Treatment of lumbar chondrosis

The main cause – excessive strain on the spine. Can be formed not only among elderly but also among young people. The disease first shows no external signs, and can therefore be detected only after some time. After accurate diagnosis you must immediately start treatment of lumbar chondrosis, not to provoke severe complications.

Therapeutic measures to pursue the following objectives:

For the treatment of chondrosis is necessary to apply complex therapy. In conjunction with medical drugs used physiotherapy. Can be assigned to a therapeutic massage, electrophoresis, ultraviolet radiation, diadynamic currents.

As well as physical therapy, chiropractic and shock wave therapy and also reflexology. In the absence of the necessary results from conservative therapeutic measures can be appointed surgery. Also done when complications of lumbar chondrosis associated with hernia formation.

To eliminate symptoms of chondrosis and improve the patient’s condition can be used in traditional medicines. Unconventional methods are unable to solve a pathological condition completely, so use them only as part of combination therapy. Before applying any of the methods at home should consult a specialist in order not to aggravate the already difficult situation.


The treatment of the disease is long. Some one medicine that can cure a pathological condition does not exist.

Therefore, appointed complex therapy of the following medications:

  • analgesic (pain) funds: Pain, Ketonal, Phenylbutazone, Baralgin, Paracetamol, Advil;
  • anti-inflammatory drugs: Ibuprofen, Ketorol, Nise, Nimesil, Diclofenac, Nurofen;
  • chondroprotectors: Structum, symptoms, hondrolon, Alflutop, Rumalon, teraflex;
  • the myorelaxants: Mydocalm, Structum, Traumeel;
  • antispasmodics: Nospanum, Papaverine, Buscopan;
  • venotonic: Anavenol, Aescusan, Aminophylline, Tanakan, Bilobil;
  • sedative drug Novopassit, Persen;
  • nootropics: Aminalon, Fenibut, Fezam, Ceraxon, Glycine;
  • vitamin and mineral supplements: Milgamma, Neurobion, Neuromultivit, Vitrum, Duovit;
  • antiallergic drugs: Donormil Eglonil, Gidazepam, tincture of Valerian and motherwort.

Apart from tablets, for oral use solution is also used for injections, various ointments and gels, medicated plasters, candles. Injections are assigned under the following conditions:

Found effective remedy for pains and for the treatment of joints:

  • natural composition,
  • with no side effects
  • efficiency, proven expert,
  • a quick result.
  • in the presence of intense pain that cannot be tolerated;
  • when a strong inflammatory process in the periarticular tissues;
  • in acute pathological condition;
  • intense manifestations the clinical picture of the disease.

To treat the lumbar chondrosis is required only under the supervision of a highly qualified specialist. All medication should be used only after a doctor’s prescription with exact observance of dosage and duration of therapy.

Physical therapy

Physiotherapy in the medical drugs improve the patient’s condition when chondrosis. They also contribute to the rapid recovery of the patient. Due to the fact that physical therapy is performed locally and does not hurt the surrounding tissue, side effects are virtually absent.

Thanks to physiotherapy interventions, can achieve the following effects:

  • restores metabolic processes in tissues and organs;
  • includes protective functions in the body;
  • eliminates or decreases the pain syndrome;
  • removed the swelling;
  • reduces inflammation in the affected tissues;
  • improving motor function of the joints.

For a comprehensive treatment of the disease uses the following methods of physiotherapy:

  1. Exposure to ultraviolet light (UV). Has a bactericidal effect, eliminates inflammation, relieves pain. In the first session is assigned a minimum dosage. This manages to avoid allergies and adverse reactions. Gradually the dose is increased. The duration of treatment is 10-15 procedures.
  2. The influence of ultrasonic waves. Relieves pain. Improves the passage of the active substances of drugs to diseased tissues. The frequency of exposure is 25 thousand Hz.
  3. Magnetotherapy impact. Is performed by means of magnetic induction. The duration of the session does not exceed 20 minutes. The course of treatment is not more than 20 procedures.
  4. Shock-wave therapy. Relieves swelling and pain. The procedure is based on the influence of acoustic waves on the affected area.
  5. Electrotherapeutic effect. Based on the effects of electrical microcurrents on the injured area. The procedure improves blood flow to the affected area, promotes nourishment of damaged tissues.
  6. Laser therapy. Enhances the biological activity of the nervous system. It has wound-healing effect. Reduces swelling and inflammation. Eliminates pain.
  7. Balneotherapy effects. This treatment of mineral waters and mud. Because of this the affected tissues are enriched with essential minerals and vitamins.
  8. Detenzor therapy. This technique consists in stretching the spine under the influence of body weight of the patient. Relieves, pain. Does not provide therapeutic effects.

Physiotherapeutic procedures have contraindications, so it can be assigned only to the attending physician.

Therapeutic exercises when chondrosis strengthen the muscles of the skeleton and improves joint mobility. Physical therapy can be started only after the acute stage of the pathological condition to be over and the pain subsides. Therapeutic measures in the early stages should be performed only under the supervision of a specialist. It is necessary that the patient has harmed himself due to the lack of practice. After the exercises are honed, you can do them yourself at home.

The main set of exercises includes the following:

  • the tilting in different directions with a straight back;
  • stretching exercises, arching my back (“cat/dog”);
  • abdominal exercises;
  • motion for strengthening lower body.

strengthening muscle tissue, reducing the load on the spinal unit;The exact set of exercises is chosen by the specialist for each patient individually. They develop and strengthen muscular corset. Physiotherapy is recommended for preventive purposes.

Regular exercises gives you the following result:

  • increased space between vertebrate disks;
  • prevention of pinching of the nerve endings;
  • elimination of muscle spasm;
  • improving metabolic process;
  • normalizing nutrients to tissues and joints;
  • improving blood circulation in the brain;
  • reducing the risk of recurrence;
  • elimination of pain and improvement in General condition of the patient.

Exercises you need to perform efficiently. The load should increase gradually. Don’t try hard to take it easy. If you experience pain, you must stop the therapy and contact your doctor.

Traditional medicine

Main folk remedies for the treatment of lumbar chondrosis in the home can be prepared from components such as:

  • plant material: stems, roots, vegetable oil;
  • animal products: honey, oil, eggs, etc.;
  • chemicals: iodine, alcohol, turpentine.

Agents of plant origin intended for topical and oral use. Animal products are used for ointments, compresses, rastertime. Has a warming and anaesthetic effect. Chemicals are used to compress and rastirok. They improve blood circulation in damaged areas. Relax muscles and eliminate pain.

In the same way as medicines, remedies alternative medicine can cause harm if used improperly. Therefore, adhere to recipes. Otherwise, you can trigger burning and itching, rashes and redness of the skin.

For pain syndrome with chondrosis you can use the following rubbing:

  • mix 0.3 l of ethanol, 10 ml of iodine, 10 ml of alcohol camphor;
  • dissolve in the resulting liquid 10 tablets Analgin;
  • rubbed into the skin at the location of the pain.

When using may feel a burning. This is a normal phenomenon. The rubbing must not be used on damaged skin.

To relieve pain and improve well-being in the lumbar chondrosis, you can use medicated compresses. They need to alternate between a (first 3 days one pack, the next 3 days – the second and so one by one).

The first recipe:

  • mix 50 g of mustard powder, 50 ml of ethanol, 50 ml of alcohol camphor, 3 whipped egg whites;
  • leave for 12 hours in a cool dark place.

The second recipe:

  • mix until a homogeneous mass 100 g of honey, 150 ml of ethanol, 50 ml of aloe juice;
  • let stand for 12 hours.

The obtained mass is enough for a two-week course of treatment of lumbar chondrosis.

If you experience acute pain instead of painkilling drugs you can use the following alternative therapies:

  1. Grate raw potatoes and mix in equal proportions with honey. Of the funds received to make compresses on the affected area. Pain is removed very quickly, but the effect is short-lived.
  2. Mix 1 tsp. birch leaves and cranberries. Pour 1 liter of boiling water and let stand. After that, the tea from medicinal herbs strain and drink throughout the day.
  3. Wet in kerosene gauze cloth and apply it on the sore spot. Compress the top cover with polythene and warm cloth. Fix it with a bandage. Keep for 2-3 hours. This tool is effective for pain, but has a very strong smell.
    Any means of alternative medicine have contraindications. Before using them you need to consult with your doctor. The effective result of such treatment will only bring in the basic methods of treatment (conservative or surgical intervention).
Preventive actions

To reduce the risk of chondrosis requires the following steps:

  • to do sports every day (but not overloading yourself);
  • physical activity be distributed evenly (alternating sessions with rest);
  • to monitor their weight (to avoid obesity);
  • do not wear high-heel shoes;
  • during the holidays use orthopedic pillow and mattress;
  • to monitor the posture when walking and sitting position;
  • try not to lift heavy objects;
  • take a comfortable position during sleep.

Chondrosis of the lumbar spine can occur not only due to age-related changes, but also at a younger age. To protect themselves from the pathological condition 100% impossible. So you need to undergo regular diagnostic tests. The sooner the disease is detected and treatment begun, the easier it will be to get rid of lumbar chondrosis.

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