The effect of prostatitis on the potency

Prostatitis affects all spheres of life of men. Most strongly it interferes with the intimate relationship that the development of the disease can end. Does prostatitis on the potency and what should be paid attention to restore erectile function?

Prostatitis and potency – the concepts are interrelated. Violation of current biological fluids in the tissues of the prostate when the disease is accompanied by deterioration of conductivity of receptors, are directly responsible for erection and ejaculation.

Normal functioning of this process ceases, and men have problems.

The negative impact of prostatitis on the potency is manifested in the following way:

  • reduction in the duration of sexual intercourse;
  • orgasm becomes less bright and pronounced;
  • pain during intercourse;
  • the rates of sperm deteriorates.

This is not impotence in its pure form, however, is a clear violation as a result of inflammation of the prostate gland in men already there. They can lead to a reduction in the frequency of sexual contacts or even abandoning sex.

Psychological cause of impotence in prostatitis

Potency is the ability of men to sexual intercourse. This requires not only physical ability to have sex, but the psychological desire of men, and the weakness of potency can be caused by just that. This is an important factor that interferes with the patient prostatitis to conduct a full sexual intercourse. Why is this happening?

Erectile dysfunction in men is often associated with psychological problems

First, man feels his inferiority, because his men’s poor health. Even if erectile dysfunction has not yet been revealed, thinking about it, probably, has crept into the man’s head. It turns out that even before intercourse, a man thinks about his possible failure, and she, of course, sooner or later it happens. Secondly, a man may remember the painful feeling during sex-related inflammation of the prostate, which he had recently. Those memories outweigh the desire, and the man refuses to sex, again not to experience pain.

Sometimes the reason for the decline of potency is the following. Prostatitis in men – infectious nature, at the same time revealed a venereal disease. Get it the patient could only be from a partner during unprotected sexual contact. With this in mind, the man is now afraid of intimate relationships, as a result of which he contracted, and there – a violation of potency during intercourse.

Is it possible to have sex in the inflammatory process?

This is the most frequent question asked by men the urologist. In most cases the answer is Yes. When inflammation of the prostate gland sex is not only possible, but necessary. This process is extremely positive effect on the course of disease and promotes rapid recovery.

What is happening in the patient with prostatitis in sex:

  • Frictions is a natural gentle massage of the prostate and surrounding tissue. In contrast to direct prostate massage actions being performed by the man during intercourse, bring him pleasure. If regular sexual relations the procedure of prostate massage is not usually prescribed.
  • Sexual intercourse helps to reduce stagnation in the pelvic vessels. Circulation of lymph and blood is restored, and therefore sex will be especially useful in the chronic form of the disease characterized by stagnation.
  • Updates the male secretion. The old fluid comes out with the sperm, but its place is new, which is constantly synthesized by the sex glands.
  • Sex is a great exercise for the body. Quickens the heart rate and respiration, the blood more actively saturated with oxygen. All body processes begin to occur in the strong pace. A few minutes of active actions in their impact to be equal to the morning gymnastics, while the undo is still not worth it.
  • Psychological “discharge” of men. For the patient with prostatitis is important to recapture some of virility, and sex is the best way to do this.
  • Sexual act contributes to the prevention of vesiculitis (inflammation of seminal vesicles) is a formidable complication of prostatitis.

Sex in prostatitis is extremely useful for normalizing the functioning of the body

But there are exceptions. Sex is forbidden for prostatitis in the acute form of the disease. Severe pain experienced by the man at the same time, during intercourse will only intensify. In acute prostatitis organ tissue due to inflammation is very much swollen, squeezing at the same time passing here the nerve endings. During sexual intercourse it is the compression of the tissue will be stronger and the man can experience a real shock.

Important! At the time of treatment of prostatitis it is better to not plan for the children.

Inflammation itself affects the quality of semen by increasing the amount of defective sperm, and the drug on the male body is not the best way. Ideally, planning for pregnancy it is better to do after 2 months to be exact, 72 hours after full recovery. This is to ensure that the resulting embryo will be a healthy baby in the future.

How to have sex in the inflammatory process?

The rules are the following. First, sexual intercourse should be regular. Every man himself can calculate the frequency of intimate contacts. On average, they should be every 4-5 days. Too frequent contact will lead to enhanced work of the prostate gland and its depletion. Second, if prostatitis sex is permitted only in a condom. Here’s the thing. Inflammation of the prostate gland usually caused by infection.

Unprotected sex leads to infection of the partner or, conversely, re-acquiring the pathogen through the urethra from the woman. And of course, to be treated it is necessary for both partners. Thirdly, the best recommendation is a constant companion. Promiscuity would sooner or later lead to disastrous results in the form of diseases of the pelvic organs.

Even if the man complies with the protection measures and uses a barrier method of contraception, completely from infection it is not protected. Condoms may be of low quality, expired, or simply break, and then talk about prevention impossible. And of course, no interrupted intercourse. Besides that it does not protect against unwanted pregnancy, and affects men’s health.

Masturbation for prostatitis should be treated with the utmost seriousness – as a therapeutic procedure, part of complex therapy

Whether Masturbation? Of course, if a man have a partner, Masturbation can replace sex. Perceive manual emptying of the prostate gland is necessary as a medical procedure, then the embarrassment and shame of the man will be less.

Features of treatment to restore potency

In addition to traditional therapy for elimination of inflammatory process in the prostate gland, the patient may be asked to visit a psychologist and the administration of specific drugs for the treatment of prostatitis and restore potency. In Western countries, men have long been successfully treated erectile dysfunction not only urologists, but also from psychologists. Gradually and our doctors understand the need for these specialists, because the stress and constant tension has penetrated into the lives of men and women around the world.

Often they become a provoking factor for developing many diseases, including prostatitis. Restoration of mental equilibrium is an important step on the road to recovery. If you have problems in sexual relations turn to a more narrow specialist – sexologist. Such conversations are able to restore not only the lost potency, but the destruction of family ties.

What means of prostatitis and impotence exist, and how to apply them? Doctors recommend to take for the restoration of the quality of potency after treatment of the underlying disease. Adding them to the main therapeutic regimen can lead to undue stress on the body, which is already weakened. And of course, some tablets have contraindications.
It is important to get rid of the underlying disease, to normalize of intimate life

Recovery of potency after prostate best left to a specialist. He will select among the most known and trusted medicines in this group appropriate to the patient in order to increase the potency. Some drugs, in addition to improving erections, and have the ability to enhance sexual attraction.

Common active ingredients – sildenafil, tadalafil, vardenafil, udenafil. Make them constantly not. Not only that, they strongly stimulate the heart muscle, and many men used to receive and subsequently confronted with psychological problems in the form of lack of erection, without such doping. The answer to the question of how prostatitis affects potency, was given above. But with timely treatment to the urologist man may not face problems in the sexual sphere, and treatment of inflammation will be much faster.

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