The symptoms and treatment of osteoporosis of the spine

Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by a decrease in bone density in pathological form, because of the violation of natural equilibrium, which is inherent to the processes of formation and destruction of bone tissue type.

Osteoporosis of the spine refers to severe forms of this disease, so how exactly a pillar of the spine suffers the most severe load during the movement, maintains equilibrium. When each vertebra is subjected to the effect of destruction, begins the development of compression fractures of character, and this leads to pain in patients and binds the members.

In this article we will try to understand whether it is possible to cure osteoporosis, which is characterized by symptoms of osteoporosis of the lumbar spine, do I need a special diet for osteoporosis, and more.

The main symptoms of the disease

In the initial stages of the disease development of any specific complaints from patients are usually not supplied. Only in case of fractures, wearing compressive in nature, which are caused by dangerous disorders of bone structure begin to show symptoms , which make it possible to detect the presence of osteoporosis. Before you start to discuss osteoporosis of the spine, it is necessary to analyze the symptoms of the disease and to talk about how is it treated.

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First of all, the emergence of a strong cutting pain is the most noticeable sign of incipient disease. Occurs under load compressive in nature, when man sharply turns his torso or pulls of gravity. Pain can also occur in case of a fall. Pain syndrome is manifested in a more striking form when the person moves. This condition can last from four to six weeks. Then the pain gradually begins to subside. With the emergence of a large number of small fractures of the vertebrae are subjected to deformation, and then under the influence of its own gravity gives way. Because of this, patients constantly feel in my back a sharp pain, worsening during coughing or laughing, and during the move.

When the processes of a pathological nature are subject to several separate vertebrae, there is a distortion of the column of the spine. As the main symptom is the lesion of the body, which accounts for 1-2 vertebrae of the lumbar or thoracic vertebrae 9-12 type. This situation is due to the presence in these areas of the vertebral curves of the natural look, find themselves the main targets of the maximum load of the vertical sample. There is a stoop. In the process of development of the pathology is the increased distortion of the back, which can lead to the appearance of the hump. In this case the vertebrae of the cervical and upper types suffer from fractures and heavy compression in rare cases.

People with osteoporosis of the thoracic spine and osteoporosis of the cervical spine, have one very important feature with increasing growth there are changes in the structure of the body. Also in the chest there is a significant change – it becomes shorter and at the same time, the hands of visually presented long. At the advanced stage there is a narrowing of the distance between the ribs and pelvic bones and this can cause pain in the area of Boca.

If the fact of the fracture was recorded not very long, it can be characterized by the soreness of the local view while feeling the vertebrae themselves. The most distinctive characteristic to differentiate osteoporotic symptoms from other diseases of the spine, is the absence of disorders, sensitive or motor, which may indicate the tissue in the painful process of the spinal elements or endings of the nervous type.

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How to diagnose osteoporosis

Diagnosis of osteoporosis in the area of the spine involves the use not only of clinical symptoms but also methods of laboratory type. The disease is diagnosed similar to the diagnosis, which is carried out to the standard definition of bone osteoporosis.

The first diagnosis on the basis of instrumental techniques. A study of the vertebral region by using x-rays. This method provides feedback in the case of reduction to thirty percent of the mass of bone.

However, vertebral osteoporosis, there are a few signs that accompany this pathology:

  1. The rapid increase of the degree of transparency of vertebral bodies due to conduct some amount of research procedures.
  2. In the photo the most apparent vertical partition of bone type in the vertebral zones. This is explained by the weak structure of the plates, which are located in a vertical position.
  3. Decrease of height of vertebral departments. They become “the vertebrae of fishes” due to vignette on both sides.
  4. Distortion of vertebral wedge-shaped divisions of nature due to the shortening of the region, located in the front.

Bone densitometry is a method of diagnosis, which is based on the notion that the bone tissue sample carries out the absorption of small doses of radiation by x-rays, and according to the degree of the absorption is already possible to talk about the level of density of bone tissue. This kind of research is the safest and most acceptable, and provides the opportunity for the most correct determination of the structure of the bony tissue, and also control the progression of the disease. On the Internet you can find a video where this procedure is demonstrated clearly. Also you can visit a medical forum, where publicly discussed all of the above questions.

Radioisotope scan method implemented to study the bone tissue, based on the nature of certain substances, and with the help of labeled markers with some degree of radiation accumulated in the bone structure.

Methods of laboratory type are regarded as additional tools to assess the status of the exchange of calcium in the body.

If a man suddenly showed signs of osteoporosis, it should immediately take several research programs:

  • Basic blood tests, urine.
  • Biochemical tests of blood to determine the presence in the body of calcium and other vital elements.
  • The analysis of hormones of the thyroid gland, as well as hormones of a sexual nature.
Diffuse osteoporosis

Diffuse osteoporosis of the spine is characterized in that at the time of its occurrence in the patient tissue of the bone is much thinner. Most often this disease appears in people older.

In this form of osteoporosis bone tissue is usually restored more slowly than usual. Because of this, bones become fragile. Even a very minor injury can cause a serious fracture, the skeleton also undergoes deformation. The pathology of this form differs strongly pronounced pain in the area of the back. Similar properties has osteopenia of the lumbar spine.

Osteopenia of the lumbar spine are usually manifested in the case of lung disease, and its treatment is exactly the same as in the case of osteoporosis.

Therapy program

Now we will try to understand how to treat osteoporosis of the spine. You are interested in, first of all, what kind of doctor treats osteoporosis of the spine. Problems brittle bones are predominantly traumatologists, endocrinologists and orthopedists.

The pathology is usually treated according to the method, which corresponds to varying degrees of destruction of the structure of bone. If the pathology is determined by densitometry, is not allocated due to distinct manifestations, the medical procedure should be performed in order to reduce the speed of tissue removal, and prevention in the most affected areas of the body. If the patient manifests a pathological syndrome because of compression, that therapeutic treatments should be aimed to get rid of pain and to prevent future reduction of bone density.

Helps exercises for osteoporosis of the spine. This kind of exercise is carried out exclusively at the end of a pathological aggravation. In this situation, physical therapy strengthens the ligamentous apparatus of the spinal cord and corset on the basis of the muscles. Each doctor prescribes to his patient suffering from this disease, physiotherapy for osteoporosis.

If osteoporosis of the spine passes through the therapy gym, the main principle of this procedure is to strengthen the muscular corset. What is the corset you ask? To make it clearer, a corset of muscle that forms the skeleton of the body and ensures the normal position of the internal type.

Massage for osteoporosis may also prove useful. To undergo this procedure need only be proven professionals. It is worth noting that massage osteoporosis can lead to due effect, only when performing his highly skilled. Exercises for osteoporosis need to pick up individually (useful if the hemangioma l1 vertebral parts).

Treatment of osteoporosis of the spine in women and men is almost the same. Women during the disease should eat foods that contain phytoestrogens. Diet for osteoporosis of the spine should be correct: mostly dairy products, greens, beans.

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