Manifestations and treatment dorsopathy spine

Dorsopathy – a group of diseases of degenerative nature, which affect the spine and paravertebral tissues. The basis of disease – pathology of eating disorders of the vertebrae and tissues that surround the spine. This is a fairly common pathology, which is mainly diagnosed in people 30 to 40 years. According to ICD 10 dorsopathy will have a code M40 – М54.


Doctors there are several forms of this disease. Depending on where is located the disease process, the pathology may be in the neck, chest, lumbosacral.

Depending on the type of tissue that is involved in the process, the disease is deforming, which is mainly associated with intervertebral disks, in the form of spondylopathy, which is characterized by osteophytes, and resorption of the vertebrae.

Also decided to allocate other dorsopathy of the spine, which begins to collapse the intervertebral disc and the spinal cord is pinched along with nerve roots. This causes very strong pain.


Pathology can appear in the result:

  1. Malnutrition or blood circulation surrounding the spine structures.
  2. Increased load on the back. This is especially true for those who frequently lift weights, long sitting without changing posture and with poor posture.
  3. Injuries of the spine.

In any case, the reason is of great importance, as it will depend on method of treatment.


The first symptom is pain, which is drawing or aching in nature, which may appear in any region of the spine. Markedly increases under load and decreases when lying down, since there is a release of the compressed nerve roots.

The second important symptom is the feeling of tense muscles. On palpation this muscle is quite simple detectable, palpation also causes a sharp and severe pain.

The third symptom is restriction of mobility of the spine. This is due to a sharp pain, which also increases several times when trying to perform a particular movement.

Also, the patient complains of numbness of the skin of the hands and feet, there may also be felt nagging pain. All this leads to amyotrophy, because of which muscles become weak and habitual actions, it becomes virtually impossible to perform.


The diagnosis is based on patient’s complaints, inspection and instrumental studies. After that, it will be found that the neurological status, and conducted an external inspection and found the main complaints, the patient may be sent for x-ray study that allows to understand precisely where the pathology is located and how far the process has gone.

Computed tomography and MRI will be more informative as the x-ray shows only bones and ligaments, intervertebral discs and all the rest of education can be seen only with the help of these studies.

How to get rid of

Treatment dorsopathy will be long, and sometimes you have to go to the hospital. The first thing to do is to limit the load on the spine that allows you to do in bed.

Also, be sure to correctly distribute the load on the back in case if they have to do. For example, when carrying heavy bags, their weight should be distributed on two hands, and not to bear one.

Your doctor may prescribe massage of cervical area. Also appointed physiotherapy complex, especially effective is physiotherapy. However, to do this, like to do massage, it without exacerbation of the disease.

Treatment dorsopathy spine can be supplemented by swimming. At a strong pain syndrome, you can use acupuncture. To do this must also only a professional, and only on prescription.

To relieve muscle spasms used drugs that are called muscle relaxants. However, they can be used only in a hospital under strict medical supervision.

If the disease is not amenable to conservative treatment, then you should use a surgical intervention. For example, it is used if you want to remove a herniated disc or clean the fixation of the affected joints of the spine.

Complications and consequences

The consequences can be chronic back pain that defies treatment, paralysis of the extremities and the compression of the vertebral artery that feeds the brain, can occur in the cerebral circulation.

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