How to fill my bladder before the ultrasound

There are times when people wonder about how fast to fill the bladder. Of course, this organ of the excretory system are usually brimming with yourself, but the speed of this process depends on the amount of fluid you drink and from the work of the kidneys.

But sometimes you just need to fill the bladder as soon as possible. For example, for ultrasound of the bladder.

Ultrasound examination performed by the doctor through the abdominal wall. With this procedure, there is the ability to recognize illness in the body, and also to track how effective the prescribed treatment.

The bladder is examined in the following cases:

  • suspected pathology in any division of the urinary system, or if previously diagnosed diseases of the urinary organs;
  • you need to find the source of erythrocyturia, if at the time of urine tests it was discovered a large number of red blood cells;
  • patient complaints indicate possible presence of the following diseases: cystitis, prostatic hyperplasia, kidney stones or bladder;
  • determine why there is a delay of urine and dysuric symptoms appear;
  • there is a suspicion that the on appeared of tumors: malignant or benign, and cysts or tumors in the urinary duct;
  • there is an assumption that you have diverticulosis – one cavity located near the bladder in which fluid accumulates;
  • if there was any bladder injury, according to the ultrasound can determine if there is streaks in paravesical space;
  • it is necessary to control and determine the results of treatment;
  • in a patient with clinical and laboratory findings have been changes in the indicators that indicate the presence of disease in the organs of the urogenital system.

Why do ultrasound need to fill the body, and how to do it

Filled on the excretory system allows us to consider all its walls are much better as they straightened and stretched, no extra folds. When this body is complete, he brings a loop of bowel to the anterior abdominal wall.

Usually it needs to be filled in a natural way, but sometimes it happens that the patient did not know about all the intricacies of the procedure and not prepared properly. Either an ultrasound diagnosis was urgent and unplanned. In such cases, rapid filling of the organ.

You can do it with drinking of a liter of liquid about an hour before the study. This can be water, tea, juice or juice. You can not drink milk or carbonated drinks.

If after an hour he still had not been filled, you should drink another 500 ml of liquid. When the bladder was filled before the hour, it is talking about the good work of the kidneys. In this case, you can get rid of the overcrowding, but then drink some more liquid.

If the person knows the work of its excretory system, it is possible not to drink the extra fluid, but just do not empty your bladder for several hours before the procedure.

How to prepare for the study

To prepare for the study is not too difficult. This requires a full bladder. Any diet or cleanse the bowels prior to carry out ultrasound is not necessary.

To fill the bladder before the examination in the following ways:

  • drinking a liter of fluid an hour before the procedure;
  • termination the toilet for 4-6 hours before the test;
  • if the person is incontinent, before the procedure should be performed urethral catheterisation, using which the body fills with saline;
  • the use of diuretics, but this method should not be used for people with diseases of kidneys or heart, because you can harm and cause fluid retention or blockage of the bladder, which will lead to renal colic;
  • the study in the morning hours to urinate after sleep;
  • in the study of the bladder in children under one year they need to feed 10 minutes before the ultrasound.

For patients of different age groups has its own rate of liquid you want to drink to fill the survey on:

  • toddlers from year up to 2 as you can;
  • children 3 to 7 years – 200 ml;
  • from 8 to 11 – 300 ml;
  • teenagers from 12 to 18 years – 400 ml;
  • all people over 18 years is better to wait for the filling of the bladder in a natural way, and with the urgent need to drink up to a liter of fluid.

With the help of ultrasound of organ allocation can determine its real volume and learn why there is a delay output of urine. You can determine the percentage of volume of residual urine, which is very important for people after surgery. Ultrasound body helps to see the exact problem of the organs of the excretory system and prescribe the necessary treatment.

To in the study were obtained as objective as possible the data necessary to comply with all recommendations of experts in preparation for diagnostics. Only then the doctor will be able to obtain the most accurate information and assign timely and proper treatment, which will help to cope with the disease.

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