The symptoms of pinched sciatic nerve sciatica

The disease makes it impossible to move normally and causes severe pain. Developing the Sacro-lumbar sciatica called the sciatica. And if time does not begin to cure this disease, then soon people will have to face serious complications and consequences associated with his health.

Therefore recognize the disease must be in the initial stages. And you need to know the symptoms of pinched sciatic nerve sciatica.

A pinched sciatic nerve is considered a serious pathological condition resulting from a significant compression of the nerves, whose shell is not damaged. And the phenomenon can face any person. Unpleasant sensations begin to take over the lumbar region of the lower extremities and sacral area.

The causes of such ailment.

Before moving on to what symptoms appear with the pinching of the sciatic nerve, you must first find out the reasons that trigger this painful condition. This pathology is in most cases develops on the background of herniated discs, and due to ruptures of the intervertebral discs. A pinched nerve occurs when you perform vigorous exercise, when performed sudden movements.

Sometimes this happens because of prolonged stay in the wrong position, due to the limitation of physical activity, and increased load exerted on the lower back. This factor also has an effect on what is a pinched sciatic nerve during pregnancy.

In addition to these factors, the disease can be caused and other reasons. This:

  1. Serious injuries of the spine with some displacement of the vertebrae.
  2. A tumor or abscess developing at the site nerve endings.
  3. The shift that occurs with areas of the spine and low back pain in the areas the lumbosacral.
  4. Inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs.
  5. Pathologies like sepsis, gout, diabetes and multiple sclerosis.
  6. Blood clots in the blood vessels, severe hypothermia, General intoxication of the whole organism.
  7. Infection (rubella, flu-like condition, whooping cough or malaria) acquiring a running character.

In the waiting period of the child women the sciatic nerve may also be impaired. This happens due to the fact that the enlarged uterus begins to push on nearby organs. Increasing the load exerted on the spine, since pregnant women have changes the center of gravity of the whole body. Sometimes during pregnancy, a woman takes an uncomfortable position for themselves, which leads to sciatica. Another difficult period when women may face with this disease is menopause.

But in men the risk of this disease is associated with an alcohol craze, with poisoning by toxic and narcotic substances, overweight and Smoking.

The signs of sciatica

First, evidence of the pinched sciatic nerve symptoms of a spasmodic nature. Occurs pain that can be sharp, shooting or aching, pulling and pulsating.

The pain first manifested in the lumbar spine down to gluteus muscles. Then it is on the back of the thigh goes to the heel and calf, giving a ripple to the base of the fingers of both lower extremities. In some cases there is partial numbness of the nerve. May feel a slight tingling or even a burning sensation of the skin surface. Pain spasms worse when the person takes a sitting position as well as when laughing or coughing, when the tension of a certain muscle group.

Besides the pain the symptoms of sciatica are characterized by the difficulties encountered during normal walking. Also, the discomfort felt by long standing. And if the disease is not to start to treat in time, then subsequently developed lameness.

This usually happens with one leg, if it is a unilateral restraint. And with bilateral disease, the person may start immediately limp on both legs.

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The representatives of the male signs of entrapment may resemble inflammation of the prostate. Appear similar symptoms. Because of this, often overlooked, and the treatment at the advanced stage of sciatica. As for women, they have symptoms of such illness will depend on the extent of damage and the causes of this disease. And it is worth noting that just in the fairer sex often these unpleasant sensations in the lumbar region are completely absent.

The most common symptoms

The most common and the most common symptoms of a pinched sciatic nerve this is:

  • physical weakness and atrophy of muscle tissue;
  • disorders with a sensitivity that decreases, or increases;
  • the skin becomes more dry.
  • in some areas of the body can be felt goosebumps crawling;
  • the appearance of pathological reflexes;
  • increased sweating of the feet;
  • formed by limitation of motion, which to a large extent true of the lower extremities.

If the pinched nerve progresses all the symptoms become more pronounced. In the end the familiar way of life is undergoing significant changes not for the better. Always felt the pain, the intensity of which will depend on the cause of the incident of inflammation, if the disease was preceded by a running flu, serious infections, spondylolisthesis and stenosis, malaria. In this case, the character of the pain must be considered. This will help professionals make the correct diagnosis that will contribute to the rapid blocking of inflammation.

In this regard, it is accepted to allocate three stages, which is the disease itself:

  • person difficult to sit down (symptom pattern);
  • the patient is not able to raise the leg in a straight position (the symptom’s symptom);
  • pain is worse when bending foot (symptom Sukkar).

In addition to pain, man is faced with other signs of pinching that involve a violation of nerve impulses moving along the sensitive fibers:

Paresthesia (decrease sensitivity). At the beginning of such a disorder manifested by a partial numbness of some parts. Tingling can occur in the buttocks and back of the thigh. And if the disease continues to progress, the sensitivity completely disappears.

Functional disorders of pelvic organs. This happens due to the compression of the fibers and the autonomic nervous system. In the end, disturbed urination, and a person can face with such an unpleasant problem as incontinence. In advanced stages may appear chronic constipation. Such symptoms observed in severe cases of sciatica with the infringement of spinal roots.

Motor dysfunction. This disorder is caused by a pinched nerve motor fibers. The person may feel weakness of the muscles of the thighs, calves and buttocks. And it affects the gait, that changes, but only unilaterally. Lameness develops in one leg, which is the cause of the pain spasm.

And if all this symptoms just to ignore and not to begin a comprehensive treatment, then you can later face the loss of sensitivity in the lower extremities.

Peculiarities of manifestation of symptoms

Pain that occurs when there is pinching of the sciatic nerve, are symptoms of different intensity. It depends on the reasons for this disease. In the end, the pain can manifest as a weak and almost imperceptible tingling sensation, and can be transformed into a strong burning sensation or a feeling of dull heaviness. In very advanced stages the spasm is unbearable and binds the whole body, because of this people can’t move.

A distinctive feature of this pain is that it is often localized on only one side of the body. So, if the pain of an acute nature arising in the area of the right leg, the left leg felt a little numb or just weakness. If the same person for a long time in a totally relaxed condition, the spasm reduces its expression and its intensity. As soon as the patient stands up, sits down, changes position, or tilts, the pain again increases its manifestation. Quite often, these spasms occur at night hours. And interestingly, it may precede a slight tingling and weakness in the body as well as reducing the mobility of the lower extremities, especially the knee and feet.

Symptoms of inflammation of the sciatic nerve

The reason for pinching the roots of the sciatic nerve endings is lumbago with sciatica, manifested by symptoms which are localized in the lumbar region. Faced with the sciatica and inflammation of the nerve, the patient begins to notice the following signs:

Significant gait disturbance, which is characterized as intermittent claudication. Provoked by this phenomenon due to paroxysmal pain. And with the pinching of the sciatic nerve discomfort are aggravated by motion. In order to ease the pain occurs, the person tries to tilt the body to the other side. While walking he instinctively chooses the healthy leg as a support. The affected leg while we bend under him. From the side of the people around the feeling that the man has trauma, which often leads to lameness.

Change the sensitivity. Disturbed reaction on the nerve endings. This usually occurs in the area where there was compression of the sciatic nerve. In the end, the sensitivity can be increased and reduced.

The numbness and tingling. Such sensations are most common for the thigh (the rear surface), for the gluteal area, as well as for the feet and lower leg. Quite often numb fingers. Besides being disturbed sensitivity, a pain localized in one side of the body.

The deterioration of the overall mobility. When this disease is diagnosed as a pinched sciatic nerve, he observed difficulty with mobility of the knee joint and foot. And when there is a change of position of the legs, this action may be accompanied by a noticeable pain. The patient can not safely and freely to perform the movements of the lower limbs flexor-extensor character. And it is extremely difficult to twist the foot.

The weakening of the ligaments of the muscular system. Throughout the body there is a strong weakness, the person may complain of the absence of forces, it is difficult for him to continue to lead a normal, active lifestyle. And all actions that require the tension of the muscles in the affected areas, are given with the incredible work.

A high body temperature. Sometimes, the internal system of the human body kind of reacts to pain arising from the pinched nerve endings. And this symptom may be fever. This symptom is very serious, and he says that you need to go to the doctor. On the back the skin is red, and the soft fabric visibly flowing. Then begins the dysfunction of the pelvis. Uncomfortable spasms of torment the patient during urination, men may develop problems with a weakened potency.

The primary symptoms of pinched sciatic can sometimes be confused with symptoms of other serious diseases. Therefore, it is important to know exactly how flows the symptoms of this disease.

The treatment of the disease

Treatment of this ailment, pinched nerve, passes with surgical intervention or conservative way. The method of treatment will depend on the stages of development of pathological processes and the nature of the symptoms themselves symptoms. An important comprehensive approach, when taking medications medications combined with preventive and Wellness activities.

During the acute period with the pinching of the sciatic nerve should be observed bed rest, passive mode. And it is better if the position of the human trunk will be fixed. And this is recommended in the home to use a hard mattress frame. In the period of pain reduction is allowed to take a little movement around the room to help you can use the cane or hand of a loved one.

Medical therapy includes following a special diet. Since the patient most of the time lying in bed, the diet should consist of easy and low calorie, but nutritious food that does not provoke the emergence of constipation. It can be cereal, milk soups, vegetables in any form (but better in the ground state). But to exclude from your menu will have fried and fatty meals, smoked meats and pickles, fast food.

To receive treatment in a hospital, if this unfortunate disease is optional. A pinched nerve can be treated effectively in familiar conditions at home, but only if that person performs all the doctor’s recommendation.

It is important with this illness to continue to do physical therapy. Special exercises allows you to develop the painful area of the body. This applies mainly to the feet and toes. However, we must understand that all assigned exercises must be carried out at the time of “remission” of symptoms. In this period you can walk on the buttocks, to do the exercise “Bicycle” and just bend your knees. In addition, it will be necessary to raise the legs in a vertical position, and also make proprietary with encouragement and support. And if such exercises is done properly you will be able to fully develop diseased limbs and to restore their lost functionality.

Quite effective can be a massage which is carried out with the pinching of the sciatic nerve. As additional funds you can apply the decoction of the leaves of the aspen, or the infusion of such herbs as St. John’s Wort. A good therapeutic result can give the wax compresses and ointments, prepared independently from natural ingredients.

One of the reasons lower back pain is a pinched sciatic nerve


A pinched sciatic nerve is a serious violation occurring in the human body. Common symptoms of this disease causes a lot of discomfort to the person. He constantly feels pain, he is deteriorating activity and mobility of the body, and the muscular system is gradually weakened. And in time to begin treatment and regain the ability to lead a normal lifestyle, you must be able to recognize the symptoms of pinched sciatic nerve in the initial stages.

If you do not pay attention to emerging signs and start timely treatment, then the person could face serious consequences. This can be a significant disruption to many internal organs, insomnia and decreased libido, exacerbation of existing chronic diseases, failure of menstruation in women, and even infertility, a sharp decrease in motor and physical activity, bowel dysfunction and immobilization of the lower extremities.

However, if the person is still in time to react to all symptoms that manifest with the pinching of the sciatic nerve, the doctors ‘ prognosis is fairly favorable. In the complex treatment can be rid of this disease and forget about all the unpleasant symptoms that have been bothering people. Most importantly, know the symptoms that will not allow you to confuse this disease with other disorders in the body.

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