Corset to correct posture how to choose?

Orthopedic corset for the posture necessary to support the spine in a physiologically correct position. There are diseases in which this device is vital.


This could include:

  1. Lordosis.
  2. The kyphosis.
  3. Scoliosis.
  4. The stoop.
  5. Congenital anomalies of the spine.
  6. Purchased incorrect posture in schoolchildren.

All these cases are in the early stages of development can be corrected only with the help of wearing a corset to correct posture. However, before each in this case, is not less important issue is how to choose this device?


To date, there are two types of these products. The first is supporting devices that are used to help the spine cope with stress after trauma, surgical intervention, the presence of osteoporosis and degenerative disc disease. But in order to correct posture, this device is not suitable.

The second type is the corrective braces, which are designed to correct the spine in certain pathologies. The design of this device is that some elements can affect the curvature itself, and the second well consolidate the results.

Types of corrective devices

Children’s corset to correct posture, however, as an adult, can have multiple types, and it all depends on the wishes of the patient, and the doctor’s recommendations.

Elastic bandage has no rigid inserts, which makes wearing it very comfortable. The main purpose of this device is unloading the lumbar and thoracic. When the spine is fixed in the correct anatomical position.

Magnetic option helps to cope not only with the curvature of the back, but also pain.

In case of serious violations applies a more rigid brace, which is mounted on the sides of the plate.

And, finally, lumbar brace, which is designed not only to correct posture but also to warm the loins in rheumatism.

You can also use the bandage of plastic, but it is quite uncomfortable and get used to it will have a long time.


Choose a corset alone is not recommended. To do this is only a podiatrist, which will definitely be to completely understand the illness and say which option is suitable for a particular disease. But to choose a device to correct posture, on the advice of neighbors or friends, because to them this is the option that helped – a huge mistake. Such a choice should be abandoned.

A severe form of scoliosis and kyphosis requires round-the-clock wearing of the corset. Interruption of such wear should be minimal and only as needed, for example, bathing or medical procedures. Why you need to wear it all day? The fact is that to cure the disease without surgery in this case will not work, but the bandage will help to stop further progression of the disease.

At the second degree of the curvature, it can be worn around the clock or only during daytime activity, and it is about 16 hours a day. With proper selection of this product, as well as regular wear, treatment of curvature of the back can be quite successful.

Finally, the initial impairment, which is expressed slightly while wearing this device can be no more than one and a half hours a day. In this therapy, don’t stop there. The doctor must recommend to the gymnastic exercises and swimming.

Where to make a purchase

The easiest and at the same time, a common way is to buy a product at the pharmacy. Here is a great selection and affordable prices. However, the size of sold goods, as a rule, a standard, and it is not for everyone. Especially when it concerns children.

The second method is to order a brace to order. In this case, will be taken into account such factors as age, degree of spinal curvature, as well as the shape and rigidity of products.

And finally, many people prefer to do this product yourself. But in this case it is likely to make a mistake, and such a thing can only hurt.

When buying you should choose only known to the manufacturer and pharmacies that are certified for such products. When you purchase fake goods there is great risk that the disease will progress, but does not heal. So bought a corset, be sure to show the doctor.

About how much will have to carry a product, it is necessary to see a specialist. In some cases it is prescribed for life, and in some diseases, wearing time may be limited to several months or even years.

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