Sexual life after an episiotomy

One of the procedures during childbirth can be an episiotomy. It is a forced surgical intervention, consisting in the dissection of perineal tissue. She, of course, makes it easier, but the recovery phase after such a procedure, especially sex after an episiotomy, can become quite painful for a woman.

Sutures after episiotomy heal within a month. Complications may appear in the form of pus at the incision site, the suture can be painful for a long time. In these cases, healing may occur later.

In any case, the resumption of sexual life should be agreed with the attending physician. On examination, he will be able to assess the degree of scar healing and tissue readiness for stretching.

What kind of sex is it after surgery?

The first sexual intercourse after an episiotomy causes considerable discomfort, and sometimes quite noticeable pain. This is due to the low ability of scar tissue to stretch. In addition, after childbirth, vaginal tissues swell and do not produce a sufficient amount of natural lubrication.

An important role is played by the feeling of fear experienced by a woman before her first sex. Together, these factors lead to pain during intimacy.

How to overcome problems in intimate life?

Some time after the birth, the spouses have a question about sex. A woman who underwent surgery called episiotomy, the question of when you can have sex, should give an answer, guided by their personal feelings. The first sexual intercourse will be accompanied by tension and constriction, if it comes about only with your partner.

A delicate and attentive attitude on the part of a man will help to avoid emotional stress.

It is important to devote sufficient time to foreplay. They will set in a romantic mood and help you relax. In some, especially difficult, cases for the first time they are enough. Directly to sexual intercourse should be approached gradually. Let it become a kind of love game.

At the first stage of building sexual relations, when natural lubrication is not enough or there is none at all, lubricant gels will not interfere.

Choosing the most convenient posture for sex, for example, when a woman is on top, will help to cope with unpleasant sensations. So the depth of penetration can be controlled by a woman, giving her minimal discomfort.

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