Sciatica – the defeat of the sciatic nerve that causes pain in the hip and in the buttocks that extends to the Shin and foot. The sciatic nerve is one of the largest in the human body which originates from the lumbar region and extends across the foot from the rear to the side of the foot.

Also pathology can be manifested by numbness, tingling, weakness along the nerve, impaired motor activity, backache.

This problem occurs very often, people who abuse exercise, periodically supercooled, the disease can cause a herniated lumbar disc.

The causes of the syndrome

Acute pain occurs on the background of the squeezing of the sciatic nerve and this may occur for the following reasons:

  • Intervertebral hernia. Purposee the nucleus bulges because of the violation of the integrity of the fibrous ring and this causes pressure on the nerve that causes pain.
  • Stenosis of the canal between the vertebrae. In this case there is a change in bone tissue, which leads to a decrease in spinal canal between the vertebrae, which also contributes to compression of the sciatic nerve.
  • Spondylolisthesis. This displacement of the vertebrae that results in nerve entrapment.
  • Stretching of the sciatic nerve.
  • Piriformis syndrome leads to what is compressed nerve in the pelvis the piriformis muscle.
  • Bechterew’s Disease.
  • Infection in the spine.
  • Trauma of the spine.
  • Curvature of the spine.

Also, pain can cause: osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, pregnancy, blood clot or tumor. The syndrome occurs on the background of compression of the radicular nerve.


The main symptoms of sciatica include:

  1. Pain.
    The syndrome it manifests itself both with one and with two sides. Most often it is not sharp, and pulling, especially aggravated by any movements. In some cases pain is transferred to an acute, burning the stage and be a test patient. This symptom greatly reduces the quality of life. Man cannot fully move and work.
  2. Violation of the sensitivity.
    Initially, the syndrome irritates the fibers of the sciatic nerve and the patient feels an unpleasant tingling feeling, the effect of “pins and needles”, burning, chilliness. After some time, this stage flows into numbness, hypoesthesia, loss of sensitivity.
  3. Decrease in motor activity.
    A sick man is forced to reduce their activity, which contributes to the violation of posture, gait, the appearance of sagging muscles.

Also the syndrome can cause scoliosis, which is manifested by the fact that the patient constantly bends the torso in a healthy way.

Vertebral sciatica

Vertebral sciatica is pain in the lumbar region with the recoil in the leg that occurs on a background of spine diseases.

Most often, the syndrome develops because of the following pathologies:

  • osteochondrosis;
  • osteoporosis and spinal deformity;
  • injury;
  • tumors;
  • sciatica;
  • scoliosis.

Origins of pain are divided into reflex and radicular.

  1. Reflex pain is irritation of receptors, which is distributed on either side of the spine and travels across the leg below the knee.
  2. Radicular pain occurs due to compression of the spinal nerve. It runs through the entire leg and even the feel in the tips of his fingers. The pain is sharp, piercing.

Vertebral sciatica manifested a strong throbbing, burning pain in the lower back, which are enhanced when changing body position, and gives to the region of the knee joint, calf muscles, buttocks, heels. In severe cases, can occur not controlled defecation and urination.

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is a strong sharp pain in the spinal Department. Very often, this pathology develops in osteohondroze, protrusion of the disc between the vertebrae, hernia. The disease is diagnosed by using MRI data.

In most cases, lumbago affects the elderly. The spine includes vertebrae, separated by discs and is covered by the fibrous sheath. The discs between the vertebrae control the friction, and the spine stabiliziruemost at the expense of muscle. The spine plays an important role in the human body and interacts with most organs. Therefore, lumbago can very negatively affect quality of life, maximally narrowing the scope of activities of the patient.

Sciatica is directly related to lumbago and has the same causes of the symptoms. On the background of this syndrome may experience sharp and severe pain in the lumbar region.

Diagnosis of sciatica

If there is suspicion of disease of the spine, initially it is necessary to address to the neuropathologist, the spine. Suspicion of the disease is the patient’s complaints and visible symptoms of sciatica. After that, the patient goes to a General analysis of blood, which should show the inflammatory process by defining the erythrocyte sedimentation rate ESR.

Urinalysis is needed to rule out kidney disease. Magnetic resonance imaging helps identify inflammation that occur in the region of the sciatic nerve. This method gives you the ability to make an accurate diagnosis.


When sciatica treatment initially aims to remove all the symptoms of lumbago, that is, severe pain. So therapy went well initially reduce inflammation, which negatively affects the neuromuscular tissue. This will help to tone muscles and to restore impellent activity.

Therapy sciatica involves the following steps:

  • medication;
  • physiotherapy;
  • Exercise;
  • massage;
  • folk recipes.

Sciatica the sciatic nerve to be treated comprehensively, and only on prescription. Self-treatment is completely contraindicated.

Carry out a comprehensive treatment can be home to do this, use pain ointment, recipes of traditional medicine and help the massage therapist. It is also recommended to do gymnastics and try to move more. If traditional treatments do not help, experts can offer the operation.


Prevention can prevent the disease or eliminate it from reoccurring:

  • Proper nutrition, complete balanced diet with the exception of junk food.
  • Active lifestyle, sport activities, swimming pool, walking.
  • Restful sleep, which should be provided with proper and safe mattress for your spine with a pillow. It is better to choose orthopedic series.
  • Comfortable shoes without a heel will relieve pressure off the spine when walking.
  • Periodic visits to the doctor will allow time to eliminate all diseases that can cause pathology.
  • The extra weight can give the additional load, so it should control.

If the time to prevent the disease and its causes, it is possible to avoid major health problems and all the negative painful symptoms.

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