Why do women get better after giving birth

Many women still believe in stereotypes about the completeness caused by pregnancy. But they are simply poorly informed why after childbirth the probability of replenishment becomes higher.

Hormones are to blame

After childbirth, especially when breastfeeding, some women notice weight gain. According to statistics, 4-5% of births are faced with obesity. Body weight can sometimes increase by more than 5 kilograms. The main reason lies in the characteristics of the female body. Sadly, it is the hormone that makes a woman attractive that causes unwanted changes in her appearance.

Even during pregnancy, for the growth of the uterus and the preparation of the mammary glands for feeding, the body requires a large amount of estrogen – the very female hormone whose properties contribute to the accumulation of fat in women. The process of producing the hormone progesterone, which is necessary for the normal development of the fetus, starts. Thus, even in the course of pregnancy, the ratio of hormones changes, which causes some to get fat after childbirth.

Erroneous opinion

Often leads to obesity a combination of natural hormonal prerequisites, lifestyle and a certain heredity. One of the adverse factors is nutrition.

There is an opinion that even when pregnant, you need to eat “for two”, and when breastfeeding, each time you drink a sandwich with butter and condensed milk for more milk, increasing its fat content. Given this, it is not surprising that many after giving birth, sitting on such a “diet”, got better. This diet is only able to maintain unwanted excess weight. With each kilogram gained, the situation only worsens: adipose tissue has the ability to produce certain hormones that contribute to its further growth. Then the circle closed.

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, often overeat, a damaged figure is guaranteed. It makes no sense to complain about the natural process – the birth of a child.

Down weight

Scientists from around the world are calling for a balanced diet. This will be the main task for the giving birth to a woman who wants to lose weight. If you do not go to extremes, you will be able to effectively reduce weight, forgetting the reasons why they get fat after childbirth. Diet does not mean constant calorie counting. It is enough to try to eliminate or at least minimize the use of harmful products: flour, sweet, smoked and seasoned too much. By arranging a hunger strike, the result will be the opposite – the weight will return twice as much.

In addition to adjusting nutrition, it is necessary to give the body physical activity. The first six months, few can afford to attend the gym. But you can simultaneously combine walks with training. Walking fast for half an hour will be a good workout, the main thing is that it be regular.

Try to adhere to proper separate nutrition, do not overeat and try to give your body a good daily load. Following these tips and the advice of specialists, the woman who gave birth will not become yet another confirmation of the stereotype of “they will get fat after the birth”.

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