Birch invites you to the realm of forest beauty with a curative effect

Rest, they say, does not happen much. But there are cases when it can be too much, when the excess of food and drinks consumed spoils not only the figure, but also health.

 But there is another option – with benefit to the soul and body. Inexpensive and not far (almost in the city), but in the ecological zone. To be honest, it’s still more of a female leisure option.

For us girls, if we have found the time between work and family, rest should be useful in all senses. The habit of keeping an eye on our appearance has become our way of thinking and living, which one does not even want to violate even on vacation. And did anyone try to lose weight on vacation? For example, in a resort where everything is included, or in a sanatorium, where is the menu for male plowmen or steelworkers?

Well, good news. If there are several days off and a desire to relax, go outside the city – in the health complex “Birch”.

Fresh air, aroma of pine trees, comfortable rooms and a whole complex of medical and recreational procedures will help to improve health, improve mood and bring your body in order.

And for those who want to lose weight – a special balanced diet.

Water heals, water rules.

In “Birch” you can get the whole range of water procedures, which are used not only for medicinal purposes, but also help you feel younger, lose extra pounds and just cheer up during the spring depression.

Experts consider Charcot’s douche as one of the most effective methods of hydrotherapy. A directional point massage at the heart of Charcot improves blood and lymph circulation and increases cellular metabolism, contributing to the removal of toxins from the body, which in turn significantly improves overall health and positively affects the skin condition. This procedure helps maintain a normal weight and significantly reduces cellulite.

An ascending shower will help women with gynecological problems, as well as those with problems with radiculitis.

Circular shower helps with hypertension, functional disorders of the central nervous system, neuroses, overstrain and mental overwork.

Amazing ease of the patients feel after a course of hydro massage, which is carried out in special whirlpool baths. As a result, you can get rid of scars and adhesions, pain in the spine and joints, insomnia, pain in the heart, shortness of breath when walking and dizziness.

The Magic Barrel

And what kind of rest without a sauna or a sauna? Aromophytobox is essentially a mini sauna. But it is not limited to exposure to the body of a herbal couple. The uniqueness of the aromatic cell in a double effect – first by steam, and then by essential oils. And the use of ultrasound allows you not to expose the temperature effects of aromatic compositions and essential oils, which preserves all medicinal substances and the effect on the body is more effective.

Aromophytobox is one of the best tools for fatigue, prolonged physical and mental stress, so its impact on citizens living in a furious rhythm and constantly exposed to stress, is really similar to magic.

To achieve a full healing effect, guests of the “Birches” will be helped by a Russian bath. Staying in a bath significantly activates the metabolism and promotes the removal of decay products and toxins from the human body. In itself, the heat acts relaxing on the tone of the muscles and tendons, which causes better circulation, better nutrition of the tissues.

The main thing is that the hands were skillful

Nothing so pleases the body as a good massage after a bathhouse or on its own.

Anti-cellulite, therapeutic, relaxing massage. The main thing is that an experienced specialist should work, then in effect one can not doubt.

So, there was a desire to pamper yourself – come to “Birch”, on the day off, for a couple of holidays or for a week, you will not regret. Even a few hours of city fussy life, for example, at the end of the working day, can be allocated to improve your mood and well-being. Going nearby, with friends or family, you can have a good time. From all the variety of procedures, select those that you like.

You can get acquainted with the full range of procedures of the “Beryozka” health complex at the following addresses

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