Ointment with the pinching of the sciatic nerve

Statistics show that the fourth part of diseases of the back is associated with inflammation and pinched sciatic nerve. The disease is caused by a number of reasons, called sciatica.

The sciatic nerve is the longest in the human body. Starting at level 4, 5 lumbar vertebrae, it passes through 4 holes and sacral region of the pelvis. Then falls to the extremities of the legs. Has 5 or 6 nerve roots. That is why the pain can radiate from the lumbar region to the feet. This complex of diseases, caused by different reasons. What unites them is that at a certain station and there was a pinched sciatic nerve.

Before a neurologist or chiropractor will establish a diagnosis, should be screened. At this stage it is important to identify the cause of the disease, in which area of localized jamming, the degree of damage. It is on the basis of these data will guide the treatment strategy.

Diagnosis, causes, severity

First of all, begin with the examination of a neurologist. An experienced doctor by key signs can make a preliminary diagnosis. But to confirm it, you need to do x-rays, CT scans, MRI, or electromyography. Complement the picture of laboratory research and tests.

The causes of the disease sciatica

International medical classification distinguishes primary and secondary causes.

Primary (neurologic):

  • can be associated with hypothermia;
  • result of infectious diseases;
  • to occur as a result of injury.


  • destructive changes of the joints and cartilage of the spine, i.e. osteochondrosis. In the home often use the term “curvature of the spine”. A characteristic feature of the disease is that it stremindeed younger. The consequence of sedentary lifestyle and computerization;
  • the most common cause of sciatica, disc herniation;
  • spasm of the deep muscles of the spine, which can block certain parts of the vertebrae. This, ultimately, leads to a pinched nerve;
  • during pregnancy is redistributed and increases the load on the spine. This can provoke pinching of the nerve endings;
  • on the buttocks are pear-shaped muscle, under which passes the sciatic nerve. A temporary spasm or inflammation can lead to nerve entrapment.
The severity

Each of these reasons can cause rather strong pain. They are divided into three degrees. Symptoms:

  • Mild or tolerable pain.
  • Pain of a moderate nature.
  • A strong and sharp pain.

Found effective remedy for pains and for the treatment of joints:

  • natural composition,
  • with no side effects
  • efficiency, proven expert,
  • a quick result.

When the attending physician will determine the cause and severity, he will prescribe a treatment.

Treatment of sciatica

Diagnosis and treatment is comprehensive. In most cases, using conservative treatment. Surgery is performed most often in the third stage, when there is a need. Conservative treatment includes: medication, physical therapy, gymnastics complexes, and manual therapy. The impact on biologically active points of the body (reflexology).

One of the areas in the treatment for sciatica is the application of ointments. This category of drugs includes gels and balms.

Treatment ointments

Local effects on the affected areas used more often in the first two stages of severity of pain. Ointment for sciatica can enter the complex of physiotherapeutic procedures, massage or be applied separately.

Depending on the causes and treatment goals, use a variety of tools.

They can be divided into several types according to the impact and composition:

  1. Nonsteroidal relieves pain syndrome (NSAIDs).
  2. Contributing to the improvement of blood circulation, at the expense of irritating and warming effect. Blood flow reduces pain.
  3. Ointments that relieve pain and reduce inflammation.
  4. Acting directly on cartilage and bone (chondro).
  5. Remedies based on homeopathy.
Ointment relieves pain and inflammation (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory) – NSAIDs

They should appoint a doctor, they have a number of contraindications. The treatment lasts a short period of time. Ointment for pinched sciatic nerve the type of NSAID is contraindicated in children (under 12 years), lactating mothers and pregnant women. This is a General category. Separately, each tool has its limitations.

Pain ointment, the most known drugs:


The main active substance is diclofenac. It reduces pain, anti-inflammatory effect, reduces swelling. This leads to the restoration of mobility of the affected area.
Product form: gel tube, 50 and 100 grams.

The course of treatment established by the physician, not more than two weeks.


The active substances ibuprofen and dimethylsulfoxide.

Available in tube 15 and 25 grams, cream white.

The treatment lasts no more than three weeks.

Fastum gel

Active substance Ketoprofen.
Comes in a tube of aluminum, 100 gram. Colorless and almost odorless gel.
The course is limited to 10 days.

Ointment for the inflammation of the sciatic nerve of the category of NSAIDs are available both domestic and foreign pharmaceutical firms are: Diclofenac, Ortofen, Ketonal, Nurofen. Different main active active ingredient. In the initial stages of treatment to help cope with the pain. It got good reviews from many patients.

Most of them without prescription. But remember that creams and gels from sciatica this category of potent drugs. Therefore, you must strictly adhere to the instructions and follow the recommendations of the neurologist. Effective they are in combination with therapeutic massage and physical therapy.

Ointment that improve blood circulation, warming

Ointment for inflammation caused by long exposure to the cold, stress, to help relieve the compression of the nerve processes (decompression). The active components of these drugs can be both natural ingredients and synthetic substances.
These include:


Active ingredients: the main component of bee venom, methyl salicylate.
Form release: tube aluminum, 20 and 50 grams. Color white or slightly yellowish.


Active ingredients: camphor racemic, turpentine oil, dimethyl sulfoxide, and others.
Product form: tube for 30, 50 gram applicator. White or yellowish, with the smell of camphor.


Main active substances: tincture of Cayenne pepper, oil of clove, eucalyptus, camphor and others.
Product form: tube for 10, 25 grams. With yellowish color and characteristic odor.

Funds are dispensed without prescriptions. Treatment at home these funds efficiently.

This category ointment pinched sciatic nerve include: Arius Inhaler, Finalgon, Alinement and others.
Increased blood circulation caused by the irritating effect, reduces pain. The effect is enhanced by the wrap or use a hot compress.

Not recommended for children, pregnant women. If the area of the body is skin lesions, the ointment for sciatica cannot be used. After applying you need to carefully wash hands with soap and water.

Ointment for tissue repair of cartilage and bones

Chondroprotectors are used when there are symptoms of destructive changes of bone and cartilaginous tissues.
The main active substance all of these drugs are chondroitin sulfate and natural ingredient glucosamine.
In the list of medications included ointments: Sophia, Honda cream, symptoms, and others.

They can be used in conjunction with the reception of tableted drugs of this type, so as an ointment for inflammation less effectively acts on the joints.

Ointment relieves pain and inflammation, combination therapies

To this genus means include ointments sciatica Dolobene and Virapen. They have advanced regenerating and thrombolytic action.


Active substances: heparin, dexpanthenol, demetilsulfoxid.
Product form: tube of 100 grams. The gel is clear in color with a yellowish tint.


The main active ingredient of bee venom.
Product form: tube of 20 grams.

Dimexidum gel

The main active substance dimethyl sulfoxide.
Form release: aluminum 30-gram tube. Clear, slightly yellowish gel with a characteristic odor.

Ointment for inflammation not only improves circulation, and restores vessels, which contributes decompression of the nerve processes.

Ointment homeopathic

The main focus of these drugs are doing to stimulate the processes of biological regulation in the body.


The active ingredient is comfrey. Has a complex effect, regenerates tissue.

Form release: bottle, 40 grams of dark liquid. Rubbing the affected areas.


The main active ingredient derived from plants Lakonos American. Anti-inflammatory, relieving pain.
Form release: bottle, 40 grams of dark liquid.

“The purpose of T” and “scars”

Main active ingredients: complex preparation from extracts of various plants. It includes natural ingredients of animal origin. Among micronutrients, the focus is on sulfur. German drugs have different names, different dosages of the compositions. The main emphasis is on the stimulation of metabolic processes in tissues and regeneration.
Product form: tube, 50 grams.

The main advantage of homeopathic medicines is that they have no side effects, except for individual intolerance of separate components.

Ointment during pregnancy

A pinched sciatic nerve during pregnancy most often occurs due to high stress on the lower back. What creams and treatment can be offered to women “in position”? In addition to homeopathic remedies may be appointed as Dexpanthenol.


The main active substance is dexpanthenol. It is harmless due to the fact that dexpanthenol, when applied to the skin and transformed into Pantothenic acid. She, in turn, is a vitamin-like substance that takes an active part in the regeneration of tissue and improvement of metabolic processes.
Product form: tube of aluminum, 30 grams. Ointment light yellow color.

Folk remedies for external use, ointments, rubbing

Ointment for sciatica and rubbing, you can prepare at home. Widely used drugs on the basis of the mummy, propolis, herbs and even mushrooms. Many note the effectiveness of these funds, especially in mild and moderate severity. During the long years of existence has accumulated a lot of recipes ointments and compositions for rubbing.

Some traditional recipes:

  • RUB the mixture of sulfur (15 g) and mummy (2 grams), mixed with a small amount of warm water. Procedure is best done after bathing. Shilajit stimulates the regeneration of nerve tissue.
  • Treatment with apitherapy (the stings of live bees), propolis ointment is used in combination with heating of the lower back.
  • Pine oil. Pine cones filled with vegetable oil and heated in a warm place until the composition acquires a reddish tint. The mixture is poured and rubbed into the lumbar region.
  • Emulsion based water Iris. Proportion, 5-6 tablespoons of root of Iris water, pre-shredded, mixed with half a liter of vegetable oil. Insist, rubbing the painful areas.
  • Birch buds. Proportion: the kidneys (20 g), ethanol (50 ml). Pour and infuse for a few days. Then take one portion of the tincture and mixed with 3 portions of petroleum jelly. Then rubbing, you can wrap the lower back.
  • The cream of mushroom. Sliced cap mushrooms (approximately one kilogram) put in a jar and heated in a water bath until the mixture will become like jelly. Rubbing ointment, you need to remember that the mushrooms are poisonous. Therefore it is better to use gloves.

Ointment for sciatica, the vast majority of cases, bring relief, relieve pain, restore tissue, have a decompression effect. In order to choose the right tool, you need to diagnose and identify the cause of the disease. Although most of the drugs sold without prescriptions, the disease is quite complex and can cause complications. It is therefore necessary to provide treatment in close contact with the neurologist or chiropractor.

He will choose the optimal combination of drugs and physiotherapy. Layman is difficult to Orient in variety of means. Numerous positive testimonials and statistics indicate a positive trend in the application of topical treatments in the form of ointments, gels for the treatment of sciatica.

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