Torsion of the vertebrae

This little unit is associated with the same components of a large system with the help of special substances and formed a Central pillar. It is in the center of the column is the spinal cord, which is a vital structure of the body. The condition of the spinal cord affects the overall health and if the spine is something wrong, the person immediately feels unwell. This condition becomes quite serious when the person observed torsion of the vertebrae. Torsion is the displacement of the vertebrae, which now should talk a little closer.

At school teach children that the human spine is a unique structure and consists of a large number of smaller units called vertebrae. Each vertebrae has its own body, the basis, and even appendages – horns.

What is torsion of the vertebrae

The disease occurs quite often, because the wrong image of the person contributes to its development. If the patient has bad posture, kyphosis, lordosis or scoliosis, then he should be ready to face the problem of torsion.

Such bending of the vertebrae can be described as follows:

  • a vertebra unfolds no human movement and no longer returns to its original position;
  • each vertebra is wrapped around the vertical axis of the spine;
  • symmetry spins is considerably disturbed, which becomes visible during the initial inspection;
  • the vertebrae are shifted relative to each other and fixed in this position;
  • a gradual increase in deformation, the distribution of problems on all large areas of the body.

Torsion of the vertebrae is their unauthorized reversal and locking in the wrong position. Such a process is called multiple factors and eliminate it will have a long time, and the process can not be called simple.

The cause of the problem

When confronted with the word torsion, not everyone from the first time I will say that it is. The indicated variation of the curvature of the back is a topic that is not addressed in school, but some detail is studied in universities.

The main causes of these changes in the body is called to the following factors:

  • people are constantly taking the wrong position of the body;
  • there are other curvatures, such as scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis, round or flat back;
  • muscular system is weak and this person brings a strong physical exertion;
  • the problem is the result of some physical injury;
  • there was asymmetry in terms of the location of the back muscles.

The problem is acquired and a person will not be able to insure themselves, at any age. In order to avoid such consequences, a person should take care of the health of the back, always the right sit and stand, distribute the load evenly and sharply to lift heavy things.

Varieties of the disease

Torsion of the vertebrae – this is a problem that medical professionals were divided into several varieties. In summary there are two types of this disease – absolute and relative torsion, each of which has its own characteristics.

If torsion is considered absolute and confirmation of this was given by the doctor, the reason for this process were the following factors:

  • kyphosis, scoliosis and other curvature of the back, which are nonheritable;
  • stretching back muscles;
  • other physical activities that are performed beyond the norm.

The relative torsion is present in humans for the following reasons:

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  • enlargement of the liver and intestines, which causes compression of the vertebrae;
  • too fast growth of the tissues of the spine of the child, which is an unnatural process;
  • other factors of this type.

Correctly identify the problem and point out its variation can only a doctor and not every patient will understand what it is like to struggle with such phenomenon. That is why, if people observe the curvature of the back or feel discomfort in the area of the back discomfort, he should consult a doctor who will prescribe the necessary treatment measures.

Diagnosis and treatment

With the problems that affect the spine, any person will be able to contact the surgeon or the traumatologist.

The initial examination is not so easy to identify the problem, but still suspect it torsos possible through the use of such techniques:

  1. to put a person near the wall to take correct body position, to get him to fix this position and slowly move;
  2. the measurements of the size and location of the vertebrae when a person is in a bent position to tilt the body forward;
  3. visual and tactile examination of the patient.

These methods can only be called additional therapeutic stage, and the main and most accurate ways of diagnosis are:

  1. If torsion in humans is still present, it will not feel severe pain, but it will not be too comfortable to walk, sit or even lie down. Torsion of the spine is quite a serious problem that you cannot handle yourself.radiography;
  2. performing magnetic resonance imaging;
  3. identify curvatures of the vertebrae with the help of special electronic devices designed to measure their position and compare with the need for the person parameters.
Therapeutic measures

To resolve the problem of this nature, a sick person needs to be examined by a doctor. The medical specialist must not only diagnose the problem, but also to learn about the true problems of its occurrence.

Only then the doctor can prescribe the person therapy, which may include the following points:

  • complete elimination of the provoking factor;
  • treatment aimed at the removal of the discomfort;
  • physiotherapy;
  • physical therapy and massage;
  • the daily adjustment of the position of the body and the exclusion of the possibility to lift some weights.

The duration of therapy will depend on severity of problem, patient’s age, individual characteristics on the body. Doctors quite often used shock wave therapy and this method also has a positive effect.

Torsion of the vertebrae is a very serious curvature. This problem will strongly influence the overall health of the person and his health. To treat such pathology must be properly, and all therapeutic measures should be administered by your doctor. Torsion may occur due to the fact that the person is in the wrong position most of the day or because of problems arising at the level of internal organs and systems. To diagnose the problem is not too difficult, but also to determine the eye this pathology is impossible.

The treatment of this disease is quite long, but with proper execution, a person can once and forever get rid of your problem. Most often, patients have to undergo a course of complex therapy, in fact it is the most effective competent. When the vertebrae rotates in the opposite direction and there recorded, the whole body suffers, but to prevent it you need to watch a condition of own health, try to have the correct posture constantly to include in the diet foods rich in vitamins and useful microelements. Only in this way, you will avoid all possible problems with the spine.

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