Neurinoma of the spine

People are exposed to a large number of a variety of abnormalities and diseases. Some of them have pronounced and clear reason, while others are more hidden and need more explanation.

One of those ailments that often remains invisible, hidden behind their symptoms is neurinoma of the spine. According to the data collected by the medical statistics, approximately 20% of cases severe pain in the spine owe their origin to this disease, which, though evolving very slowly, still can cause pretty nasty pain.

A neuroma is called education in the field of spine, benign tumor that occurs due to inflammation of spinal nerves. It is usually located in the free space between the dural sheath of the spinal cord and the intervertebral canal. If we talk about the reasons that cause this problem, they are pretty incomprehensible even nowadays. One of the main factors here are called bad heredity, although clearly there are other reasons that will be discussed below.

With the gradual development neurinoma of the spine may not to attract too much attention for many years, and when it detects, it turns out that the tumor has reached an enormous size. There are cases when it weighs about 3-4 pounds. The most commonly occurring disease in women of Mature age, although it occurs in men.

The causes of the disease

As mentioned above, the search for the answer to the question of what causes the disease, is still.

In addition to genetic abnormalities, disease-causing factors include the following:

  • The negative impact of high radiation levels. This question is very vague, because the interaction of radiation with the human body are investigated very poorly. Of course, if we talk about too high doses, the effect is clearly negative, but in other cases, to understand this completely failed.
  • The influence of some chemical substances. It is possible that a certain set of chemical elements thus affects the human body, what makes referred to the spinal nerves to become inflamed.
  • Another important factor is the availability of already existing other tumors in the body.

Interestingly, an important cause of the disease can be also formed by a mutation in the 22nd chromosome gene DNA. It is considered virtually 100% scientific fact.

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Lipoma of the spine

There are several similar in appearance to the problem – lipoma of the spine, but it cannot be confused with a neuroma, as the reasons are completely different. Although also a lipoma is a benign tumor, but it in most cases appears due to disturbances in the hormonal system or in the secretion of the sebaceous glands.

As illness manifests itself

Neurinoma and other problems with the spine have somewhat similar symptoms, but the first has a rather distinct manifestations which are strongly associated with tumour localization.

It can be of the following symptoms:

  • The emergence of problems with swallowing. This process begins to be accompanied by pain and discomfort in the cervical spine, is the desire to stop consuming food.
  • Blood pressure may rise slightly, which will affect the General health weakness, fatigue, possible dizziness.
  • Sometimes there is disruption of the normal conduction of the heart is manifested by palpitations.
  • If you have a neuroma of the lumbar spine, it causes problems with urination and defecation. They are accompanied by pain, delay, deliver the person noticeable discomfort.
  • Sometimes suffering from disease and erection, which significantly weakens or even disappears altogether.
  • The skin of the patient may turn pale or to blush, the function of sweating works too much.
  • Sometimes there is muscle weakness or numb sensation of extremities.

All of these problems at an early stage of their education may not too hard to puzzle the man. But if the disease is not identified and do not proceed to its treatment, the consequences can be more severe. In the list of possible complications are muscle weakness, paresis and even paralysis.

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Diagnosis of disease

Before you start treatment, you need to establish exactly the causes of bad health and to determine the localization of the tumor, its size and level of development.

To do this, use these methods:

  1. The x-ray tests. One of the most popular in the post-Soviet space, which allows you to see the structure of the human body in the spine and identify malicious there education. No matter whether the neuroma was investigated in the thoracic spine or the lumbar spine, x-ray helps to determine the source of the problem.
  2. CT. More modern and a high quality diagnostics, which gives more information about the condition. It is also used very often.
  3. Magnetic resonance therapy. Advanced diagnostic method that is gaining fame and popularity among the population. To obtain images of the inner man here is used magnetic field of high tension.

Computed tomography


Depending on the stage of tumor development, might be applicable to different methods of treatment. At an early stage of a problem treated by taking special drugs, irradiation frequency electromagnetic waves. If the disease is discovered in its infancy, he treated quite easily and no harmful effects type of paralysis can not wait – they are extremely rare.

With regard to surgical intervention, it may be performed as in the case of a small tumor, when to clean it more simply, and in the case of formation of a large size, which is simply not to heal in other ways. To do or not to do the surgery the doctor decides on the basis of not too great a risk for surgery to damage the nerve tissue, as this is very serious and can lead to very dire complications.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that such education as the neurinoma of the cervical spine, as in other cases, the localization is a frequent problem, which in the early stages can quickly recover. That is why, if you see any of these symptoms, be sure to get tested for the detection of the tumor.

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