The correspondent of SE checked on herself the Japanese massage right at the workplace

Massage during working races, relieving stress and kneading his stiff back, is what the doctor prescribed. A special massage technique for office workers was invented in Japan, where, as is known, computers suffer from a heart attack.

But in Novosibirsk you can order directly to the working place of the masseur, which was done by the correspondent of SE.

If someone happened to work until the night, do not let the mouse out of the palm for 12 hours, feel the charm of the deadline and the sharpness of the sensations from the failure of terms, he, perhaps, will remember how in those moments he dreamed that you were stroked on the head or on the back.

Massage with leaving the office in the same Japan, in America – it’s normal. In Moscow, too, they began to do so – an office where “mental” labor is full of days and people experience serious stress at work, unfortunately, it becomes more and more. In Novosibirsk, with workaholism while everything is familiar, but already there is a company that deals with traveling to offices to overloaded workers, – Anti Stress Express.

According to employees, they have orders, some offices are called several times – like. But for the sake of one or two people the massage therapist will not go to your workplace – it is unprofitable, usually single people are invited to visit the massage room. It is not cheap – 450 rubles, lasts 25 minutes. At trial order in the office – at least 8 people – one session will cost 360 rubles. But in general the number of clients is stipulated, and it happens.

Agreed about the time of arrival of the masseur in the morning, and exactly at the appointed time, he was with the chair and tape recorder in the office. For the session it is good to have a separate room – so that colleagues do not stare and do not distract, after all the massage is done in order to help relax and relieve nervous tension. Undress is not necessary – manipulations are made through clothing and without the use of oils or creams.

In Japanese amma massage (translated as “hand comfort”), stroking, kneading, stretching and pokolachivanie body in the location of acupressure points are used.

Such a massage can not be called therapeutic, it does not treat specific diseases. Do not confuse it with a shiatsu – a massage that grew out of ammonia. In our city, it is often done: in the center of Chinese traditional medicine “Feng Hua” depending on the area of ​​the disease, the shiatsu massage session costs 700-900 rubles, in “Asia SPA” – 1,5 hours 1500 rubles.

Amma massage is mainly directed to the central nervous system – the effect on the points where there are many nerve endings leads to a general release of tension. Massage does not have strict contraindications, except for pregnancy – some points of study affect the contraction of the uterus.

For the session you need to occupy a curious pose on the armchair: the legs are bent at the knees and rest on pillows, the head and stomach also lie on a special pillow, the posture itself suggests relaxation – you seem to be limply limp. In this position, according to experts, there is also a profound meaning: for the touch, only the posterior half of the trunk is open, and the front, more vulnerable, is hidden, which creates an additional sense of security for the patient.

The masseur began to influence the shoulders, then – on the hands, not using the usual movements, but only by pressing on certain points, many of which, especially in the forearm zone, were very sensitive. Brushes and fingers the masseur carefully rubs – hands becomes warm and easy. Pointed neck and head are worked.

At some point, the masseur begins often and often stroked his head – the information will not be superfluous for those who expected during the session to keep the complex styling. 

After that, the action is transferred to the back – the area of ​​the spine is being developed (yes, by the way, with some diseases of the spine, especially fractures, massage is also contraindicated). The waist and even the hips are stretched out – the masseur influences the points in this part of the body with strong squeezing – there they also are.
>Relax is really obtained, and the sensations are pleasant, even when the point on which they press, responds painfully.

A few minutes after the procedure you need to rest, after which there will be a surge of strength and efficiency. Since the massage was done to me at the end of the working day, I did not feel the urge to work, but the strength was really increased – I did not feel such cheerfulness and clarity of thoughts in the morning. Remembering night vigils at the computer, I dare to assume that this massage in critical situations can work wonders. It’s another matter whether it is worth working so that you need to be pumped out?

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