The reasons for the development, manifestations and therapy of distortion of the cervical spine

Distortion of cervical spine pathology, the main reason which can be considered a neck injury. A feature of the disease is that function of the spine are not broken, also no displacement of the vertebrae. In rare cases, trauma can be complicated by a tear or even complete rupture of the ligaments.

In addition to traumatic lesions, pathology can be caused and other reasons, but it happens rarely. For example, distortion can result from heavy physical exertion throughout a long time, or even a wrong body position when lifting or carrying heavy loads. Another reason is a sedentary lifestyle, when muscles gradually become weak and quite vulnerable to damage.

Other less common causes include an improperly chosen mattress or pillow. For example, sleeping on a soft mattress is not conducive to rest, and the position during sleep with raised head leads to a constant tension of the neck muscles.

Therefore, for prevention of this disease is best to choose an orthopaedic mattress and a pillow. Also damage can develop on the background of the sharp turning of the head.

As for injuries, in order to develop the distortion, the push should be directly to the neck.

The clinical picture

The distortion of the ligamentous apparatus of the cervical spine has its own symptoms, among which in the first place stands a sharp pain when bending or when turning the head. If you have this symptom it is urgent to consult a doctor. Can be identified and other signs of pathology, which include swelling and redness and swelling in the neck. When pressure is applied the pain is worse at some times. It is also noted irregularities in the movements of the head.

Immediately after receiving the injury the victim should be given immediate assistance. It is important to carry out the immobilization of the neck so that the head remained stationary. Then the victim should be laid on the shield, and under the neck have to put a pillow to fill the empty space. The final diagnosis can be set after a complete examination of the spine, which includes x-rays, CT or MRI.

Conservative therapy

Treatment of distortion of the ligaments of the cervical spine is subject to strict bed rest. Also therapy involves the constant wearing of the collar of a Trench, physical therapy and receiving medication.

Bed rest is usually prescribed for a period of 4 to 6 weeks. In the case of injury mild after subsiding of the acute period is assigned to a massage therapy, acupuncture, magnetotherapy, electrophoresis, thermotherapy. All these procedures should be performed only in the period of rehabilitation and are not used during the first weeks after injury.

For example, massage helps to relax muscles, stimulates tissue regeneration and the recovery process is much faster. Other procedures also help to improve the General condition of the patient, improve the immunity and make the rehabilitation more complete.

Wearing the collar of the Trench is indicated for injuries of moderate-to-severe. The collar is reliable and at the same time not tight locks the neck in one position that allows you to make a quick recovery without any consequences for the organism. The neck of the victim are fully protected against tilting, rotations or other movements. At the same time the fixation must be sufficiently robust and rigid, so that the patient could not tilt your head or tilt it back. The duration of wearing the collar 8 to 10 weeks.

With timely treatment of distortion of the spine for any abnormalities in the health of the patient is not marked, and only in rare cases can cause headaches or pain in the neck.


To not have a disability when distortion of the cervical spine, it is necessary to conduct timely preventive measures. First, all the turns of the head should be neat and not sharp. Second, you must follow proper technique when working with heavy loads.

You have to remember and practice:

  1. When lifting weights your back should be upright and look straight ahead.
  2. Before lifting a load do not bend over, sit down in front of him.
  3. The load when transferring to place exactly in the center of the body.
  4. When weight lifting it is impossible to do sharp movements.
  5. To put the cargo on the earth in reverse order.
  6. When the goods are delivered on the ground, straighten up slowly and smoothly and not make sudden movements.

Under these rules, the probability of deterioration is greatly reduced

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