Osteoporosis what is it and what is the danger of the disease

This disease reduces the number of pores and the thickness of the interlayer, which leads to deformation of bones, the bones become very fragile – the slightest increase in load, there is a risk to crack or fracture, which are subsequently difficult to eliminate.

The disease always has a progressive character, therefore, its detection is necessary to take urgent measures.

To the question, what is osteoporosis, the easiest way to answer this: is a disease of the musculoskeletal system that is associated with the thinning of bone tissue. As you know, inside the bones have a porous structure.

Why urgent? The consequences of progression are very unpleasant.

The disease osteoporosis is insidious, patients may be at risk of fractures:

  • the vertebrae of the skeleton;
  • parts of the body, which includes bone (e.g., femur and humerus);
  • radial bones.

Often after such fractures people are unhealthy, get disability for osteoporosis and can even die.

Who is at risk?

According to statistics, in our country every 3 women and one 5 man predisposed to the ailment. But there are categories of people who have a special predisposition.

The risk group includes:

  • adults with small weight;
  • people with a relevant family history;
  • those over 50,
  • people with an excess of aluminium in the body,
  • those who are characterized by low growth.

These factors significantly increase the probability to acquire this disease. To avoid it, you need to take a number of measures. Women need to closely monitor sexual health. Always be eating foods rich in calcium and phosphorus, especially if you know that family genes give a predisposition to the development of the disease. Before applying you need to carefully study the products and, if possible, to find analogues, which does not contain aluminum. Eat right and take enough food to maintain normal weight levels. If it is old age should protect people from possible falls.

In order to identify a hazard, it is important to know what osteoporosis is and how it manifests itself.

The causes of the disease

The immediate reason for the emergence and development of osteoporosis are hormonal disturbances and disruptions in metabolism. Because of this, bone marrow “washed out” the basic elements – minerals.

To accelerate and aggravate the situation can be:

  • the abuse of Smoking and alcohol;
  • lack of physical activity;
  • bad ovaries (or their absence due to surgery);
  • wrong diet, excess strict diets;
  • long-term use of hormonal preparations;
  • endocrine disorders;
  • early menopause or individual;
  • dysfunction of the adrenal glands and kidneys.

The process of “leaching” in medicine has its own name: osteopenia. This phenomenon may rarely occur in people under the age of 30-35, especially if they lead a healthy lifestyle, have no bad habits and eat right. However, after 35 years of life human activity begins to decline gradually, which can cause development of osteopenia.

How to determine the onset of the disease

Unfortunately, this is a disease that occurs imperceptibly and suddenly manifested. The first signs of osteoporosis are often identical to the symptoms of degenerative disc disease or osteoarthritis, so the real reason specialists are very often overlooked.

You should pay attention to the symptoms of osteoporosis that can become signals the beginning of osteopenia:

  • a rather fast strain posture;
  • aching in the bones depending on the weather;
  • the rapid crumbling of the teeth;
  • a bundle of nails;
  • brittle, rapidly falling hair.

Most clearly about the beginning of unhealthy processes says the spine is the most sensitive to them, so serious problems with it – certainly the symptoms of osteoporosis.

May indicate osteoporosis signs and of this nature:

  • lumbar pain and pain in the thoracic spine during long sitting or standing still: for example, at work, driving during long trips;
  • leg cramps during sleep;
  • the stoop and the reduction of growth (that occurs due to thinning of the vertebrae),
  • periodontal disease.

Often the diagnosis fails to deliver when it was broken. Osteoporosis symptoms is different, some are similar to signs of other diseases. However, if you have this disease trigger may fracture the slightest awkward movement (the man just turned her ankle badly stepping on it) or sudden lifting of a heavy object.

Dangerous varieties of the disease

The most dangerous kind – diffuse osteoporosis. It is characterized by thinning of the tissue simultaneously around the skeleton, not only the most malleable parts. Diffuse osteoporosis is the result of cancers. Often it provokes myeloma: a malignancy that affects the spine, and deprives it of the income necessary substances.

Women can get sick due to the reduction of the hormone estrogen is involved in the restoration of bone tissue. In men, diffuse osteoporosis occurs when a lack of the male hormone testosterone.

Children can also be among the patients suffering from this disease. Osteoporosis in children occurs due to genetic predisposition, a short break between the birth of children, prematurity or harmful habits of the mother.

Senile osteoporosis is the people whose age is close to 70 years. Its main feature is the uniform destruction of not only porous, but also cortical (brown) parts of the bone. This explains the frequent femoral neck fractures in the elderly.

Another distinguishing feature of senile osteoporosis is that in a special way affects the spine: there are multiple fractures of the vertebrae. Cases this may not even suspect because of the lack of pain. The risk to fracture increases if there are frequent falls due to dizziness, poor vision, and so on.

Treatment strategy

The process of recovery from this disease is very long, heavy and require a lot of time, patience and effort.

The General scheme of the struggle with illness can be as follows:

  1. If a secondary sort, then start with addressing the first condition, became the cause of the second.
  2. Then follows a selection of drugs aimed at enriching the body with necessary microelements and related to the absorption of drugs. This is the most important stage, the drugs should be individualized taking into account responses to that of the body to and overall picture of the disease.
  3. Selection of drugs to ease the pain of osteoporosis.

We can say that osteoporosis is a disease, to cure which is completely impossible. However, this verdict should not be afraid, because the possibilities of modern medicine can significantly raise the level and duration of life of patients. Doctors are able to significantly slow the process of depletion of bones and improve their strength at the expense of the drugs, which will ensure the absorption of calcium.

You can help yourself, follow the simple conditions. You must adhere to a certain diet: daily use of products enriched with calcium, omega acids, and vitamin D. milk, fish, broccoli, eggs, fish oil. You can visit at certain hours in the sun (usually before 10 am and after 18.00) – this will naturally increase the level of vitamin D.

Very useful for rehabilitation following physical activities:

  • walking;
  • moderate run;
  • to a lesser extent, bicycles.

Also strengthen bones, well help special exercises.

Exercise 1

  1. To sit on all fours, back straight.
  2. Raise left hand up, look at the fingertips. Frozen for a few seconds to consider the hand. Keep the breath smooth.
  3. Lower the arm and repeat the same with the second.
  4. Repeat the exercise 5-6 times.

Exercise 2

  1. To sit on his haunches. The back is straight.
  2. Straighten arms, keep my head down.
  3. Relax, breathe evenly.
  4. Keep the pose for 2-3 minutes, gradually increasing the load.

What would a serious illness may be, always remember that patience, perseverance and the desire to be healthy will never fail and will bring results.

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