Sciatica: symptoms and treatment of this disease

Sciatica is a disease of the musculoskeletal system. However, the mechanism of the disease covers the nervous system, and back problems are the only source of primary disease.

The disease is a lesion of the spinal cord roots, with a strong pain. This disease is common, mostly sick people of whom more than 40 years.

Fast cure for sciatica impossible.

The causes of the disease

Provokes the appearance of the disease the introduction of the virus into the body of the nerve, and the cause of the pain is the compression of the nerve.

The main causes of disease can become:

  • stress;
  • osteochondrosis is the main cause of cervical radiculitis, thoracic and sacral;
  • of a neck injury, cracked vertebrae, causing undue stress on the remaining vertebrae and discs; herniated discs;
  • hypothermia and poor movement of hands or head and spinal tumors.
Types of sciatica

Depending on where the affected nerves are: cervical radiculitis, thoracic and sacral.

Sciatica sacral spine

The main types of pain sacral spine consider, sciatica, lumbago or lumbalgia.


Symptoms – severe pain, any rotation of the spine becomes even stronger. More symptoms of partial or complete loss of sensitivity. All the symptoms of this disease quickly can be cured only with medication.

Cervical radiculitis

Cervical radiculitis – inflammation of the cervical roots, located in the upper part of the dorsal division. The cervical spine consists of seven vertebrae located between the disks. Common to them is the only pain symptoms and tone the neck muscles.

Depending on the location of the inflammation, there are certain types of cervical radiculitis:

  • verhnesheynye, or vertebrogenic cervicobrachialgia;
  • low cervical or vertebral cervicobrachialgia, wherein the process involves the vessels and nerves going to the hands;
  • this intermediate form when the pain is directed at the area of the shoulder girdle cervical isolated form,
  • vertebrogenic cervicalgia (only pain in the neck).

Cervical radiculitis is a disease of a neurological nature. In order to quickly to treat cervical radiculitis will use modern treatment programs.

Thoracic radiculitis

The symptoms are felt a sharp pain in the back, in front of the chest and between the shoulder blades. Pain occurs when the change of weather, physical exertion. Directly felt:

  1. Back pain in the center of the chest. It extends to the intercostal space.
  2. The following symptoms is muscle weakness. In severe cases – up to paresis or atrophy.
  3. Often the pain is accompanied by decreased sensitivity of the skin in the chest, and hands.
Sacral sciatica

Sacroiliac pain can occur in two forms:

  • it occurs mainly in young people, in some situations, changes in the spine and not at all.
  • develops or after a poorly healed acute forms, or may occur independently.

Many have to be treated with medication more than one day. Sacral the symptoms of the disease occur with pain in the lower back and stretch out in the leg.


Despite all the signs, start the treatment only after examination and individually. In the early stages of the disease, the preference is given to medical treatment and the use of b vitamins can be Treated with medication ointments such as: Fastum gel, Dolobene, symptoms and others, only intensifies the effect of massage.

The patient not to pull on your spinal discs, this should only be done by a specialist.

Age-related changes in the spine are eliminated only with medication. A large effect of treatment gives magnetotherapy.

Treatment of cervical radiculitis

To start the treatment of cervical sciatica need to reduce the load on the vertebrae and a time not to turn head. To do this, use the locking brace. To cure quickly the cervical radiculitis is impossible.

Treatment back pain

To cure sacral disease by medical, orthopedic, physiotherapeutic methods. The disease can be cured with medication, also with the help of methods of nonconventional medicine, and it is better to apply several ways. Before you can treat the sacral region of the back with traditional methods, you need to consult a specialist.

Complications of sciatica

As a result of negligent attitude to treatment can commence severe pain. In this case, probably the treatment of sciatica medicines, but also more serious intervention. When the sacral diseases can develop serious complications. In many cases inflammation of the intervertebral disc is accompanied by both inflammation of the sciatic nerve. In severe cases, the use of surgical treatment.


Massage and manual therapy can cure the disease, also possible in prophylactic cases. If the patient has heavy physical work, with heavy work the muscles of the back must be raised the question about the change of profession. You can do light exercises. A positive result from special diets. You must know that the disease develops for a long time.

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