What color should urine be pregnancy

With the onset of the special period in a woman’s life comes a time with constant regularity urine tests. Indicators of this analysis are one of the main diagnostic monitoring pregnancy. Does the color of urine during pregnancy?

What makes urine change color

Any fluctuations in the overall analysis of urine can talk about the beginning of pathology. Woman can pay attention to the color and to visually assess the transparency of the secreted fluid.

The color of urine during pregnancy can change with:

  • hormonal;
  • power;
  • drinking regime.

And it is also connected:

  • with the start of inflammation in the urogenital system;
  • with the use of certain medications;
  • with different time of day (morning pee is always darker and more saturated hue);
  • hepatitis;
  • cholecystitis.
  • with bleeding from the genital tract.

This not only will affect the color and shade of the urine, but also change its composition.

How to change the color index normal urine

Normal urine color during pregnancy is no different from the colors of any other person, it is straw yellow, transparent. With the hormonal changes during pregnancy change urine color shades. This is due to the properties of blood filtered by the kidneys. It is believed that if a woman is pregnant with a boy, the urine is darker in color.

Normal colors of urine of a pregnant woman varies from a deep yellow to light yellow

Portion of morning urine will always be darker than during the day, as the pigment concentration contained in the urine, during the night increases with the density of urine secreted. During a night’s sleep, and it lasts at least 6-8 hours, there is a flow of fluid in the body, so the concentration of the morning urine will always be richer and darker day.
The norm is also considered a change of shade of urine by eating different foods containing an abundance of pigments. Beets, pomegranate, carrot, pumpkin contain in their composition the color pigments that can change color. Changing the color associated with food intake, always scary, but this phenomenon is transient and reversible. As soon as from the diet excludes all food coloring, the color is restored.

Violation of drinking regime, reducing the amount of fluid intake reduces the concentration of the blood in the bloodstream, respectively, is changed and the concentration of filtered liquids. The contents in the urine of the pigment and its specific gravity also change. It becomes even more intense and concentrated, leading to a change in color shade darker than usual.

On the contrary, the excessive consumption of fluid that often happens during pregnancy, yellow urine will become lighter, almost colorless. It is very important for this special state of balance, drinking regime, as excess fluid will result in swelling that is not uncommon in pregnant women. And the lack of change in the density of urine and can cause dehydration.

The color indicator of the urine may affect some medical drugs, containing in its composition coloring agents. Multivitamin complexes, the reception of which is inevitable during pregnancy, not only change the tint of the urine and its smell. Antimicrobial drugs nitrofuranovogo of a number, prescribed by a doctor if urinary infections, intestinal infections, contain a bright yellow pigment which changes the color of the urine to a deep yellow.

Some types of antibiotics, including rifampicin, able to change not only urine, but also saliva, lacrimal fluid on a bright shade of red.

Change the color of urine is a symptom of many diseases

Very often during pregnancy women have a reduced immunity, the reason for this is the hard work of all organs and systems. The most exposed to the infection of the urogenital region.

Frequent occurrence of thrush due to the hormonal changes pregnant. On the background of a thrush infection occurs in the urethra and bladder. The urine in this case may acquire a reddish tint. Developing inflammation of the mucous lining of the bladder wall, replete with micro hemorrhage, red blood cells, into the blood give change the color of urine during pregnancy.

On the same principle there is a hit of red blood cells in the urine during an attack of renal colic, when the discharge of sand and small stones injure the mucous changes color of urine to orange or reddish. Color index in this case will depend on whether the red blood cells get into the urine, for example, of injured ureters and urethra, or from the pelvis of the kidney, where the blood had been for some time mixed with urine.

Blood entering the urine will change color from pink to bright red or Burgundy colour

Sometimes during pregnancy women acute hemorrhoids. Often occur hemorrhoidal bleeding from the rectum, blood in this bleeding profuse, scarlet. Getting into the urine, it can paint it in a bright red color.

If time does not recognize the signs of urethritis or cystitis, a disease of the ascending pathways pass on the kidneys. The resulting pyelonephritis signal a change in the color of urine. Inflammation of the kidneys very quickly changes the color and quality of urine it becomes turbid and pale yellow or slightly whitish hue due to the eye-catching white blood cells that accompany inflammation.

Glomerulonephritis is a very complex and serious disease of the kidneys, which interferes with renal filtration. Blood seeps through the glomerular filters and into the urine. Urine becomes reddish, and fall into fresh erythrocytes not subjected to glomerular filtration.

The color of urine during pregnancy in the early stages sometimes may vary slightly due to the ingress of erythrocytes from the vagina. In the first trimester of pregnancy in the first weeks very often, the hormones have not completely installed. These terms of possible bleeding from the genital tract. In this case the urine has a shade of pink.

The color of urine indicator is an indicator of many diseases

In the later stages, when the uterus becomes large, there may be bleeding in her mucous due to the distension of the vascular wall. In this case, it is also possible from entering the urine red blood cells, but rather, it will look like microhematuria. It should have a reddish tint.

Very dark shade of secreted fluid becomes, if a woman during pregnancy get sick with viral hepatitis. The accumulated bilirubin (bile pigment) is not utilized in the liver, its level increases in the blood, and hence in the urine. She gets a shade of dark beer. The amount of bile pigment in the blood is so high that yellow colored mucous membranes and skin.

In addition, in the later stages, when the increase in weight of the fetus, is a violation of the outflow of bile from the ducts, stagnate in the gall bladder, which leads to a state resembling mechanical jaundice. Shade of urine in this case will range from dark yellow to brown.

Finally, the change of color is possible if the during pregnancy there are various injuries to the abdomen, the lumbar region. Getting the injured body, the blood also changes the color of urine during pregnancy. What shade will it be, depends on the amount of blood entering the urine. Most often this occurs when rupture of ureter, urinary bladder, etc.

Urine during pregnancy – one of the main tools in the diagnostic study of different diseases, so it should be a healthy pregnant woman is transparent and light yellow.

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