urodynamics, contributes to the delay of urine and increased pressure in the urinary tract. For this reason, the valves release the fluid in the reverse direction from the bladder into the kidney, causing renal pelvis cavity of the kidneys expanding, and the remains of an abandoned urine become infected.

The situation is exacerbated by the bacterial form of prostatitis, in the tissues of the gland proliferates a large number of bacteria entering the urine in the kidneys and cause inflammation.

The decrease in erectile function

The prostate is located beneath the bladder and surrounds the urethral canal. If no inflammation, iron is prevented from entering the seminal fluid into the bladder and stabilizes the flow. Also, the prostate is responsible for producing male hormone testosterone. When inflammation of the gland is increased in size and swelling on the surface of prostate scars are formed, in violation of nerve impulses.

Ignoring the acute signs of inflammation of the prostate may lead to deterioration of sperm quality, because of a special gland secretes a secret, responsible for the production of healthy sperm

As a result of deteriorating erection, and in the urine can occur a small portion of the seminal fluid. Infectious, inflammatory and congestive processes in the prostate lead to loss of erection and impotence, and infertility. However, this often happens with chronic, advanced form of the disease – this will be discussed next.

The consequences of chronic

Because among all types of prostatitis, more precisely, of its forms, there is acute and chronic, the second is much more dangerous consequences for the male body. In the absence of adequate treatment acute inflammatory process, the disease becomes a running stage and much more difficult to treat. This has a negative impact not only on erectile function, but also provokes problems with the genitourinary system as a whole.

If time does not begin treatment of any type of prostatitis, especially chronic, negative consequences are inevitable:

  • Impotence – in this concept include not only the lack of a full erection, but its complete loss, premature ejaculation, pain and discomfort during sexual acts, what the level of attraction to the partner drops significantly.
  • Infertility – inferiority of maturing spermatozoa in the background of damage to the male reproductive system through prolonged inflammatory process in the prostate gland and the pelvis.
  • BPH is a benign swelling of epithelial cells of the prostate, because of which there is abnormal narrowing of the urethra. To reduce the risk of degeneration of cells in malignant patients surgery is recommended.
  • Sclerosis of the prostate, the formation in the tissues of the prostate sclerotic changes, scarring, suppuration, scarring and necrosis. Also in the prostate may form small cavities filled with purulent contents, which increases the risk of abscess formation. The treatment is a surgical, in case of rejection can be fatal.
  • Prostate cancer is the formation of malignant tumors during growth of neoplasms male complains of intolerable pain in the abdomen and the back.

The consequences of chronic prostatitis in men also apply to an emotional state of the patient – he feels deficient, reduced self-esteem, increased irritability, a tendency to neuroses and depression

You may also experience:

  • Cysts in the prostate gland, a phenomenon manifested rarely as a consequence of prostatitis. Non-communicable education, growing in the tissues of the gland, periodically emptied of accumulated liquid with the help of puncture, and infection education and the gap with the formation of an abscess requires surgical intervention.
  • Infection sexual partner bacterial flora are actively breeding in the pelvic organs, can penetrate into the woman’s genitals during unprotected act and cause the development of inflammation.
  • Neurosis and depression in men with chronic prostatitis may manifest sudden irrational outbursts of aggression, apathy, weakness and irritability that is the result of the constant discomfort and pain in the pelvic area. Against this background, the patient can fall into depression, lose interest in life.
  • Epididymoorchitis – inflammation, localized in the testicles. Found in most cases as a consequence of infectious diseases of the genitourinary system, including prostatitis. The only solution here is surgery during which the affected organ is removed (is orchiectomy).
  • Stones in the prostate after their formation, they can increase during the progression of the disease, reaching large sizes. This phenomenon leads to increased pain in a patient and constant exacerbations of inflammation. Treatment is quite complicated and is carried out in specialized clinics, equipped with necessary equipment.

Cooperation with the doctor and regular check-UPS – guarantees the absence of complications of prostatitis

Such are the complications of chronic prostatitis, which can develop in the absence of timely treatment. Man who wants to preserve the health of the prostate and genitourinary system in General needs to listen carefully to the signals of the body and not hesitate to seek help from a qualified technician. You need to remember that these effects of inflammation of the prostate can be avoided

It is necessary to regularly undergo routine inspection at the urologist, to avoid hypothermia, infectious diseases, monitor the status of the immune system and regulate your sex life. Long-term abstinence, and sexual excesses, sedentary lifestyle, Smoking, alcohol – all these factors lead to the development of prostatitis, which is fraught with serious and dangerous complications. It is better to prevent illness than to spend time and money on long therapy and worry about the consequences for the organism.

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