A set of exercises, gymnastics with scapulohumeral periarthritis

The humerus, or scapulohumeral, periarthritis called a disease in which inflamed surrounding the shoulder joint tissue, ligaments, joint capsule, located near the muscle tendon.

For the treatment and rehabilitation of diseases used medication in conjunction with gymnastics. Without the exercises, the performance of procedures will be reduced. You need to not just fulfill them, but to do it right.

Physiotherapy is performed after the approval of your doctor. Otherwise there is a risk of complications, deterioration of the joint. To cure frozen shoulder, exercises Popova offers effective methods. Simple activities, chosen professional, has repeatedly proven effective in helping to cope with pain.

The list of exercises

Gymnastics by the method of Popov should be reduced in the end to a single – relaxation of the corresponding muscles. Additionally to ease the pain can folk remedies. The number of events selected individually. For clarity, it is worth seeing the video to do the right thing.


  1. Starting position – lying on his back. Movements are slow. Hands are bent in elbows, fingers compressed and opens 10 times. Brushes periodically potrahatsya. Duration – 30 sec.
  2. Hands bend at the elbows. Hands bend at the wrist 5 times, then rotate in a circular motion in different directions for 5 times. Performed slowly.
  3. Hands along the body of the body. Turn the brush up and down with the palms 8 times.
  4. Hands are bent in elbows under a corner of 90 degrees. the lower arm to the side. The task in touch the bed each side of the brush 4 times.
  5. Brushes are attached to the shoulders. Elbows divorce to the horizontal level of the air inhaled. Elbows come down and out.
  6. Arms stretched up palms. Within minutes, the body relaxes.

For the treatment of periarthritis, the complex of actions for the treatment of joint from Dr. Popov in the morning, afternoon and evening. Exercises can be performed at a different time, depending on the condition of the patient, at the discretion of the physician.

If the pain is obtuse, use the following steps:

  1. Starting position – sitting. Hands are bent in elbows on the inhale, straighten and relax the muscles on the exhale. Performed 5 swings hands.
  2. The hand rises up to breath, to relax, to wave on the exhale.
  3. The hand is put behind the back hand rises to the shoulder blades. Repeat with the other hand 4 times.
  4. Is performed standing. Legs arbitrarily, arms relaxed, down. To produce circular motion of the shoulders, allowing for minimal pain.
  5. Before a compressed stick. The arms are extended. On the inhale, the hands turn in one direction after another. To turn involved should be shoulders, not the wrist or forearm. If pain is felt, it is necessary to hold slower.

The complex Popova include other classes for the treatment of humeroscapular periarthritis in the home, the main thing that gymnastics was performed with isolation shoulder movements. The blades can be locked using the provided straps. Or choose the position of the body, such that the blades almost did not move during execution.

For the prevention and treatment of diseases of the JOINTS our constant reader uses the increasingly popular NON-surgical method of treatment is recommended by leading German and Israeli orthopedists. Thoroughly acquainted with him, we decided to offer it to your attention.

Conduct complex independently at home or under supervision of a doctor. Simulators are needed, it is important to adhere to the implementation schedule. After completing the course of treatment, not to aggravate painful joints, to avoid any new inflammation. Use of folk remedies can is removed pain.

According to physical therapy (exercise therapy) at the end of exercise for the treatment of humeroscapular periarthritis necessary measures to restore the mobility. To do this, lie down on a hard surface (floor, carpet) to be able to take and record the body. Hand pain goes to side, the maximum is given in the shoulder and fixed.

According to physical therapy to strengthen the joint is applied with sand bags 500 g, which podsazhivaetsya under forearm, hand. The hand is held in this position as long as possible, first 5 minutes, then, with increasing load, half an hour, and falls. The patient should rise or sit, shake by hand for minutes.
Performing a set in the home, it is necessary to observe the possible abduction angle of the hand, the duration of action. After each execution it is necessary to increase the duration and angle of inclination. You can use folk remedies to maximize efficiency.

The purpose of the exercise

To perform complex needs to achieve the following objectives:

  • to relieve pain, relax muscles;
  • to recover the mobility of shoulder joints;
  • to restore muscle strength, tone.

According to the method of Dr. Popov, which is similar to the action bubnivs’ka from a 2 stages treatment of periarthritis in the home. First, you need to reduce pain, relax the muscles affected. Here everything is done sitting on a chair, standing and lying on the back. If the pain is reduced, then the goal is achieved. To hold carefully, otherwise there is a risk to pull the joint increase the pain. You can see the exercises on video, so will be clearer.

Following a period of treatment of periarthritis needed to restore joint mobility, muscle tone. You can perform standing at the wall, sitting. Muscles stretch and relax. You can use additional items – sticks, blocks, bandages. There are also recovery methods folk remedies that have proven effectiveness.

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