What kind of disease retromoderated and how to treat it?

In medicine spondylosis is the displacement of the vertebrae relative to the axis of the spine. Offset this can be either forward, which will be called anterolisthesis or back, and then the name will be different – retromoderated.

Such a shift can occur in any Department of the back, but most often it affects the lower back that due to the strong load and characteristics of the structure of this region. Just the lower back has 5 vertebrae and they are numbered from L1 to L5.

It should be remembered that the symptoms with the defeat of the first lumbar vertebra are not the same as when you lose, for example, the fourth vertebra, and this is due to the fact that they are crossed by different nerve endings.


What is retromoderated of the spine, of course. Now it’s good to understand as you receive this pathology, and that can be aggravating factors.

To them in the first place include:

  1. Congenital anomalies in the structure of the spine.
  2. Back injury.
  3. Prolonged strain on the spine, for example, with constant work at the computer.
  4. Professional sports.
  5. Weakness of muscles in the absence of physical load.
  6. The lack of exercise.
  7. Collagenosis.
  8. Problems with the ligaments of the back.
  9. Overweight.

It is important to remember that in the early stages of the disease has virtually no symptoms. But it progresses very quickly and is chronic. To get rid of it, often have to resort to surgery.

How does

Degenerative retromoderated can have different symptoms, but all of them are divided into radicular and pain. Any specific manifestations of the pathology has not, that is not only one of the complaints to the correct diagnosis. Therefore, the patient must consult a doctor to undergo studies of the spine.

Often there are complaints it is on pain. Pain may develop in the lumbar region in the load torque and disappear completely alone. At an early stage, i.e. when the disease is developing, instead of pain there is some discomfort, which most write off to fatigue.

When pressure is applied to certain vertebrae of the lower back pain syndrome is amplified several times. This starts a reflex spasm of the muscles, which causes compression of the nerve roots that increases the pain several times.

To understand that the disease has touched the nerve tissue, it is possible according to the following criteria:

  1. Numbness or tingling in the skin in the lower back and legs.
  2. Crosses into the left or right leg that can reach the foot and toes.
  3. The change in the sensitivity.
  4. Violation of tactile feelings.
  5. Cold limb.
  6. Sweating.
  7. Hair loss on the legs.

Before starting treatment, should clarify the extent of the disease. Retromoderated 1 degree has no symptoms, and the deviation of vertebrae from the norm is not more than 25%.

Retromoderated 2 degrees starts at offset vertebrae from 25 to 50%, begins to show pain, but only in the form of subtle manifestations.

In the third degree offset reaches 75%, and then starts radicular syndrome with compression of the nerve tissue.

At the fourth degree of the lumbar vertebra or other back supports for more than 75% compared to the next vertebra.

Last, and most severe stage is called spondylitis in which the vertebrae just slips from its place, which can cause death.

How to get rid of

Unfortunately, even knowing what kind of disease how to treat it no one knows for sure. There is no guarantee that the conservative therapy, and the more the operation can return the spine to a state before the illness.

It should be remembered that to put in place the displaced vertebrae by using tablets and ointments is impossible. Such funds can help to ease pain and inflammation, to eliminate reflex muscle spasm, improve blood circulation and the nervous system.

But, using medication, it is impossible to achieve full recovery even at an early stage. Therefore, the patient must undergo a surgical treatment.

With the progression of the disease, and it can be detected on x-ray, which should be done from time to time, required to carry out the fixation of the spine using a special metal. However, everything here is strictly individual and depends on many factors, including the presence of contraindications to surgery.

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