A pinched sciatic nerve how to relieve pain

Diseases of the spine, in which zaselyalsya nerve endings, lead to disease sciatica. Usually the pain is localized in the lumbosacral, but also gives to the pelvis, hip, lower limb. The sciatic nerves are the longest and largest in the human body. When is their compression and as a consequence inflammatory process, a person can experience a slight pain early in the course of facial palsy and unbearable pain at the time of exacerbation.

Pain sciatica

The sciatic nerve coming from the spine or two, so the symptoms of the disease may occur with right or left side. If a pinched nerve is chronic, pain from a pinched nerve can have a frequency depending on inciting factors.

For diagnosis people who have symptoms of entrapment should undergo a medical examination by a neurologist to obtain appropriate advice for treatment. It should be remembered that the tension of the muscles of the lower body is easily controlled by brain centers, but their relaxation when spasm is impossible. Neuralgia of the sciatic nerve refers to a group of intractable diseases, therefore helping the patient is often directed at eliminating pain when the effect is achieved through bed rest and lack of physical activity.


Drug treatment is aimed at relieving lower back pain with the pinched nerve endings.

  1. Drugs. Back pain sciatica removed painkillers, anti-inflammatory, improves metabolic processes in the tissues and blood circulation. Most of them belong to the nonsteroidal group. Depending on the symptoms of the disease, the drugs may be administered only by a physician. In addition to the primary treatment can be prescribed vitamin complexes and drugs relieving muscle tone. A popular tool for patients suffering from insomnia on the background of aggravation, are antidepressants.
  2. Ointment. They are able to provide analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect at the same time. Ointments are safer than medications taken by mouth. Some of them can have an easy, warming effect.Without prescription to apply the ointment for pain sciatic nerve is not worth it, this could be the reason for allergic reactions or skin dermatitis.
  3. Injections. Often injections relieve pain in sciatica faster than tablets or ointments. Injections prescribed by a doctor can be used not only to relieve the acute pain, but as a course of treatment for the pinched nerve.Inflammation of the nerve undergoes rapid effects due to the drugs administered near the site of the lesion. Steroid injections applied to a group of anti-inflammatory drugs. They also cause fewer side effects compared to pills.
  4. Blockade.The purpose of the blockade of the inflamed nerve with the help of strong painkillers is only in terms of inpatient treatment. The blockade is an experienced specialist, brings tangible results in strong, sharp, unbearable pain. Intramuscular injection has no complication.

Physical therapy methods do not eliminate the root causes of sciatica.

Pain in the inflammation of the nerve are removed:

  • vacuum therapy;
  • magnet;
  • electrophoresis with the use of antispasmodics;
  • UHF-therapy;
  • laser therapy;
  • phonophoresis;
  • paraffin applications;
  • electrosleep;
  • reflex methods;
  • acupuncture;
  • manual therapy;
  • massages.

Manual therapy helps to relieve muscle spasms and to facilitate further progress of the disease. Most often its use is effective in combination with drugs.

Massages are applied only after subsiding of acute inflammatory process. Carry them as additional therapy needs specialist. Effective application of General, cupping, acupressure and other types of massage helps relieve muscle tension, improve lymphatic flow, to restore the functioning of the nerve.

Not in acute patients perfect Spa treatment where you can do mud – and hydrotherapy.


Special exercises contribute to the restoration of the pinched nerve endings and speed up the recovery process. The complex of therapeutic exercises consists of simple exercises that are performed slowly, without heavy physical exertion and sudden movements.

In the period of remission therapeutic exercise reduces weak back pain from pinched nerve, improves metabolic processes in the body and blood flow, and normalizes the General condition of a person. During physical education, it is important to evenly distribute the load on both sides of the body.

In order to prevent and relieve back pain suitable special exercises:

  • pulling up of knees to chest in supine position and fixation of the bent leg for a few seconds;
  • breeding hands to the side and school them in the back at shoulder level in the sitting position on the floor with the legs extended;
  • inclinations in the parties with a touch of sex in the standing position;
  • stretching your back in the prone position with bent elbows;
  • tension and relaxation of muscles in the supine position with bent knees feet;
  • bending forward with palms touching the floor from a seated position on the heels.

It is best if the exercises will have a regular and be carried out in the study of physiotherapy under the supervision of a specialist.

As rehabilitation exercises for musculoskeletal system of the patient can swim, jog on soft surfaces in the home, to go skiing.

Traditional medicine

In the absence of acute sciatica great help recipes of traditional medicine. Combining folk and traditional methods of treatment helps with regular attacks.

  1. Baths. A warm bath within two weeks help with the inflammation of the sciatic nerve. You can apply them with grated horseradish, mustard, decoction of aspen or wild Angelica
  2. The compresses. Popular compresses with propolis, beeswax, rye flour, applied to the affected area for 2 hours in the form of pellets. To carry out the procedure recommended in one week.Helps capsicum plaster slurry from the grated radish or horseradish, aspen broth. Burning compress them pork fat and bitter Cayenne pepper is considered highly effective, and warming. While he could not remain long on the skin.
  3. Rubbing. Creams and healing ointments, which included a horse chestnut, are very effective.To fit rubbing alcohol tincture of pine, buds of pine and spruce, dandelion, Cayenne pepper. Tinctures prepared at home using ingredients and vodka. The mixture for weeks insist in a dark place, then RUB with the location of the pain.

All treatments help to improve blood circulation and relieve inflammation.

Quick help himself

What can one do when weak or strong the pain is now:

  • possible to rely on a healthy foot when you walk, changing their gait;
  • eliminate sudden movements and physical strain;
  • to change from soft low seats, solid and high, supportive waist;
  • lie down on your stomach, preferably on a hard surface and put a pillow under your chest;
  • in the supine position put a pillow under your knees;
  • apply light massage in the area of localization of pain with a piece of ice;
  • for pain relief – apply to lower back cold, it will give the effect;
  • substitute back under the warm shower for a few minutes, performing light tilts forward and back;
  • in any case, do not apply strong heating treatments (hot bath, heating pad);
  • to catch up a few times on the bar or the door jamb;
  • wear a medical girdle that supports the spine in the lower back;
  • to call an ambulance for acute severe pain in the lower back.

Neurologists have noted the influence of stress on the disease. The search for harmony with nature and with oneself helps a person to be alone, which gives the opportunity to avoid severe exacerbations pinched nerve.

Patients with entrapment of the sciatic nerve it is recommended to sleep on a hard surface. Changing sedentary lifestyles into active will help to recover faster after relapse and finally overcome the disease.

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