Visiting the solarium in front of the beach season will help to avoid burns

Soon summer, sun, air and water. Rarely anyone not happy with the prospect of sunbathing. Prepare your body for regular sun baths in advance – burns, blemishes, withered skin will spoil the summer, which we expect as a holiday.

To cook not morally, but naturally – take care not only of a beautiful swimsuit, but also about the good means for protecting and caring for the skin in the summer, and it would not be superfluous to go to a solarium. The correspondent of SE found out whether it was necessary to spend money on artificial sun and how to do it correctly.

Sunburn is a protective reaction of the body, which protects the upper layer of the skin from the effects of ultraviolet rays. And he is also a subject of dreams of a European type of women wishing to become as swarthy as African American pop stars. Bronze shades of women are achieved during the cold season in solariums, but the sun tan is valued more – it looks more natural and gives the skin a healthy appearance and radiance.

If, of course, everything went smoothly, and you did not remove seven skins, leaving red spots on your shoulders, because of which the skin can then become covered with freckles. Of course, the Siberian sun is not as dangerous as the tropical sun, but it can also burn. And freckles are the most harmless thing that can happen to the skin, which, without preparing and not protecting, is subjected to a massive solar attack. In addition, according to Irina Sergeeva.

Until the summer a few more months, but it’s worth thinking about a hot season right now.

“Before going out for the sun, it is recommended that the skin be prepared for tanning in small, so-called suberythmic doses, advises Anastasia Khokhlova, dermatovenerologist of the medical center “Avantamed”. – What for? That melanin has already started to be developed, and so-called “sun callus” is formed – a protective layer, due to which, if it gets into the open sun, the skin will not be too shocked. “

As Irina Olbut told the SHE reporter, the administrator of Sun City tanning studio, melanin starts to be produced in the 7th-8th minute, so it takes less than 8 minutes to take a session, but it should not exceed 10 minutes for the first few times. The number of visits recommended to achieve the result is 5-7, after which (for fixing) it is worth to come to the tanning studio on the recommendation of the administrators – once or twice a week, or maybe less.

Reasonable visit to the solarium is not so dangerous for life, as some people think: “Sunburn in a solarium is considered more harmless than tan in the open sun,” says Anastasia Khokhlova, “thanks to a certain gamut of UV-radiation with certain wavelengths that do not adversely affect skin “. Indeed, in the solarium there are UVA- and UVB-rays, and harmful, the most intense UVC, which is in the sunlight, are absent. In addition, a tan in a solarium can be strictly controlled in time.

However, once again, we will warn readers of excessive enthusiasm for the artificial sun – harmless it is in case of moderately rare raids and with the use of special means of safety, such as creams and lotions for the skin, glasses, stikini.

Before the procedure begins, you need to remove makeup and jewelry. On the skin it is necessary to apply a special gel, cream or suntan lotion in the solarium – the choice of consistency depends on the type of skin: oily, normal, dry.

“The main goal of creams is to speed up the production of melanin, moisturize and nourish the skin,” Irina says. “These funds do not have any protection, so you can not use them in the open sun.”

Such additions to conventional means, like bronzate, do not accelerate the production of pigment, but simply color the skin. In some cases, this staining is even harmful, since it does not allow to control the degree of sunburn. Hemp extract, which is often added to creams, softens the skin well and promotes maximum absorption of UV rays. Means with a tingle effect (formic acid) cause tingling, tingling of the skin, increase blood circulation – they are the cause of severe reddening of the skin after a session.

Usually they are used by those who have already thoroughly taken root. In our case, when preparing for the beach season, the “tingle” should be avoided, and in general, according to Irina Albut, European manufacturers, for example the famous German firm Jamaica Touch, have completely abandoned the use of formic acid for a variety of unseemly reasons,

Stikinis – stickers on the nipples, protecting them and halos from the effects of radiation, the benefits of not bringing them.

Glasses in the solarium must be used necessarily – the skin of the eyelids is too thin to protect the eyeball from UV rays, which for him, unlike the skin, are absolutely harmful.

The border of the unlighted zone around the eyes will not be noticeable unless you overdo it with visits. Hair from desiccation should be protected by putting on a disposable cap.

Contraindications to visiting the solarium is – it’s “leaping” pressure, hypertension, antibiotics, diuretics and psychotropic substances. Do not get involved in solarium girls, whose bodies are abundantly covered with birthmarks. Before visiting the solarium (and the beach), they should ask the dermatologist for his opinion. Everyone needs to consult with specialists. Those who have skin diseases of any kind, it is better not to take risks.

In general, there is also an aesthetic contraindication: sunburn is not for everyone! Moreover, it often happens that women over 30 swarthiness visually adds extra years. However, of course, absolutely do not need to hide from the sun – moderate doses of insolation are necessary for the normal functioning of the skin. Yes, and just sunbathing, enjoying the warmth, quite nice. So take care of the skin, show prudence, and summer – a small life – will be festive!

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