With the help of special exercises and special breathing you can get rid of extra pounds

Girls on the forums tell stories about the magic parting with extra pounds, and their stories are impressive.The SHE correspondent decided to learn how the methodology works and how effective it is.

Lose 15 minutes a day? This slogan seems incredible, but, nevertheless, it is popular. 

This motto of the supporters of bodyflex – a direction through which, as claimed, you can lose weight much faster than traditional methods.

Easy job?

“In the classroom, the type of deep diaphragmatic breathing is used, and the exercises are done on holding the breath, after forced exhalation,” says Tatyana Korneeva, instructor of bodyflex, teacher of the Department of Physical Education of the NSTU. She adds that if in an aerobic exercise fat burning starts after half an hour of training, then in fatfish, fats begin to split more quickly, because the body spends energy reserves more intensively. With deep breathing, oxygen consumption increases, which speeds up metabolic processes in cells. As a result, muscles get more nutrition, the cells take out all unnecessary, and fat burns faster.

Particular breathing in the classroom, according to Tatiana, activates the metabolism, and in fact it is its slowdown that causes weight gain even in slender women in early adolescence. The effect persists for some time after training – as a result, there is a kind of training of the exchange system, which leads to weight loss.

Breath is combined in the practice of bodyflex with special exercises for different muscle groups, for the most part – static or dynamic, but with a small amplitude. Jump and sweat until the seventh sweat in the classroom is not necessary. Which attracts those who want to lose weight.

Help: Bodyflex is a set of exercises aimed at stretching certain muscle groups. The system emphasizes breathing, which is fundamentally different from the usual one. The creator of the bodyflex complex, American Greer Childers, author of “A Magnificent Figure in 15 Minutes a Day,” claims that numerous body problems, including excess weight, stem from a lack of oxygen in the tissues. To replenish the oxygen supply and saturate the body, in her opinion, it is possible, by creating a temporary artificial ventilation delay – that is, holding the breath. As the creator of bodyflex assures, with the help of hyperventilation of the lungs we provide the body with a large amount of oxygen and due to this we regain the health and harmony of the figure.

Equally attractive is the statement that in a bodyfoot it is not necessary to sit on a rigid diet: the instructor Tatyana Korneeva says that some women do not change their usual regime at all and meanwhile lose weight.

The average result, according to Tatiana, is a 5 kg weight reduction for two weeks and a volume of 3-5 cm in each parameter for a month of regular classes. Dietitians to the statement that you can lose weight without changing the diet, are skeptical. Oksana Bragina, a nutritionist at the Research Institute of Therapy, believes that metabolism is primarily activated by changing habits – both food and motor. The instructor of bodyflex also notes that in some cases, without changing the diet, it is difficult to achieve results (although such variants do happen).

Second wind

The effect of weight loss in bodyflex is combined with a general improvement in the well-being of those involved. The fact is that breathing techniques, which are used in bodyflex, according to research scientist SRI therapy Sergei Bogatyrev, are similar to the popular at the time Buteyko methods and respiratory gymnastics Strelnikova. They were directed to treat specific problems, for example, to improve the condition of patients with asthma or with problems with pressure. It is not always appropriate to talk about general health and the wonderful effect of losing weight. The issue of health, meanwhile, only excites every fifth woman. According to Tatiana, 80 percent of women come to her to lose weight.

Nevertheless, bodyflex does not suit everyone. Firstly, one should not be engaged in the period of exacerbation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, since the diaphragm is actively involved in the work. In addition, one should not be engaged after operations, during pregnancy, and if you have cardiovascular disorders, you must ask permission from a doctor.

It should be taken into account that training with bodyflex is not for lazy ones. The effect is achieved only by those who are engaged regularly and without interruptions. 

It takes a thoughtful, focused work on yourself, and those who love aerobic exercise, jumping, dancing and driving in class, can be disappointed. In the system itself, exercises are very reminiscent of the poses in yoga (and the author did not hide it), which, as you know, some consider very boring.

Meanwhile, breathing in the same yoga is recognized as a very significant part of training. As Iyengar teacher Yelena Zubova said, in yoga practice it is just as important to breathe properly as to build an asana. Deep breathing helps the better supply of oxygen to the organs (this is especially important for the brain and heart). In yoga, different methods of breathing are used – both a uniform deep, and sharp breaths, exhalations and breath holding. “But it is important to remember that the delay in breathing can not be done as horrible, in general the work with breathing is serious and complex, if the person is not performing correctly, pressure can rise and the state of health worsen. Therefore, such practices are permissible only under the supervision of an experienced instructor, otherwise they can only do harm “- says Elena.

The doctor of sports medicine approaches the importance of breathing more rationally: Sergei Bogatyrev recalls that, under any load, breathing should allow you to speak normally – that is, if your breathing gets lost, it means the training went badly. But the cases when a man managed to lose weight only from breathing, he did not name.

“Today there are no published serious scientific studies that would confirm the possibility of losing weight with the help of breathing or non-breathing without any physical exertion.

Any weight loss is a process of energy consumption, and energy consumption for any breath is not so great that you can only lose weight from this, “he adds. Thus, confirming the truth that there are no miracle techniques, and any weight loss is always the result of working on yourself, and exactly how you do it is not the most important thing.

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