Oral contraceptives and lubricants affect health

Women after 35 who smoke are also not recommended hormone pills with estrogen. And when prescribing contraceptives, you need to take into account the hormonal background and the condition of the liver. That is, a woman’s examination should be comprehensive. Gynecologists often miss this.

Who should not use oral contraceptives?

You can even hear from your gynecologist that combined oral contraceptives are almost a panacea for all diseases. But they also have contraindications.

For example, if you had thrombosis before, then it is better to choose a different type of contraception. For therapeutic purposes, such women are not prescribed combined oral contraceptives either. The only hormonal way to prevent pregnancy that suits them is one-component gestagen-containing tablets. They do not allow the endometrium to grow, and pregnancy does not develop.

But the fears about weight gain in most cases are groundless. Yes, COCs (combined oral contraceptives) can slightly retain fluid in the body and cause hunger. Only self-control can help here. The fact is that in modern tablets, the doses of hormones are extremely small. The first birth control really affected weight, hair growth in unwanted places. But this is in the past.

It is undesirable to use oral contraceptives for the slightest problems with the liver and gall bladder. A large load falls on them, stones can form, stagnation of bile.

Advantages of Oral Contraceptives

We do not discourage you from taking hormonal birth control. Sometimes this method is really good. For those who live in marriage, or have a regular partner, this method is the best, because it allows you to forget about condoms. In addition, COCs are successfully used to treat acne, seborrhea and hirsutism, PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome – the most common cause of hormonal infertility). They are indicated for regulating the cycle after abortion.

Can condom lubricants be harmful to women?

Using condom lubricants can make lovemaking more enjoyable. A condom is the best way of protection with an unfamiliar, intermittent partner. And while it is used more often than hormonal contraceptives – in the countries of Eastern Europe there is still some prejudice regarding tablets.

Allergies can occur to greases. There are also lubricants with a spermicidal effect. They do not allow pregnancy to occur even if the condom is defective.

Spermicide serves as additional protection against unwanted pregnancy. But the effect of such lubricants on the flora can be aggressive. Often there is irritation and inflammation, along with spermatozoa, beneficial bacteria are also killed. We do not recommend the use of such lubricants continuously.

Did you know?

Vaseline corrodes latex and is not suitable as a lubricant.

What to do if you are allergic to a condom?

Who is at risk for developing condom allergies:

  • Those who already have something allergic (foods, flowers, etc.).
  • Those who have people in the family who suffer from various allergic reactions.

An allergy manifests itself with unpleasant sensations of itching and burning of the genitals. You can even confuse it at first with some kind of infection. There may also be rashes like hives, lacrimation.

What to do? It is better to give preference to lubricants without water-based flavors. First, just try to change the manufacturer. If you are allergic to latex, you just have to forget about random connections and choose another method of protection against pregnancy. Polyurethane condoms exist, but their reliability is much lower. And to find them is something from the realm of fantasy.

It is important to make sure that there are no other reasons that can cause these symptoms. In fact, only about 2% of couples are allergic to condoms, and this is not a common occurrence. Such phenomena, as a rule, overtake after repeated contact with the allergen, and not immediately. If you have been using rubber products for a long time, the cause of the unpleasant symptoms should be looked for in something else.

In the most difficult cases, even swelling of the lips and tongue, diarrhea, and anaphylactic shock can occur as a result of condom allergies. Usually more serious than the second time you use a condom, there is a reaction at subsequent times. For the first time, you may not feel anything.

The effect of spermicides on microflora

On the one hand, spermicides can alter the Ph (weight of hydrogen) of the vagina. But on the other hand, if for some reason you cannot use condoms, they will give you protection against genital infections. Recently released drugs have minimal negative health effects. They are easy to use, they do not foam.

If your partner does not want to use a condom, and you are not sure of his health, it’s time to think about chemical methods of contraception. They are rarely used, as women now trust hormonal methods much more. They protect against pregnancy in 98% of cases. But here it is important to know that such pills are taken from the first day of the cycle. So if you need urgent protection, they will not work. This method is good for nursing mothers who can not take hormones, because they are actively absorbed into breast milk.

Some medications do not combine with hormonal contraception. At the time of treatment, you have to look for an alternative. Vaginal pills, suppositories and creams can be reliably enough in such a situation to protect both from unwanted pregnancy and from STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).

It is enough to enter the right amount of the drug 5 minutes before sexual contact. Each new sexual intercourse requires repeated administration. Perhaps this is the only inconvenience when using such tools. An obstacle to the use of spermicide can be only individual sensitivity to the drug.

Spermicides do not affect the hormonal background, nor the ability to have children in the future. Their effect on the body is exclusively local. Such funds can be used by young, nulliparous girls who do not want to shift the responsibility for contraception to a man. Using such a tool can harmonize the relationship in a pair. And some spermicides are also a good additional lubricant for those who have little natural.

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