Urine blood cystitis

Thanks to medical statistics, revealed that often the development of cystitis with hematuria affects people female. This is due to the peculiarities of the anatomical and physiological structure of the body.

In this article we will talk about this complication in urology, blood in urine in cystitis. Cystitis called urologic disease, which is inflammation of the tissue lining the bladder. Today it is considered the most common among all urological diseases.

If time does not diagnose the onset of disease and to begin treatment, may cause various complications. One of these complications is the appearance of blood in the urine. It is called hematuria.

Urine blood cystitis can be detected as male and female. Age restrictions there is also no, that is, this pathology can affect both children and the elderly.

Because of its anatomical features women are more susceptible to development of cystitis with blood in urine

The fact that in women the urinary tract is much shorter and wider than men’s, in connection with which the causative bacteria can easily penetrate into the contents of the bladder and cause inflammation there.

Microorganism, settling on the walls of urinary organ, eventually causes disease of inflammatory origin, in which disrupted the integrity of the epithelium covering the bladder on the inside. As a consequence, the fabric becomes thinner and loses its physiological properties. Then there are the pathological changes in the blood vessels that supply it with blood.

Vessels lose their elasticity, and sometimes violated their integrity. As a result, blood begins to seep through the damaged wall of the vessel and is mixed with urine.

Causes of cystitis with hemorrhage
  • One of the reasons for the appearance of blood in the urine in cystitis in women can be the development of bacterial flora during pregnancy due to low immunity.
  • Infection of viral origin, which is filled with blood.
  • Failure to intimate hygiene.
  • The use of radiation therapy.
  • Fungi Candida.

Upon the slightest suspicion of cystitis should immediately contact the doctor

What you need to know the symptoms to suspect the presence of cystitis with blood in urine
  • Acute pain of a cutting character, which is localized in the abdomen.
  • The increase in temperature.
  • Frequent urination.
  • Portions of urine are reduced by several times.
  • Appears daily increasing weakness.
  • Change the color of urine, the predominance of pink hue.
  • The presence of blood clots when urinating.

Clinical symptoms increase gradually at first, the disease manifests itself in the form of discomfort in the projection of the bladder. There is a small rise in temperature, chills. The color of urine early in the disease may remain unchanged. The disease is acute.

Every day the symptoms will begin to grow and will become more pronounced. Join pain and burning sensation with every urination, the portions of urine every time will be reduced. Then the blood will start to change the color of urine. Have urine appears pink.

First, it can be seen only at the end of the first morning urination in the toilet, but the urine will become red, which will be visible in each trip to the toilet. The person will have fatigue and severe weakness.

With the appearance of at least one of these symptoms the patient must begin to collect your urine in a clear glass container. This must be done in order to make a visual inspection of the collected material. Using this observation we can assess the amount of urine each time urination, and the color and presence of sediment

Depending on the degree of hematuria color of urine will vary from barely pink to dark purple. You will also notice the presence of cereals in the form of sediment, which is evidence of inflammation. And feel the unpleasant smell. All of the changes the patient may need to fix in order to pass your doctor.

The most reliable method of determining blood in the urine composition are laboratory methods. First, conduct a urinalysis, which can determine the number of red blood cells. In the normal women they should not exceed three in sight, and for men the norm is the isolated presence of red blood cells or lack them completely. If the results of urinalysis is not enough, then assign urine analysis according to Nechyporenko.

Only through laboratory studies can certainly diagnose hematuria

This analysis is more accurate because here is determined by the number of red blood cells in one milliliter of the material and use a special counting chamber.

Much importance is given to the rules of collecting material, because of the poor quality of the material collected may lead to the formulation of an incorrect diagnosis. For example, the collected urine with blood from the genital tract in women during the physiological menstrual cycle can indicate the presence of red blood cells above normal.

Complications of cystitis with bleeding
The appearance of urine with blood from women with cystitis
  • If you don’t pay attention to the disease or accept treatment that has no positive result, together with the constant blood loss will decrease the number of red blood cells, and therefore, decrease hemoglobin. The body cells will not have enough oxygen due to iron deficiency anemia.
  • In the cavity of the bladder are formed blood clots of various sizes, which can clog its output. On kidney is not affected, therefore, as before, will not be so complicated to produce urine. Due to what appears to hyperextension of the bladder body with severe pain.
  • The microbial environment can through the blood stream to penetrate to other organs of the urogenital system. This will contribute to the development of inflammation of tissues of the kidneys.
How to be treated

There is a belief that there is no specific treatment for cystitis with hemorrhagic manifestation is not required. If the disease goes away by itself. Yes, indeed, such cases are possible, when the body restores itself due to a good immune system, thereby inhibiting the microorganisms that contributed to its development.

But if you value your health, be sure to make an appointment with a doctor-urologist. This way you guarantee yourself a 100% result recovery and prevent development of various complications, are not so easy to get rid of.

Usually cystitis treatment with the admixtures of blood cells is carried out in two directions. The first concerns the use of medications and solutions, and the second – the use of decoctions of medicinal herbs.

Conduct bacterial culture will help in the selection of treatment

In order that the treatment had a maximum, it is necessary to find out the causative agent and its susceptibility to antibacterial drugs. In this connection, conduct a bacteriological culture of urine. Usually, this is not a quick process, performing such analysis is approximately ten days.

During this period usually prescribed antibiotics broadest spectrum of activity, as well as apply various homeopathic medicines and herbs which have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

For therapeutic baths use extracts of these herbs by nature have the following properties:

  • Antibacterial (Cossack juniper, wild rosemary, chamomile, cranberries, bearberry, etc.). When using decoctions of such herbs it is possible to destroy certain bacteria and leaching of the discharge from the bladder by mechanical means.
  • Enveloping (marshmallow root, flax seeds, wild Angelica, elecampane, plantain, Cetraria Icelandic). Infusions of these herbs are able to produce mucus and oil, which when injected into the bladder envelop its walls, thereby protecting it from irritation and exposure to toxins produced by microbes.
  • Styptic (barberry, carnation colored, Highlander pepper, bark viburnum, stinging nettle). These herbs tone the bladder, thereby stopping the bleeding. And some, for example stinging nettle, can increase the number of red blood cells and hemoglobin.

A properly prepared bath with the addition of herbs will ease your condition

For baths:

  • Conduct a full bath. With this method the patient will have to take in the prepared solution the entire body.
  • Sitz baths. For holding these trays need only 10 – 15 litres of the treatment solution. In performing this procedure in decoction immerse only part of the body with the genitals.
  • Bath with a steam effect. For this method you will need a container of boiling water, which poured the required amount of herbs. Then you need to sit down, not touching the water, over the outgoing steam and cover with a towel.

General rules when using baths for therapeutic purposes:

  • The treatment should be not less than 7 days.
  • Water should not be too hot, the optimum temperature of the baths is 37 – 38 degrees.
  • By the time the procedure should not exceed 15 – 20 minutes.
  • After the procedure can not be washed in the shower.
  • When the procedure is complete, allow the organism to adapt, it is necessary to wrap in a warm blanket and about half an hour to lie down.

It is important to observe the proportions in the preparation of various therapeutic baths. By increasing the concentration of the solution you will not be able to achieve a more rapid recovery, but the appearance of various complications it’s possible.

Douching and introduction of medicinal fluids through the catheter. They also refer to effective methods of treatment of cystitis with blood. However, to do them, unlike curative baths, more difficult, and this process is time consuming, so usually, prescribe and perform in a hospital.

Treatment medical drugs

The timing of the intake, dose and mechanism of administration of drugs in the future will be based on receipt of the results of bacteriological seeding.

Depending on the causes of the disease and will be the choice of drug

Upon detection of the bacterial flora antibiotics to which the microbe is less stable. If the disease is caused by viruses, then prescribe an antiviral and immunomodulatory therapy.

Very quickly, you need to start taking drugs that stop bleeding and will need to drink a course of vitamins to restore the integrity of blood vessels and epithelium of the bladder. It should be remembered that the appearance of blood in the urine in cystitis is a serious symptom. Do not self-medicate.

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