Manifestations and therapy of osteoporosis of Turkish saddle

Osteoporosis of Turkish saddle is a disease that affects the bones of the skull, but relatively rare. It is important to remember that in the area of the pituitary fossa the bone is the pituitary gland, one of the important parts of the human brain, which performs several functions.

But the main purpose of the pituitary gland – the normalization of the endocrine glands by hormones. Besides, in this place intersect the optic nerve.

Osteoporosis of Turkish saddle back never arises without a reason. Pathology may be diffuse or local in nature. And the reasons will depend on the type of disease.


For example, if the diffuse option, the main reason is the natural aging process. Over the years, the process of destruction of bone tissue begins to accelerate, but the process of recovery is much slower.

To other causes in this group include:

  1. A deficiency of calcium.
  2. A lack of vitamin D.
  3. Some drugs that are taken for a long period of time.
  4. Hormonal disturbances.

By itself, this variant of the disease has no symptoms. Most often it is diagnosed when there was a fracture of the bone.

If we talk about the local disease, the reasons may be other triggers:

  1. Pituitary adenoma.
  2. Pressure on bone tumor located in the pituitary gland.
  3. Malignant arterial hypertension.

To determine the exact cause of the disease and say it could provoke, can only be a specialist after a thorough diagnosis.


Osteoporosis of the back Turcica of the brain has its own symptoms, but to make an accurate diagnosis just by you will. However, these symptoms are expressed quite mild, and often the disease is diagnosed accidentally.

There are some important symptoms that should be cause for seeking medical attention. For example, if growth is reduced more than 0.5 cm per year, if there is a noticeable slouch, have brittle nails and the hair starts to fall, as well as constantly observed nervous disorders and panic attacks, it is quite possible that these are the first signs of this pathology.

Remember that if this type of osteoporosis has already been diagnosed, there is a great likelihood that the same disease will be affected other bones of the skeleton. Therefore, it is necessary to take the full comprehensive examination.

Other symptoms that also should be alert and be cause for an immediate visit to the doctor should be considered:

  1. Headaches that occur without a cause, acute.
  2. Increased intracranial pressure.
  3. Swelling of the brain.
  4. Blurred vision.

To avoid the serious consequences of osteoporosis backless Turkish saddle, should as early as possible to go to the doctor. Unfortunately, when performing x-rays is not possible to establish the exact type of fracture of this bone in the brain.

Therefore, the best diagnostic method should be considered MRI study. So you can understand exactly how much of the destroyed bone and how best to begin to treat the disease.

How to get rid of

Treatment of osteoporosis of Turkish saddle is only conservative. With timely and proper treatment the disease is quite possible to stop and sometimes is not completely restore bone health.

With the aim of conservative therapy is used:

  1. Hormone therapy.
  2. Receiving bisphosphonates.
  3. Calcium pills.
  4. Vitamin D.

Since the pathology is more frequently diagnosed in women, of hormone therapy estrogens are appointed. The best today recognized calcitonin, but the duration of treatment and dosage are chosen by the doctor individually.

Bisphosphonates are taken to prevent the destruction of bone tissue, they can influence the number of osteoclasts, preventing bone tissue from completely collapsing.

Considerable importance is food. It must be fully balanced and organic. Often it is desirable to exercise, to stop Smoking and drinking alcohol. Very important for the health of positive emotions and complete daily sleep.

A comprehensive and long-term treatment prognosis is almost always favourable. With regard to the effects of osteoporosis of Turkish saddle, is first and foremost a complete destruction of bone tissue that can cause a disruption in the brain.

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